Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 3

Recap-Ravan fails to lift shiv dhanush while Ram lifts it breaking it…
The episode starts with the earth shaking. Parshuram gets angry, who broke my divine dhanush.. He goes towards Mithila.
Siya takes the garland and puts it in the neck of Ram ?. Everyone smile while Parshuram comes there shouting where is Ram..? Sita greets him n c says its not Raghunandan’s mistake, he was lifting…
Ram comes from behind her n says Rishivar, I’ll accept any punishment fr this work of mine, I knw I’ve done a sin, I’ll accept even death fr this. Sita says no, Rishivar, give me punishment. Everyone gets shocked. Parshuram gives ram an arrow and asks him to shoot it. Ram says but.. Vishwamitra nods. Ram takes his bow n shoots the arrow ?. Parshuram sees his Vishnu avatar and gets glad ?. He blesses the couple n goes. Everyone get relaxed. Ram greets Janak n Sunaina and goes..
Ram goes to meet Sita in the garden. Lakshman follows him stealthily while Urmila is hiding behind a tree. Sita is sitting near the pond.
Ram- Sitae..
S-Raghunandan.. You here.
R-U r happy with this marriage..
R-are you saying this without pressure..
S-With my heart and soul..
R-You wanted to marry me..?
S-From the moment I heard abt you..
R-You love me…?
S-More than myself..
Ram gets shocked n so does Sita.
S-Voh..Actually.. Um.. Hmm.. My.. Mind was somewhere.. Else.. Um.. Sry.. Raghunandan.. If..
Ram holds her. Repeat ur words.. Sita blushes.. Lakshman is looking fr a place to hide. Sita says I love you very much, more than myself.
R-So u’ll marry me..
S-You n only u..
Crash…. Lakshman collides with Urmila who’s hiding behind the only tree in the garden, distracting Siam’s attention..
L-You.. What’re you doing here..?
U-It’s my sister’s garden, I can do anything here, by the way what’re you..
L-It’s my Bhabhi’s garden. I can do anything here.
U-She’s not ur Bhabhi, She hasn’t married jijashri yet.
L-You don’t know the importance of feelings and relations, do you..?
U-it’ll b better if u shut up. Before being ur Bhabhi she’s my sister, and I’ve full ryt to listen to my sisters talks.
L-And b4 being ur Jijashri Ram bhaiyya is my brother, and you’ve no ryt to listen to his talks.
U-Do u think I’ll listen to you..?
L-Oops.. Sorry.. Forgot ?.. You’re like a bitter gourd. Who can’t listen to anyone n b sweet.
U-Will u plzzzz shut up b4 anyone notices us..?
Ram and siya r standing in front of the two and cough. Lakshmila get shocked while Siam break into laughter hearing their clarification.
L-Voh bhaiyaa.. actually I had no intention of hearing this convo, I saw her going somewhere (Urmila) so I thought she may b in sum trouble, but she was upto some mischief.
U-No didi. He’s lying, he collapsed wid me. He was watching u….
L-U weren’t watching..???
S-Okay okay, now both of u go.
L-Foolish girl….
U-who is foolish..?
S-both of u. Now go..
They go.
Janak writes letter to Dashrath telling him about Ram breaking the Shiv dhanush n winning Sita. He gives the letter to Shatanand who sends it to Ayodhya.
Dashrath receives the letter n share it to the queens who become excited with happiness.. Kaushalya says we should accept the invitation and go to Mithila. Sita is really a talented girl. She can do wonders. She’s perfect for our ram. It’s our good luck that we’ll get to see the land Of Mithila, the sweet land. Kaikeyi and Sumitra agree. Bharat and shatrughn come n say then what’re we waiting for, let’s go. Dashrath nods n they leave ??.

Precap-The Mithila N Ayodhya family r eating together. Ram praises Sita..
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