Jagga Jasoos (A RagSan OS) by Sally

“Oye Jagga” called Sanskar looking at a direction in a party. The waiter turned and neared him. “Abbey Tundra ke bache why are you calling me like that I’m on under cover mission. Do you even understand what it is unpad gawar” said the waiter in low voice. “Oye that secret mission is of mine so stop bluffing. I told you to cancel this proposal but it looks like I’m gonna get booked this time for sure” said Sanskar in the waiters ears. “Have patience Mr. Tundra” said the waiter and was about to move but Sanskar held his hand and dragged him to near himself. “Oye Jagga Jasoos urf Ragini Gadodia. Dare you call me that again. I’m tv ka super star Varun Kundra got that. And girls are dying to get married to me and you mamooli si Jasoos. You are showing me attitude?” said he as the waiter struggled.

Ragini removed her duplicate mustach and glared him. “I will call you that only. Sunna hai tho sun varna kaan band karle. Gadha kahika”(If you want to hear then hear otherwise close your ears. Donkey) said she and placed her mustach back and headed from there after analyzing if anyone saw her. She went and told something in a lady’s ear who widened her eyes hearing to it. Ragini smirked and walked from there. Sanskar who was watching her got confused. He signed Ragini what did she speak in lady’s ear she just twisted her lips and brushed her shoulders proud. She walked from there with chin up. As she changed back to her normal attire (Salwar Kameez) and came out she saw a chaos around. She chuckled and walked to Sanskar who was sitting looking at the people fighting placing his hand on his head helplessly.

“My payment” said she forwarding her hand. “Fisrt you tell me what did you say to that lady? Why are they fighting like I hid very big thing from them” asked he glaring her. “Oye Tundra. Deal was to cancel your wedding proposal. I have done it. I don’t share my professional secrets. Business woman I’m got that?” said she blowing air to her nails and giving him a attitude look. Sanskar huffed and dragged her away from there before anyone can notice. “Oh Tundra ke bache leave me. You know I’m trained in Karate and Judo” screamed she and tried getting out of his hold. He pushed her and made stand in front of him and stood folding his hand. “You will tell me or not?” asked he serious. “I said na professional secrets” she said with same attitude. He started nearing her and she walked backward hesitant. “I’m trained in Karate and Judo. I’m warning. Then don’t roam with a broken limb” said she showing her index finger. “You know Swara’s proposal is in list next I’m thinking of accepting it” said he and looked up rubbing his chin. She widened her eyes and said “You can’t do that” “I will if in next minute you wont answer my question” said he smirking. “Ahhhhh” she said frustrated and folded her hands and pouted angry. “Your 30 seconds are gone” said he looking at his watch. “I told them you are impotent” said she and ran from there. “Oh that’s all…” said he smiling. His smile faded when he realized what she said. “Jagga Jasoos” screamed he looking at the direction she ran and huffed as it was too late.

“Jaggu at this time if dad saw you na” said Riya; Ragini’s younger sister who was helping her to get inside the house from the window. Ragini who was looking back scared of anyone noticing turned to Riya. Her eyes popped out as she found Shekar standing behind her folding his hands. She gulped scared looking at him. Riya who was confused with her behavior and turned slowly. She jerked as she found Shekar glaring them. He walked from there and opened the door. Ragini walked inside staring ground. Shekar who standing folding his hands sighed and headed to his room giving her you will never change look. She looked at him helplessly and followed Riya to her room. There is nothing painful in the world when your parent doesn’t understand you and your passion. Spying was Ragini’s passion and she was hell bent on proving herself the best spy in Punjab which was against Shekar’s wish. He had stopped talking to her from the day Jasoosi stepped on Ragini’s head. And she was his daughter and his senior in stubbornness. And Riya her younger sister was getting crushed between the two from the time their mother Janaki left the world.

“You have to search a girl. The details are in this cover” said a person who was sitting in Ragini’s office. She took the envelope and opened and saw the details. “Any photo you have?” asked she. “If I had photo why will I come to you?” he said seriously. “Okay” said she smiling. He got up to leave. “Sir your name?” asked she. “That is unnecessary to you. When you get the address just call to the number mentioned backside” said he and she turned the page and found a number. “And your advance is in other envelope. Hope you will do my work soon” said he and left the place. “Strange man” said she and took the other envelope. She had a bright smile when she saw the money. “Why should I bother” said she and started analyzing the details.

