Jahan ram hai wahin Janki (Ram Siya vivaah) 15 (last episode, not the end the beginning)

The epi starts with morning ????.
Dawn of a new day.. Siya wakes up to find ram missing by her bedside. “Up so early?”she thinks n goes out. She looks in the garden n finds the brothers strolling out there. She thinks “Am I late??”
She went to Urmilas room and sprinkles water on her face.” Get up now Urmila otherwise we’ll be late” Urmila says is it morning?? Siya nods. “Now freshen up and check if Mandvi n Kirti r up?” Urmila nods n goes..
The four sissies in kitchen.
Siya to kaushalya- sorry Mata, were we late??
K-Not at all Sita, only five to ten minutes u were late, I know u r nt used to this in Mithila, but its our duty to Take care of u, u should feel at home here, it wont take much tym to adjust for such talented girls.. And this kitchen is urs, u can cook here whatever u wish, we’re waiting to eat food from our bahus…
Sita smiles n nods.
The sisters start their cooking. Beautiful aroma gets spread across the palace.
Bharat says this one is irresistible. shatrughan says u kip strolling and rolling, I’m going to have sum yum ? food. He gets interrupted by Lakshman. Where’re you going? If anyone will go, it’s me, nt u. I’m elder than u, understand? Lakshman creeps into the kitchen and sees all kinds of delicacies loaded on the table. He says ? WOW lots of yum yum ? food.. He’s about to pick one piece of ladoo while Urmila comes there. She says yes yes its all for u, try this one it’s better than having a ladoo n puts a spoonful of the pickle in lakshman’s mouth ?????..
Lakshman shouts aaaaahhh slllllll ssssssssss…. Waterrrrrrrrrrr water… Sssssssss….. Urmila laughs. Lakshman stares her n says u fool give me water now. Urmila says creep into the well and take it urself… Lakshman says don’t u feel pity on ur poor husband who’s shouting loudly??? Urmila says noooo, don’t u feel pity on ur poor wife who’s making ladoos with so much hard work u eat all alone???
Lakshman coughs. Sita comes there. What’s happening here? Lakshman says Bhabhi Your sister wants to become widow in one day she wants to kill me. Urmila says no didi he entered the kitchen to steal ladoos they’re not for him. Sita gives Lakshman a glass of water. the three mothers come there. Siya says the food is ready, where’s Maharaj? Dashrath enters jus then. Everyone sit down. The sisters serve food ?????☕.. Ram takes a bite n looks at Siya who looks tensed. He nods with a smile ☺ ?. Everyone smiles aftr eating the food.. Kaushalya asks the sisters to have food. The sisters sit n eat…

