Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Jank (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 2

Recap-Janak organises siya’s swayamwar.

The epi starts with Siya sleeping the next morning. Urmila wakes up n says lo, the one who used to wake us up every morning is herself sleeping today… Wat a day.. She wakes Urmila n Mandvi up and they get ready. Sunaina comes asking, Is Sita ready..? Urmi says noooo, she’s sleeping. Sunaina gets angry, it’s ur sister’s wedding and she’s sleeping.. Who’ll wake her up..? Sita wakes up by the commotion n gets shocked to see everybody already ready, n the sun risen. She says is it morning..? Sunaina gives her the dress and says yes. You go n get ready. Fb shows Sita wakes up at midnight and looks at the moon recalling her Raghunandan n his glimpse for abt half the night ????.. Fb ends..
The sisters make Sita ready and adorn her with beautiful ornaments.
Urmila- u r nt lookin gud. In this way Ram ji wont marry u.
Sita-Really..!! What’s missing..?
Mandvi- Shut up demoness, she is lookin soooooo soooooo beautiful.
Sunaina comes n says something is missing..
Kirti-what’s that Mata..?
Sunaina-blessings.. Sita smiles n hugs Sunaina. They share emotional moments ?.

Chandrabhaga comes n asks them to bring Sita. Maharaj is waiting.
All the princes cum one by one and Janak welcomes them. Ravan lands in his Pushpak vimana and laughs. Sita will become my queen ?. Only lankapati Ravan’s queen..!! LankaMaharani.. He enters the sabha.
Vishwamitra tells Ram to participate in the swayamwar. Ram recalls Sita n agrees hesitantly.. Lakshman arts from now only bhaiyya is shying away ☺ . Ram looks at him…
The sisters bring sita To the hall. The beautiful golden gem studded bow is kept there, everyone’s eyes fixed onto it. Ravan smirks evilly seeing it.??. Sita looks in the crowd n gets disappointed seeing Ram missin. Mandvi says Urmilas eyes r looking fr Lakshman. Urmila stares her angrily. Mandvi says her getting angry shows her love for Lakshman. Urmila smiles n says who’s angry here, see I’m happy ? ?. The sisters laugh..

All the princes come to lift the dhanush , bt can’t even move it an inch, making the whole sabha break into laughter. Ravana comes pushing all the princes, n laughing. He says no one can lift it till I’m here. Siita, ur destiny is to marry Shiva bhakt Lankapati Ravan..! Ur destiny is too become LankaMaharani, not these princes’ wife. He kicks the prince already there, shocking Sita n goes to lift the dhanush. Sita thinks Raghunandan where’re you….. Ram Lakshman n Vishwamitra r shown on the way. Ravan gets hold of one side of the bow and pulls it. Shiv Parvati look on. Ravan pulls the bow with both hands, bt in vain.. He puts more n more power to the bow n falls down. Everyone break into laughter ? and Ravan stares them in anger. He shouts Insult.. Big insult.. I won’t wait here fr a single moment now.. This land is impure.. Sita gets angry n says lankapati this land is very pure.. Ravan shouts insult.. Insult and goes. Just then Ram Lakshman enter the sabha with Vishwamitra. Sita smiles seeing him and thinks I knew u’ll come Raghunandan….
Ram greets all the elders and looks at Sita who smiles seeing him.. Urmila looks at Lakshman n makes faces. Ram prays to lord Shiv. He looks at the dhanush n picks it with one hand while sita continues looking at him in deep thoughts. The dhanush breaks shocking every one. The earth starts shaking. Parshuram is shown…

Precap:-Parshuram shouts where is Ram.?? Sita says Raghunandan I love you very much. Ram gets shocked..

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  1. Really beautiful write………….. Very nice…….
    It’s remember our old SKR story…….. Keep it……………. @joy

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx joy da

  2. Padmaja

    Wow really a cute epi dearie. It recalled the old moments.. and waiting for next epi…

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks Padma akka… Have u updated Siam separation fan fic..?

  3. Tiyasa

    Nice epi……keep writing…….love cutie…..
    well the precap is fabbbb…..wow sita will confess her love in front of Ram…….
    Really interesting…….loved it………
    well, love u too cutie vanshu…..

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot Tiya cutie I’m very happy go c ur comment.. Yup Siam tracks talks will b interesting bt lakshmila will creep in between…

  4. Awesome episode…reminded old episodes of skr…nice precap…

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you tharu di.. You made my day by ur comment

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