Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 7


The episode starts with Lakshman sayin I won’t marry that URMILA.. She’s not at all lyk Bhabhi, she’s a demoness n marrying her….. Ram says won’t u obey to ur brother’s order..? It’s not a request it’s an order, u’ll marry Urmila n Siya ll go with her three sisters to Ayodhya, not with two. Lakshman says but bhaiyyaaaaa…. Ram sys no ifs and buts. Lakshman thinks that’s OKAY But I know Urmila also won’t b ready..
The sangeet ceremony of sisters and brothers takes place. Whole Mithila is lost in happiness and joy ?. The sisters dance together and recall their childhood.
Next takes place mehandi ceremony n the sisters apply mehandi to each other.

Sissies sitting in room..
Mandvi – How nice it is jiji, we all four together always
Kirti- You’ll be always there with us to guide us
Urmila-Hmmm hmm, I’m marrying that Lakshman only so that we can stay together for lifetime
Sita-That means you don’t luv that Lakshman
S-Then what’s this..?
Sita shows Urmila her earring. Urmila holds her ear n shouts OMG WHERE’S my RING.! Sita says let me tell.
Fb shows – Urmila going in the corridor with her Mehandi on her lovely hands. Lakshman stops her n holds her hand.
U-What’re you doing
L-See I’m mad
U-I already know that.
L-Then you won’t want ur lyf to b spoiled by marrying me…
U-I’m marrying for my sweet sita di

Lakshman brings her more close.. Then I’m marrying fr my Ram bhaiyya..
U-Then marry na, who’s gonna stop Ayodhya’s prince’s beloved brother…?
L-Yes yes, lets see..
Urmila turns to go and her ear ring falls down. She goes away whilst Lakshman picks the earring and says she’s not that bad ?. Hidden Siya comes out n says What’re u doing? The reply comes Nothing Bhabhi, I’m jus…………………. Wph.. Bhabhi gv ur sister her earring.
Fb ends. Urmila shouts WWHHAATT..!!!! N the sisters break into laughter. Chandrabhaga n Sunaina come there.
C-U didn’t sleep naughty girls..
Su-Let them enjoy Chandra, who knows what’ll happen after marriage ?
S-Ma whatever will happen will happen fr t gud, will happen wid the kripa of Mata Gauri, will happen with ur blessings..
Mandvi-U frgt an important line in ur speech
Ur-Nothin bad cn happen till you’ve ur Raghunandan wid u, ryt…
S- ☺☺☺ Yess☺☺☺☺
Kirti-N don’t u worry maa, we’ll always do everything wid ur teachings.
Su-Yes putri, we wanted to hear this only from u, we heard it nw, we’re fully satisfied
C-Now sleep, you’ve lots of tiring rituals tmrw
U-u mean marriage…. Tiring.. Lets sleep ?
The sisters lie down n Sunaina Chandrabhaga goe away..
The beautiful Mandap created by Vishwamitra is shown. Beautifully decorated is the palace. A beautiful smile is on face of every Mithila residents, after all this land is going to be blessed with the vivaah of Lakshmi Narayan, Siya ke ram…..
Sunaina goes in sissies room n wakes them. She gives them the jewellery and clothes for the vivaah celebrations and asks them to get ready.
Ram and his brothers also look at their marriage dresses and go to get ready..

Precap:- The long wait is over… It’s Siam’s marriage and you are invited. Come fr sure.
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  1. Very well written

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    Marriage is on Sunday….great…will surely be there and vanshika you did awesome work…nice ff

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