As she was walking home back a person stood in front of her with two three people blocking her way. She gave him annoyed look and said “Lucky monkey what is your problem?” Laksh fumed. “You said you will stop Swara’s marriage but this time the matter became worse. Tomorrow is gonna be her engagement” said he. “Just engagement is tomorrow Lucky not the marriage so relax. And I don’t leave any work unfinished” said she proud and he dragged her holding her elbow. “You think this all is joke? I love her and if she gets married to someone I’m not gonna leave you. Obviously you won’t understand love. For you most important thing is money” said he and jerked her. He wiped his tears and walked from there. She looked at him and said “Emotional fool” and walked to home.

Next day in Swara’s engagement party Ragini and her family entered. “Swara” said Ragini when she found her. She neared her and hugged her. “Don’t worry I’m gonna stop this engagement today” said she in Swara’s ear who widened her eyes shocked. Sanskar entered with his family as he was Swara’s distant relative. He looked at Ragini who was in full traditional attire and mesmerized seeing her. His eyes were glued to her. He was observing her every expression her smile her pout. Today he felt strange looking at her. He was so lost he did not observe the engagement being called off. “Ragu thank you bacha you saved Swara today. Otherwise she would have been crying all her life” said Sumi when all the guests had left and only relatives were present. Ragini hugged her and winked at Swara who was standing behind her. Swara opened her mouth shocked. Sanskar who was standing behind Swara observed it and said “Jagga Jasoos. Kabhi nahi sudhregi” and caressed his neck blushing.

As he was driving home back he saw Ragini talking with someone. He stopped the car and told his family to carry on and he will reach in 20 minutes. He neared them. “Thank you thank you thank you Jagga. I did not knew you had already planned so much” said Laksh and hugged her. Sanskar witnessed and fumed. As Laksh left from there he walked to her. “What are you doing here at this time?” asked Sanskar jerking her. She turned and looked at him confused. “Whatever I do why should I tell you?” asked she folding her hands. “I was just worried you were talking to that gunda” said he trying to cover up. “Worried and this Tundra? What is wrong with him” said she under her breath. She looked back at him and said “First thing he is not Gunda okay and he is my cousin so just watch your language before speaking” The word cousin gave relaxation to Sanskar. He smiled inside. She looked at him confused. She nodded her head in disbelief and walked. Sanskar came back to senses and walked beside her. “Why are you walking with me?” asked she confused. “Just want you to reach home safely” said he smiling. “OMG something is seriously wrong with this Tundra” said she under her breath. “See Mr. Tundra I can walk home all alone. So please you get going” said she serious. “That’s Kundra Jagga how many times should I tell you” said he pouting. “Fine just go” said she screaming. “No I won’t” said he and she walked frustrated.

“Bye Jagga” said Sanskar when Ragini was climbing the stairs. Shekar who was near the window stopped hearing Sanskar’s voice and looked outside where Sanskar was standing and waving his hand smiling.
“Riya tell your sister that a proposal is gonna come for her day after tomorrow” said Shekar and stormed in. Ragini who just entered home was shocked listening to him. “What did you do this time?” asked Riya confused. “Even I don’t know” said she scratching her head. Then she remembered Sanskar accompanying her till home and she hit her forehead with her palm. “Iss Tundra ko tho mai nahi chodne wali” said she fuming and headed inside the home. Riya who was looking in shekar’s direction turned to Ragini’s direction and looked confused.

“I have found the girl” said Ragini over the phone to the same person who had come to her office. “Great. Drop the info at the Hotel Royal Orchid reception for the guest who is staying at the room number 206 And also collect your two envelopes” said he. “So I have one more assignment?” asked Ragini. “Yes and this time the amount will be double” said he to which her eyes widened. She disconnected the call and started dancing as she got her next big assignment.

“I need your help” said Ragini standing in front of Sanskar who was looking at her folding his hands when she appeared suddenly at his shooting spot. “Ohho the great Jagga Jasoos needs my help really” said he widening his eyes and keeping his hand on his chest. She glared him. “Okay okay. Tell me” said he.
“What? Have you gone mad?” asked he with shock when she narrated him what she wants exactly. “Soch lo. Sumi bua is thinking of talking to your dad about Swara and your marriage” said she blowing the air on her nails proudly. Sanskar looked at her horrified. “You are threatening me?” asked he. “Think whatever you want to think” said she with same attitude. “Fine” said he huffing. “I will meet you tomorrow morning at Hotel Royal Orchid” said she and walked from there. “Jagga Jasoos kahi ki” said he looking at her annoyed.


