Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki – intro

Amar Prem Katha Siam ki
Dono kaya ek pran Ki
Jahan ram hai wahin janki……
Hi guys, how’re you all..? Hope all is well.. So here goes my new fanfic, Jahan Ram hai Wahin Janki.. It’s possible that there’re sum mistakes, in that case plzzzz tell me and don’t frgt to comment ? ?..

Authors note- In this ff Uttar kand of Ramayana won’t b added and the ending with b happy with Siam n Luv Kush together..

Sita n her sisters r making flower garlands. It’s nt much tym since they’ve returned from Vishwamitra ashram. Sita is thinking of Ram, n Ram is thinking abt the girl (Sita) whose glimpse he had caught while leaving. Absorbed in thoughts, she’s disturbed by talking of her parents..
Sunaina-The sisters hv grown up, its high tym v arrange their marriage.
Janak-Yessss, all of it will start with our Sita.
The very thought of Ram strikes her mind. I’ll nt marry anyone else then him. Determined to meet him she goes out while is stopped by Mila.. Jiji where’re you going? Sita replies I’m going to.. Gauri temple. Mila says Gauri temple or Ashram where the two princes hv been living..? Sita shies n goes away.. Stupid Mila don’t tell anyone else.. Mila says u called me stupid, now I’ll tell ma.. Maa.. Maa..

Mandvi closes her mouth. I thought u cn do demonic things with me only bt also with Sita di, I came to know now only. They break into laughter.. Sita proceeds to Ashram n meets Lakshman there..
Siya -Sumitranandan lakshman, where is your brother..?
Lakshman-He isn’t here, has gone fr sum oder work.
S-When’ll he return..?
L-umm.. Hmm.. It’ll take tym..
S-Okay then, will cum afterwards..
Wen Lakshman saw Sita had gone far away, he broke into laughter ?.. Poor sita Bhabhi.. ?.. Ram came out of the hut. Why’re you ? laughing, lakshman..? Lakshman-Nothing bhaiyya, actually recalled sum thing, leave na, lets go inside.
R-Who had cum..?
L-No body..
R-somebody was there, who were u talking too.?
L-Mithila princ… I mean Mithila’s palace, we should go there..
R-Ofc we’ll go, bt nt now.. Cum inside.
Sita returns the palace disappointed.
Urmila-What happened jiji, u came sooo soon, did Ram ji not meet u..?
Siya-His brother told me he’s not there.
U-Ohho jiji, u r so unlucky, u got this news that too from that egoistic guy..?
S-Shut up.. He is so gud, he takes so much care of Raghunandan.
U-Oh.. If he wasn’t taking care of ur Raghunandan, I’m damn sure u’ll nt lyk him..
S-Ok ok… Enough.. Lets goo..

PRECAP:-Janak organises Siya’s swayamwar. Ravan reaches there and says LankaMaharani Siya… Sita waits fr Ram.

Guys plzzzz comment n tell ur opinion ?? Love u all n thnx fr reading..

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow wow wow super dear… loved it a lot.. waiting for next update…

  2. wow vanshu omg loved it .your ff made my day vanshu.it is really good

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