Kirti goes to her room all exhausted n tired ?. Her eyes fall on the box given by Shatrughan. She smiles and opens the box.. Shatrughan looks from the window . There’re books ? inside the box.. Shatrughan comes and says, this is ur fav book , ryt? Kirti nods with a wide smile n a painting falls from the book. It’s the painting of Chandrabhaga n Kushadhwaj. Kirti looks at Shatrughan. He says now u’ll never miss them.. Kirti hugs him..
Mandvi goes in her room and finds everything spread here n there. She picks up the bundle of clothes and keeps them in d shelf. She says how boring these clothes look, how does he wear them… She takes needle, thread n pearls from d box n starts to embroider them on the cloth pieces.
Siya is sitting in her room n cries seeing the necklace given by Sunaina. Ram comes there n says u r missing ur ma, aren’t u? Sita wipes her tears and says no. Ram sits beside her n says I know what’s going in ur mind by seeing u only. Siya says how can I miss anyone wen I’ve u? Ram says in one day it’s not easy to forget about ur family. Siya says This necklace is very spl fr me, it was given by ma on my b’day. She keeps it back in the box. Ram brings a portrait of Janak n Sunaina n hangs it on the wall. Siya smiles n hugs ram…
Urmila comes to her room n sees Lakshman sitting sadly. She brings a plate of ladoos n says I didn’t let u eat that tym. U can eat now.Lakshman Sys really !! Urmi says yes yes, enjoy. I’m going. Lakshman eats two ladoos n says WOW ? very sweet ?? ???. He says u gave me pickle, u also should have sum.
He takes the pickle jar n puts one piece inside d ladoo. He calls Urmila.. Urmila comes n says how’re d ladoos.? Lakshman says they’re awesome, have one. Urmila eats d ladoo n shouts.. Lakshman laughs. Kaushalya n Sumitra come there. Kaushalya asks lakshman what’s he doing?? Lakshman says I didn’t do anything, she fed me pickle.. Urmila says noooo Mata, he gave me this spicy ladoo, I brought ladoos fr him. Sumitra says I know, he’s very naughty. Sita comes there n pulls Urmilas ears. She’s not less naughty Mata… Sumitra says then this Jodi is gonna rock.! Lakshman says no Mata ur bahu is troubling me. Urmila says he feeds me pickled ladoos….. Kaushalya says u both feed each other sweet ? ladoos n dnt fyt. lakshmila feed each other ladoos n smile ?…
Mandvi shows the embroidered cloth to Bharat and says now it’ll suit u.. Bharat sys perhaps u r ryt, do one job u only make me wear it.. mandavi says really!!!! Bharat nods. Mandvi wraps it n says hmmm..now its looking beautiful. I’ll embroider all of these. Bharat says OK, bt not all, don’t know wen we’ll need these simple ones fr a change. Mandvi sys Oki..
Siya n Kirti r sitting in the garden ?. Ram comes there. Sita says u here, hw did u know I’m here??ram says nature’s daughter can b found only in nature. Sita says u know me well now. Ram says of course I’ll know, we’re one soul, u forgot??? Siya says noooo, Dono kaya ek pran Ki , jahan ram hai wahin Janki…….. Jahan ram hai wahin Janki….


Plz leave a comment. Sry fr one week late update I was ill… A new ff is coming soon..

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  1. Amalina


    Sis, this ff was an osam ff that always kept skr alive in my head together with tanu did, padma di, preethi di and other sisters’ ffs (im not dat good at remembering names so plz excuse me)!

    I’m looking forward to ur next ff! In a few years, trust me, u r gonna be the most famous author in the world!

    1. Vanshika

      OMG so long comment sweetie pie sis love you ? thank you ? very very much for this support…..

    2. Preethi12345

      aww amalina u still remeber my lakshmilla ff

      1. Amalina

        of coz di, afterall ur ff was an amazing unforgettable one!

  2. Astra

    Actually, I didn’t read all the epis..but saw this last one seeing at title. It was so awesome. And I’m surprised to see ur name here. Ur awesome as always dear

    1. Amalina

      u should read all the epi, they’re amazing!

      1. Astra

        Ok dear, sure….

    2. Vanshika

      Wow Astravellous astrastic Astrabulous sissy I’m supa happy dat u read it… Thanks n luv u ?

  3. Vanshika

    Guys choose one topic on which I should write new ff
    Siam childhood love
    Siam time machine

    1. i think siam time machine will be interesting , because the title seems interesting

      1. Vanshika

        Thanks for your opinion sissie ? will write on both topics bt first will b … Um I’ll nt tell nw, u’ll get to know wen u read the intro..

    2. Amalina

      Siam childhood love! I don’t understand what u mean by siam time machine, but siam childhood love sounds interesting!???????

    3. Preethi12345

      hey vanshu how r u !! i hope u remember me i love this ff soooooooooooo much ad tht it ended
      and vanshu what is siam timemachine going to be like
      and r u still watching cn
      chandra s acting is superb right?
      and i love durdhara

      1. Amalina

        Yeah di, chandra’s acting is amazing and i also love durdhara!

      2. Vanshika

        Hey who’re u..? I forgot u ???..
        Have u gone mad dear u know na I can’t forget u ever….
        Yeah Durdhara is superb cute bt I hate that Helena n Nandini also..
        Siam time machine will b a travel on time in which ram will cum through a time machine in modern tym n Sita will b here only, in modern times……

    4. Preethi12345

      hey vanshu how r u
      well i hope u remember me
      and vanshu i am sad tht u ended this ff
      this ff was EPIC! loved it
      and r u still atching cn
      chandra s acting is superb right?
      and i love durdhara

      1. yes rajat tokas is always awesome in historical shows , and dhurdhara is too cute na ? how r u dear ?