Sanskar was standing outside the hotel and he sensed someone patting his back and he turned and found Ragini. She had worn a designer peach color Saree with straightened hair which she had left at one side with a sleeveless blouse of golden color. Sanskar was lost looking at her with open mouth. She removed her goggles and waved her hand in front of him. He came back to senses and composed himself. “Chale?” asked she and he nodded his head like a small kid and followed her. “Waise you never dress up like this beautifully” said Sanskar lost. Ragini kicked him and he winced in pain. “These cheesy lines don’t try on me. This is all for the case. I hired it just for one day” said she and walked. Sanskar smiled looking at her.

“Hello” said he to the receptionist. She looked up and widened her eyes as she recognized him. “SK” screeched she happy. “OMG I can’t believe this you are really here” said she excited. “OMG I’m a huge fan of yours. I have watched all your serials” said she and Sanskar just smiled. “Haa that one tho you must have watched na Saas ki Sauthan?” asked Ragini who was fuming inside. “That one is my fav” said she folding her palms and resting them near her chin. “Jagga if people mob me here. Your mission cancel” said he in Ragini’s ear and smiling weakly at receptionist. Ragini twisted her lips looking at him. She bent her head and called the receptionist to bend. As she bent she spoke “See you are his big fan na. Now it is your responsibility that he should not get mobbed. You know these fans. They might eat him raw. You know how cute he is” The receptionist looked at her horrified and nodded her head. “Okay ma’am I will keep it a secret” whispered she. Ragini looked at her and gave her thumbs up. Sanskar was awestruck looking at her managing the situation. “Actually we have come here to leave a parcel for the guest at room number 206. Is he there?” asked Ragini. “Actually sir has gone out and had left a parcel for you” said receptionist receiving Ragini’s parcel and handing over her parcels. Ragini received it and walked with Sanskar. Sanskar smiled at his fan weakly and followed her. “You came her just to collect it and why did you need my help for this?” asked he confused. “Just wait and watch” said Ragini smirking.

“Sir” called the receptionist. “Now it is your turn to act. Get me the key for the room 206 which is on the desk away from other keys” said she and he looked at her horrified. “What?” he almost screamed. “Swara Sumi bua remember” said she and he fumed and walked back to the reception. “I need your autograph” said she smiling and blushing. Sanskar smiled at her forcefully and gave autograph. He walked back to Ragini and handed her the key. “How did you know it will be there?” asked. “Jasoosi Mr. Tundra. Your small brain will not understand. When she was talking to you I was observing the surrounding and when I bent I only placed the key little away from other keys. And placed a pen on the desk which was visible to her. As she is your fan I knew she will surely ask your autograph when she notices the pen” said she and explained. “OMG” said he widening his eyes and Ragini winked at him smirking.
“Bad manners Jagga Jasoos. You should not enter anyone’s room like this” said Sanskar when they were inside the room. “Ohho Mr. Tundra. Jasoosi me sab chalta hai relax.” said she and started searching for clues. “But he is your client. Why are you spying on him only?” asked he confused. “Because I have doubt on him” said she. “What doubt?” asked he confused. “I will tell you later. Now please keep your mouth shut for sometime” said she and started searching. He sighed and stood.

“What the hell are you doing here?” asked the man who entered his room and found his room messed up. Ragini and Sanskar jerked and looked at him horrified. He neared Ragini and snatched the papers in her hand. She jerked and stood blank. She was caught and terribly. He dialed to the reception and complained that there are intruders in his room. The hotel staff came to his room and dragged Sanskar and Ragini out of the hotel. They pushed both of them out. Sanskar held Ragini who was about to fall. “Haa we are going na? Is that the way to behave” she said trying to handle the situation. As both of them turned they found Shekar standing and glaring them. Before Ragini could speak he stormed from there. Ragini made annoying face. By the time some reporters clicked their photos.

“What is this?” asked Shekar throwing the paper on Ragini’s face where there was an article linking her with Sanskar. “I never expected you will fall so low” he screamed. “I pampered you so much. You did not listen to me when I said you not to involve in this Jasoosi and all. But you never listened to me. And now with a guy you are going to a hotel that too in a bright day light. Chee” said he annoyed. “Dad” screamed Ragini. “I haven’t done anything wrong” said she but Shekar slapped her hard and said “I have spoken to his dad. You both are getting married and your engagement in two days. And this time if you deny me you will see me dead” said he and stormed to his room. Ragini sat on the sofa and tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. Her dad was not understanding her dreams. Is marriage only aim and ultimate for a girl? Can’t she be career oriented. In this society who will understand her dream. Dream to be a detective like Sherlock Holmes at least like ACP Pradyumn of CID. And now her dreams were gong to shatter. Marriage was the shackles which will bind her and her dreams forever.

