Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 10



The epi starts with Sunaina asking sita, what is the importance of inlaws in ur lyf?
Sita-Inlaws r more important that parents for a girl as her behavior is… inlaws show her values and upbringing given by Maayka, and her inlaws becomes her new family, where the woman stays with her husband, children and Kul. Sunaina and Chandrabhaga smile. Bhoomija…………plays……… Sunaina says you four sisters grew up together, and its your good luck that you four will be there together in inlaws, will you behave with them same way there also. Sita smiles.

Sita says we are that Kul’s vadhu first before being sisters, and its our duty to respect our duty there, we raised by your values, we will not do anything to bring stain on our family, if they do mistake and behave wrong, I will guide them and show the right path, this is elder sister’s duty and also elder bahu’s right, I will always support them and make them respect the elders and kul. Chandrabhaga says I m very happy Sita, that all of them are becoming the younger vadhus of the family where you are eldest vadhu, I m not worried for them now. Mandvi says now we also feel this.

Shruthkirti says Lord blessed us. Urmila says yes, if we stayed away, we would have not been happy. Sita asks Sunaina how will she stay when they all leave for Ayodhya, as she always stayed with them. Sunaina says you all are my world, after your bidaai, Janak will get very lonely, so after bidaai, I will always be with him, he wanted to give me Shastra gyaan since much time, now we have plenty of time. This way he will be occupied too. Sita says Mata Gargi did not come to meet after my marriage, shall I meet her. Sunaina nods. Siya goes to Mata gargi ashram and calls Mata gargi. Mata Gargi doesn’t come out. Sita says u always treated me like daughter why’re you not coming out. Mata gargi says how’ll I liv without u , u r going to leave me forever. Sita says you’re most imp in my life. Gargi says you were the only one in my life who was linked to me, how can I see you going away.

Sita says this has to happen one day, a girl has to go to inlaws house, its time I go to do my duties and take my knowledge and teachings by you ahead, our relation is above birth and death, wherever I stay, your teachings will always be alive in me and give me courage, bless me. Gargi says I have seen the relations changing, people don’t understand a daughter’s relation is like Tapasya, it needs patience, maturity and many things for the relation to become successful, I bless you that you become flame of Raghukul, and your prestige is known by ages. Sita hugs her.

Sita goes to her birthplace and sits there. She holds the soil and says Maa, its time for me to leave, I came to thank you today. Ram comes and looks on. Sita says Maa, if you did not give me birth from Bhoomi, my name would have not been Sita, Bhoomija, my existence is because of you, no one can separate us, I was lucky that you gave me birth, I got Mithila because of you, I got a father like Janak, a mother like Sunaina, such a beautiful family, relatives like Mithila people, and a life partner like Ram by your blessings, my life is by you, whenever I got restless, I got peace being with you, now before bidaai, I came to make a request, if I lose in life and get tired by life’s struggles, I will come to you to tell my sorrow, that time give me place in your lap. She cries and takes soil in her dupatta.
The soil drops and Ram holds it. Siya Ram…….plays…………

Ram says Siite we’re one soul now, remember I’ll be always there in ur life’s problems, I know you’re going away from the place you’ve stayed fr so many years, I’ll always b there fr u.. They share a hug.

Precap:-Siya’s bidaai..

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  1. Ojasvni

    Nice episode

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you ? very much ojasvni….

  2. Padmaja

    Wow a emotional as well as awesome epi vanshu… waiting for mext part..

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you ? very much Padma akka… Update soon ? ? ?

  3. Woow….. Little emotional……… It’s remember old day of SKR…………….
    SKR end but allways keep eyes in this site bcoz of your ff………

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you very much joy da… Ur support help me very much

  4. Samarth

    Emotional episode…again great work….keep doing

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks bhaiyya… Keep commenting ?

  5. Amalina

    Nice ?? and amazing ? akka. Continue…. the ending was emotional ? but did they show that in Siya ke ram?? I haven’t watched Siya ke ram since beginning, I started watching siya ke ram during ram and ravan’s dharm war!???

    1. @Amalina……….
      Yes… Thew show it in SKR……….. Request to you for see whole SKR in HOTSTAR……….. You can easily see whole episode………..

      1. Amalina

        Ok ?? thanks ?? im already in the process!??

    2. Vanshika

      Thanks sis.. Don’t call me akka.. We’re same in age n akka means elder sister ? oops I shouldn’t say thanks na ?? love u ?

  6. awesome and emotional epi vanshu dearie . eagerly waiting for the next

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks sis.. Keep supporting.. love u ?

  7. It’s awesome as well as emotional…eagerly waiting vanshu dearie…

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