Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 5

The episode starts with Siya’s sisters decorating the palace. Sunaina comes there and says why you..? Urmila says it’s our sister’s wedding..!! We’ll work as much as possible before her marriage. Mandvi-And in my marriage…??
Urmila-The palace will b decorated as a rakshasi’s house ?.
SutKirti-It’s the truth…
Mandvi-YOU TOOOOOO..!! KIRTI..!!

Mandvi takes the flower garland lace and runs after urmi n Kirti. Sunaina says If this continued then toh siya’s Haldi decoration wil b done. I’ll have to manage myself.. Now she took away the flowers.. What is their prob..?
There, Bharat, shatrughan, lakshman r exploring the mithila palace and the sisters come there running n chasing each other.. Mandvi collides with Bharat and the flowers lace entangles into… Into Bharat’s neck ?.. The brothers and sisters stare Bhardavi ??.. Mandvi pulls off the lace, blushing shouts on Bharat fr not seeing n runs away with a smile

☺….. While the sisters break into laughter.. Bharat smiles while his brothers also laughing ?.. The sisters go to Manndvi who’s sitting in siya’s room, where the naughty sisters arrive.
Urmila-Oye hye Mandvi dii..!! You’re also going with Sita di..
Siya-What..! She’s comin with me, how?
Urmila-She jus married ?..
Mandvi-Shut up..
Siya-What’re u sayin.?
M-She has gone mad ?.
U-Mandvi dii, how much u’ll hide.
M-Urmi it was a mistake yaar..
U-Noo dii, she’ll marry Bharat and go wid uuuu..
M-Shut up..
Chandrabhaga comes there n says have u forgotten its Siya’s Haldi ceremony tomorrow, you are joking here.? N there’s special puja organised in Gauri temple today. Go do the preparation..!

The whole Mithila family is praying. Ayodhya family also comes there. Janak n Sunaina greet n welcome them. Sita and Ram look at each other with a smile. Lakshmila notice them with a grin ?. Siam shower flowers on Mata Gauri while everyone join hands. They do the aarti. Om jai ambe Gauri… Plays… Sita lights the diyas in the temple. Lakshman whispers to urmi, learn something from ur jiji.. Urmila sees Ram joining hands n says learn something from ur bhaiyya, keep hands joined in temple ??.. Lakshman joins hands. “HAPPY..?”
The pooja is complete.

Precap:-Dashrath asks Janak to give his four daughters to him as wives of his four sons..

I hope you liked the episode.. Plzz leave a comment n thnx for reading…

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  1. Astra

    Dear, today i have read all the previous parts. It’s amazing…as usually ur imagination..hats off… ??

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks Astra di.. Happy to see ur comment.. Love you ? N sry fr late reply. I’ve updated it, it’ll b posted tonight

  2. Liked the episode…… Buy it’s too short…. Do it some big…….. But you are doing great job………….. Waiting for next……

  3. Padmaja

    Really loved it to the core dearie… just amazing…. waiting for next epi..

  4. Aman


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