Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 13



The episode starts with the couples leaving for Ayodhya palace.
In d palace the queens r preparing for the couples Grah Pravesh.. They check d final arrangements. Kaikeyi asks mantra if d rooms of the four couples are ready. Mantra nods.

Praja showers flowers on Ram-Sita and others. Ram asks the man to stop the cart. He gets down and greets the Praja. Ram Ram….plays……….. Ram and Sita greet the common people. All the other couples do the same. Ram hugs the men. Sita feels he is not the Ram whom she has known till now, she is seeing a new Ram in Praja’s eyes and heart. Ram thinks Praja is my life, they live in me and I live in them, if they are happy and fine, I m happy and fine, they are my first Dharm. The Ram who stays in Raj bhavan is not Ram, Ram is the one whom people keep in their hearts.

Dasharath and his queens wait for their sons and vadhus. Kaikeyi asks why are they taking time to come. Dasharath says Ram would be coming after meeting Praja, it’s a merry moment for Praja as well. The princes and their wives reach Raj bhavan. Sumanta blows the shank. Dasharath and his queens smile seeing their sons and vadhus. People shower flowers, play drums and dance around.

Ram and Sita take Dasharath’s blessings. Kaushalya does tilak to Ram and Sita. Siya Ram….plays…………. She does their aarti. She makes Sita wear a garland. Ram and Sita take her blessings. Kaushalya blesses Ram and Sita, and welcomes Sita in Ayodhya. She goes forward. Kaikeyi stops and does aarti of Ram and Sita, much to Mantra’s shock.. The mothers welcome their daughter in laws n praise them.

Mantra smiles seeing Mandvi. Guru Vashisht says Grah pravesh for newly weds is for happiness and peace, that’s kumkum and rice are important things used in Grah pravesh. He tells about keeping kalash and applying kumkum in feet, to bring Annapurna, Laxmi inside home, the four vadhus will enter this Raghuvansh, welcome, Sita will make the kalash by her feet and start this new life. Sita stops and everyone look at her. Kaikeyi gets puzzled and looks at Kaushalya.
Kaushalya and Kaikeyi ask Sita what is the matter. Sita tells them something. Everyone smile. Kaushalya says we heard about Mithila’s daughters, and today we have seen them, its unique feeling to see such sisterly love, Raghukul is blessed to get you Sita. Kaikeyi says Sita believes younger one’s respect is elder’s dut, so Sita wants to do Grah pravesh with her sisters. Guru Vashisht finds it right. They all smile.. Sita and her sisters, make the rice pot fall. Ram smiles.

The four princesses then step in kumkum and walk ahead leaving kumkum marks on the floor. Everyone smile ?..
The queens go to check the arrangements n the sisters explore the palace. Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Sumitra come there. Kaushalya tells them that the brides will stay with their mum in laws till some rituals are done, and none are allowed to go to their husband’s room. Sumitra asks Urmila and Shruthkirti to come with her. Kaikeyi says Kaushalya gave birth to Ram, but Ram is my son, so I m your Saas more than Kaushalya, you will be with me Sita. Kaushalya asks Mandvi to be with her. Mandvi smiles and nods.
Siya n Kaikeyi go in her room. Kaikeyi says
I told Kaushalya that I will chose bride for Ram, when I knew Ram is marrying you, I opposed you, it was natural as I did not know you, I did not know that he could not get better wife than you, then something happened that changed my view about you. She gets Ram’s letter and says when new bahu comes, gift is given to her by rituals, this is the letter by Ram, which he wrote from Mithila, he told me why he wants to marry you, and found you best for him, after this letter, I have seen you by new perception, this letter is precious for me, but I want to give this to you as a gift. She cries and asks Sita to keep it safe. Sita says you blessed me Mata by giving this letter as gift. Kaikeyi hugs her and smiles.

Sumitra tells Urmila and Shruthkirti that she made their fav food, and has done arrangements as per their likes. Urmila takes Sumitra’s permission and asks her how do you know about our likes and dislikes. Sumitra says I wrote letter to Sunaina and Chandrabhaga, and got to know this, this was Kaushalya’s idea to take care of you all, I know you will miss your parents, but we will try to lessen that, Ayodhya is your new home from now one. They hug Sumitra..

Precap:- world’s most delicious food is being cooked by d princesses…

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