Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 4

The episode starts with Dashrath, Bharat and shatrughan coming in Mithila, warmly welcomed by Janak n Sunaina. Sunaina asks Dashrath, rani Kaushalya didn’t come..? Dashrath says its Ayodhya tradition that queens can’t come in sons marriage.. Janak says they wont get to see Mithila, is our bad luck that we don’t get to welcome them. Chandrabhaga says no matter, we’re glad to have Ayodhya Naresh in Mithila. They enter the palace.
Sunaina says shall we brng sita to meet u..? Dashrath disagrees and says that it’s ayodhya tradition that we can’t c daughter in law b4 marriage. Janak nods.
Sita and her sisters r cooking food for the guests n ofc fr Ram.. Whoops !!.. Screamed Kirti as she enters the kitchen, while the sisters gaze her in alarm.. She says sita di, ur making food is waste.
Sita-why, Raghunandan won’t come..?.
Kirti-even if he comes u cant meet him as long as marriage date is fixed n Ayodhya Naresh is here..
The sisters say whatt……!!!!!!!
Sita says no no, Raghunandan will eat this food only.
The sisters set the table and hides as she notices Dashrath there..

The sisters greet Dashrath n serve the food. Sita comes in veil. Ram n his brothers also reach there. The family gets seated n starts eatin food ???.
Sita asks ram what ws his fav dish..? Ram sys the soil of Mithila is such that even the spiciest n bitterest dish tastes like sugar..
Sita smiles ?. Lakshman Bharat and shatrughan also praise the most delicious ? food in the world…..
The pandit is called n all gurus r sitting together waiting fr something.. They’re finalising Siam vivaah date.
Siya’s sisters looks on from behind the curtain.. The pandit says two days after is the shubh mahurat fr Siam’s vivaah…
The sister’s get excited ? n rush to inform Siite. Lakshman also goes to inform this to Ram..
The sisters enter Siya’s room..
Mandvi-Dii… Your marriage…
Urmila-Will not happen ever…
Sita gets shocked.. Mandvi stares at Urmila.

Urmila pinches her. Kirti goes. Sita is in tears and asks Mandvi to tell the truth. Urmila breaks in laughter. Sita wipes her tears and holds Urmilas ears and pulls them.. Urmila says look at ur pale face jiji, if my joke can do this then what if it happens in reall… Sita says don’t speak a single word now otherwise u’ll ….
The sisters break into laughter again ???..
Something same is happening with Ram.
Ram-Yeas, say lakshman.
L-It’s a bad news
R-Bad news…..
L-This marriage can’t happen..
L-Bhaiyya pandit jii said.
Ram gets shocked.. Sitae…….
Bharat comes in. Bhaiyya, It’s so nice that ur marriage functions will start in two days.
Lakshman stares him. Ram looks at Bharat and says really…. Lakshman says woh… Bhaiyya.. Ram says ok ok, you’ve joked very much, now go.

Precap:- Ram Siya’s Haldi ceremony takes place..

Plzzzz leave a comment dears n I’m sorry for small update, next epi will b grand pakka.. Thnx fr reading ??

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow really a awesome one dear.. loved it… love ur ff a lot ❤❤❤

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot Padma akka..

  2. NABANITA626

    Love the chilling scene of lakshman with ram…….
    So shocked ramji???

    1. Vanshika

      Hehe ???? thanks nabanita di. In upcoming episode the sisters n brothers will tease n joke more ?

  3. Woow…..really awesome……. Loved your f.f…..

  4. Tiyasa

    Lovely vanshu…..its too good……
    Really u r gr8……
    How can u manage writing so many fab ffs……..
    This shows ur love for history & mythology………
    Love u loads sweetie…….

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks Tiya dearie.. You always make my day by commenting on my ff,s… Yaaaaa I love mythology and histry too much tht I kip writing on it ????? thanks n love u too ? Keep supporting cos ur luv is wt makes a gud ryter ? ? ? ? ? ?

  5. Waiting for next update………. Post soon…………………………

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