“I will listen to you dad” said she standing at Shekar’s room door. He looked at her and then continued his work adjusting his spectacles. “But I want to finish this case” said she and he glared her. “I can’t run dad. I can’t run from my dreams. I have to finish it. Please don’t push me into this guilt of leaving a case unsolved” said she. He sighed and nodded his head. She smiled and turned to leave. “You have time till your marriage” said he and her face fell and she looked back at him. He just continued his work without looking up. It was a statement so there can’t be arguments over it. At least she had that much time.

“You are coming down to your backyard in ten minutes” said Ragini over the phone. “Wow Jagga Jasoos what a plan ha. You were stopping my marriage and now you trapped into marrying you” said Sanskar standing in front of in his backyard. Ragini fumed and looked at him. “You think I need to trap you? See I’m not interested in this marriage. Remove your pajama” said she. “What?” he screamed almost. Ragini closed his mouth with her right palm and said “Shhhh” nearing him. She looked around to check if anybody saw them. In the process she leaned close to him. Her fragrance made Sanskar to lose himself and he stared her lost. “Remove now” said she.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” he asked horrified. She glared him and loosened the pajama dori and fixed a bug inside and pulled it back and tied it. Sanskar stood shocked at her actions. She twisted her lips and placed a small ear plug in his ear. “Now go inside and speak whatever I tell you. Go” said she pushing him who was still in shock.

“Dad” said he standing he in front of Ram. “Actually wo I don’t want this marriage” said Sanskar as Ragini spoke in his ear. “Ha beta I know she always roams like a jhalli and shameless…” said Ram but was interrupted by Sanskar who spoke “Dad she is not shameless” “What are you saying Sanskar. Let him speak” said she. “She is not shameless dad. She is career oriented. Is it wrong to think about your future just because she is a girl. Ha she is not like those girls who just want to get married to a well settled person. She want be settled in life. How will she become shameless due to it? I’m happy she is not like other girls” said he shocking Ram and Sujatha. He headed out to place Ragini where she was hearing him with the bug she placed. He handed her the bug and ear plug. “Why did you take my side? He was telling the truth. We could have broken this relation” said. “Because I want to marry you now. Because you are not like those girls. I want to support you in your every step” said he and they both lost in each other.


“He was your client. Now tell me why are you spying on him only?” asked Sanskar as they were sitting in a cafe. “Because as per my sources he had searched a girl before and she is missing by the time the detective gave him the details. That detective is my friend. It’s detective’s rule that we do a background check of our client before we take their case. I wanted to stop him from exploiting more girls. He is from Dubai…” said she and was stopped by Sanskar who asked “How do you know?” She smirked. “When he came to meet me first time he directly from airport. I took his luggage photos from the cctv camera which I have placed in my office and there were immigration stickers of Dubai airport” said she. And he was impressed with her skills. “Sohe might be involved in girl’s trafficking” said she.

“OMG” said she widening her eyes. “What happened?” asked he. “He had given me one more case. I have to track that person before he tracks. That’s the only way to trace him” said she and tried removing the envelope from her bag. “We can inform this to Police right?” asked he. “I think he has done arrangements for it before only. And moreover we don’t have solid proof against him” said she sipping the coffee. It formed a mustach over her lips. Sanskar looked at her and burst out laughing. “What?” asked she. He neared her and wiped the mustach with his thumb. Ragini looked at him lost when his thumb touched her lip.

He looked at her and asked what through eyes. She came back to senses and nodded her head. She opened the envelope in her hand. “A 23 year old man whose last finger of left leg is missing” read she and looked confused. “You said girl trafficking but here he is trying to find a man” said Sanskar. “Mujhse Jasoosi?” asked Ragini. “Nahi nahi jagga jasoos se kaun panga lega?” asked he scared. Ragini burst out laughing looking at him and he was lost looking at her. “Chalo let’s leave” he said after paying the bill.

“Jaggu…. Jaggu….” said Riya huffing in front of Ragini who just entered the galli. “Riya. What happened? From where you came running?” asked she holding her. “Di wo Swara” said she and stopped. “What happened to Swara?” asked she worried. “Swara consumed poison” said she and panted for breath. “What” screamed Ragini and Sanskar and rushed to Swara’s house.

“Why did you do this Swara?” asked Ragini when Swara was in ward after she was treated. She just turned her face other side and wiped her tears. “Tu bolegi nahi mujhse” said Ragini turning her face to her side. Swara got up and hugged her and burst out crying. “I told mom many times I want to marry Laksh and only Laksh. She is not ready for it and forcing me” said she. “Gochu who consumes poison for that mawali” said Ragini. “Ragu” she cried. “Ok ok. You don’t trust me oh what. I canceled your proposals till now and I will do it till my last breath. You will marry Laksh only” said she wiping her tears. “Jagga Jasoos the marriage broker(literally)” said Sanskar in his mind. “Acha tho this was the reason that Shona’s marriage was getting fixed?” asked Sumi who heard them. Ragini widened her eyes shocked. She turned and smiled at Sumi sheepishly.

