Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 6


Hi dears I’m really sorry fr late n short update bt will update tomorrow only ?
The epi starts with Siya’s sisters making her ready for Haldi ceremony. Urmila says jiji is looking like Haldi itself, what’ll happen when we’ll dip her in Haldi..? Mandvi says wen we’ll dip her in Haldi, then Jijashri Ram will take her away. Kirti says prince Bharat will take Mandvi jiji…! Mandvi sys why r u behind me, no one says anything to Urmila, she was flirting with lakshman ystrdy… Urmila exclaims what…!!?? WEN!!..? Mandvi sys let it b Urmila, it’s sure u r going with jiji.! Sunaina comes n aks the sisters to go n grind the Haldi instead of chattering.
On the other side ram’s brothers r making him ready. Lakshman says bhaiyya, wen Bhabhi will see u …. Then she’ll marry u today itself. Bharat says come on Lakshman, Bhabhi won’t get to see him today. Shatrughan asks why..? Bharat sys there’ll b curtain between them. Lakshman says whatever it’ll b, I’m sure Bhaiyya will kip peeping from the curtain. Bharat sys u’ll also b peeping to see Bhabhi’s sister Urmila. Lakshman says I’m not a demon to peep at a demoness.. ?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CEREMONY BEGINS..

The whole palace is looking yellow yellow.
Siya’s sisters apply Haldi to her. Siya looks at the curtain n smiles seeing ram’s shadow. Urmila sys if she’s smiling on seeing the shadow what’ll happen when she sees ram ji… Sunaina says how much Haldi u’ll apply, let us apply also.. Sunaina n Chandrabhaga also apply Haldi. All Mithila ladies apply Haldi to our sweet Maithili. Devi Parvati comes in disguise of a common lady and applies Haldi to Siya.. Sunaina gives Haldi bowl to Sutkirti and asks her to give it to Ram’s side. Kirti goes and is abt to kip the bowl while shatrughan takes it, dropping the Haldi on Kirti. The lady says its an auspicious sign, ur ur marriage will take place soon. Kirti excuses herself and goes. The ladies apply Haldi to Ram. Mahadev comes disguised as a pigeon and sits in t Haldi bowl. D pigeon flies n sits on Ram applying Haldi..
Dashrath calls Janak and says he wants to talk something imp to him. Janak goes with him. Dashrath says ur four daughters r very nice, decent and polite, there’s nothing they miss wen it comes to good qualities, they’re lyk Devi incarnation, I’ve a small request to you. Janak asks what..? Dashrath says i want to take not one, bt four Lakshmi’s to Ayodhya.. Will u give us the pleasure of having four daughter in laws of Mithila land…? Janak says why not, sure, they’re very lucky to get father as u, mothers lyk three Ayodhya queens, n ur sons who’re gift of god.. Their dream was that they never get seperated from each other n u hv fulfilled it.. Dashrath n Janak hug… Kushadhwaj and Chandrabhaga hear it and gt happy.. The news spreads lyk fire across the palace bringing a blow of happiness but some one isn’t happy at all..

Urmila shouts no, not at any cost, I’ll not marry that Sumitranandan lakshman. He’s egoistic. Mandvi says Its ur choice Urmila, we r lucky to get such bridegrooms fr us, our dream of always being together is fulfilled today and you’re crying on happy occasion..? Urmila sys how can I get happy, I told u na he’s not at all lyk his bhaiyya, whole day keeps chanting bhaiyya..bhaiyya and has no qualities of bhaiyya, I won’t marry him. Sita says don’t u want that v four live together always…? Urmila says what about my happiness..? Mandvi says ur qualities match totally..
Someone else also is unhappy ?, and that’s the quality match of Urmila, Lakshman..
Lakshman sys bhaiyya, you’re lucky to get wife lyk Sita Bhabhi, and the daughters of Maharaj Kushadhwaj r perfect match for Bharat bhai and Shatrughan, but Bhabhi’s sister, that Urmila, I can’t marry her..

Precap:- get ready fr Siam vivaah celebrations.


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