    5. Preethi12345

      then vanshu i thinlk u should write abt siam time machine. it sounds interesting

  4. awesome and beautifully written episode , sad that u ended it but will eagerly be waiting for ur next ff . the ending was very cute , all couples united and happy . loved my favourite lakshmila . lakshman putting pickle in ladoo and sumitra saying this jodi is gonna rock was cute and funny . the last part wid sita saying Dono kaya ek pran Ki , jahan ram hai wahin Janki…….. Jahan ram hai wahin Janki…. was so beautifully written . lovely ff . update ur new ff asap…eagerly waiting . love u loads….

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot my sis I’m on cloud nine after reading this.
      will update new ff asap, first I’ll update all other fanfics I’ve not updated 10 days, den ill update next ff.. So never leave reading sis.. Love ❤ u..

    2. Preethi12345

      i am good varshu how r u?

      1. i am too fine dear

  5. It’s awesome…it really reminds our skr and knit together our skr family…you have an amazing writing skill dear…all the best for you…i am going to quit tu so quit tu for months..so will miss you and skr family…love you dear..???

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks Tharu di for ur support
      Will never forget you my lovely di plz don’t go away sis plzzzz will miss you ?☹☹☹???? love you ?

  6. Padmaja

    Such an awesome epi dearie…… I loved it sooooooooooo much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥..
    Lakshmilla scenes was just mind blowing… the ever rocking couple made me to laugh…
    the gifts given by ram lakhan and shatrrughan was lovely…
    u ended this awesome ff in a fantastic way….. hugs to u for this ff dearie… ♥♥♥

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks Padma di for ur support
      love you ? Thnq very much ? akka u r writing any new ff after Siam seperatiom ends? I’ve an idea fr u , tell me if you haven’t thought anything

      1. Padmaja

        Hi vanshu I want one topic dearie.. pls tell me DAT idea… love u too ??

  7. such an amazing epi @vanshika………….really too good ………
    but why you end this ff so early??
    come back soon in your new ff…..i mean very soon………….waiting for it…………….

  8. Our ram ji back long time later………..
    ashish sharma and archana taide in their best friend wedding ….all of they in having fun…….
    Our madirakshi with her sketch…….wooooooaaaa its beautifull……..
    another pic of madirakshi……..
    ohhh madirakshi got an injury……
    Sharing these link after many days……..some link are some times old……..but hope that you guys like it………..
    Thank you all….

    1. Padmaja

      Awesome links as always joy da…. really happy that u r back with ur links… thanks for these links…

  9. Amalina

    Vanshu sis, now that u explained what siam time machine will be about, then i vote for siam time machine as it will be interesting to see siam in modern times!

    1. Vanshika

      Yeah it’ll be very interesting…..

  10. Vanshika

    Okay dears.. So decided.. Next ff.. Siam time machine.. Intro.. Ill post.. Soon.. Very soon.. Love you ? all.
    @joy da thanks alot for ur never ending support n the links also ?

  11. Samarth

    It’s so cute and amazing..loved it so much..bond of every couple is amazing…loved it…waiting for your next ffs

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot bhaiyya for ur support,. I’ve posted intro of next ff Siam n lakshmila: A time travel intro, plz read it…

  12. Sudeshna

    Hy guys remembered me… Commenting after long time fabulous ff… These ff makes me remember all the memories of skr and skr fresh in my heart always……. Love my Siyaram and Ashma love u more than my life ???????

  13. NABANITA626

    So happy to see so many friends after a long time…..
    Vanshika your ff is too good……..ladoo scene is best…..??

  14. @ Vanshikha -Sorry for late reply
    Excellent pickle fiction -it is indeed yummy.
    Love the laxshmilla episode —goody

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