“Sumi bua listen to me once” pleaded Ragini when she was dragged by Sumi out of the ward. “Rukiye(stop)” said Sanskar. Sumi stopped and turned. “You were at the edge of loosing your daughter. More than her life what is important for you aunty. She loves Laksh so madly. I know he is not good match for your daughter but she will change him don’t you trust your daughter” said he. Sumi and Shekar looked at him. Sumi ran inside the room and hugged Swara. “My shona will marry the person she loves” said she. Ragini smiled looking at him. “Don’t you trust your daughter?” his word ringed in Shekar’s mind while he watched Ragini.
“I’m sorry Ladoo” said Shekar when she was standing out of the room alone. Ragini turned shocked and looked at Shekar who had tears in his eyes. “I’m sorry I did not trust you. I did not understand you” said he and Ragini immediately hugged him and cried. He caressed her hair. Sanskar who had gone to bring Laksh entered with him and smiled looking at Ragini and Shekar.

“So you came to know about his identity?” asked Sanskar. “Yes. I know who he is. Now I have to search the person he is trying to trace” said Ragini when she was in Swara’s home and both of them were decorating it for Swara’s engagement in the evening. “How did you come to know about his identity?” asked Sanskar curios. “I saw some kind of bills in his room that day. I traced it down and found that it is bill of some Jwellery shop. I went to that shop as a customer and when the owner was busy I checked the register on the date of the receipt and found four names. I took a photograph of the contact details and found one of them having dubai address. So confirmed it was him” said she. “OMG Jagga your brain” said he widening his eyes. “Meri Taarif baad me kariyo first concentrate on the decoration” said she. He pouted and continued his work.

“Now how to trace the person he is searching for?” asked Sanskar. Ragini who was looking at him turned when Laksh and Swara were entering the Mandir. She remembered something and walked from there. Sanskar looked at her confused and walked behind her. “What happened?” asked he when she was walking to the hotel. “I will tell you” said she. “Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari” said she when she found the person in the reception area as she entered the hotel. He turned and was shocked.


“Laksh your son’s engagement today” said she when they were standing at the door of Swara’s house. DP looked at her teary eyed and she nodded her head smiling. He entered the venue. Laksh and Swara were exchanging rings. His tears flew after he found his son after almost 20 years. “Come” said Ragini taking him inside. “Laksh” said she when he was standing with Swara. He turned confused. “Your dad” said she and Laksh looked at the person in front of him shocked. Ragini nodded her head assuring him. DP hugged Laksh but Laksh was numb. All his life he thought he is an orphan. Other than his name he didn’t know anything about himself or his parent. Now a person is standing in front of him claiming to be his dad and he was confused to whether to believe it or not. He looked at Ragini one and only one person who can solve this puzzle. The Jagga Jasoos.

All the family members gathered after the guests left. “So Mr. Durga Prasad Maheshwari was a small shop keeper in the year… He was living here with his two daughters Parinita and Uttara and son Laksh. His wife had passed away when she was giving birth to his third child. But during the year….. due to the riot he lost his three kids. He stayed in India for more than a year to trace them but of no use. So he went to Dubai with a group of people of his community. After 20 years he returned to trace his children again. Parinita who was traced by my friend earlier is in Dubai and Uttara who I traced recently joined her sister. Now the youngest kid Laksh whom he thought might have changed his name like the earlier kids. So he just gave me his age and a birth disability that is the last finger of the left leg missing. I observed it while Laksh was about to enter the mandir without shoes. I knew Laksh was lost during the riot and he only remembered his name. So everything matched and I rushed to get him to attend his son’s engagement” concluded Ragini. “Waw Jagga what a brain?” exclaimed Sanskar. “But he could have told you that he is searching his kids. Why did he hide?” asked Sanskar. “Because he….”said Ragini but was stopped by DP who said “I have my own enemies who might harm my kids. That’s why I wanted to take them without knowledge of anyone” “Don’t worry uncle the enemies you are talking about are no more threatening. I have traced them down” said she and DP smiled looking at her. “Thank you beta. If you weren’t there I wouldn’t have met my son” said he. Shekar felt proud of his daughter. Sanskar winked looking at her. She glared him and showed people are watching. He gave her a flying kiss and she blushed and looked around.


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