Jab We Met (Shot- 9)

Hii guys.. This is Napsha..

Before I begin with the chapter, I would like to thank all of you.. I’m really overwhelmed by the response I’ve received for this story right from the very beginning.. It was beyond my expectation.. To be honest, I would have ended it in three shots only before my exams, but your support really encouraged me to take the story ahead.. Keep supporting this way.. Love you all.. 🙂


Here is the next shot..


Jab We Met (Shot-9)


Bhawana gives a new gown to Suhani which she can wear for the party.. It was a pretty white gown.. Suhani thanks her.. She leaves.. Suhani sits in front of the mirror drying her hair and recalls the way Yuvraj was looking into her eyes and how he wrapped his coat around her.. “Yuvraj, you are such a gentleman.. Its just that you try to hide this quality in you..” She thought smiling..


The party begins.. Everyone is there except YuvAni..

“Where are Yuvraj and Suhani?” Saurabh asks.. Suhani comes there.. Saurabh, Anuj and Sharad tell each other that their sis is looking pretty.. Suhani smiles and thanks them.. Soumya asks her why did she change..


People start eating and some choose to dance as well.. Suhani looks around for Yuvraj.. Sambhav appears in front of her and asks her if she is looking for him..


“No.. I was just seeing the decorations..” She replies, still looking around.. He tries to talk to her but gets angry on finding her disinterested in talking to him..


Sometime later, Pratima comes to Suhani and asks her about Yuvraj.. “I’m here maa..” Yuvraj says walking towards Pratima.. His eyes fall on Suhani who is already looking at him.. He is completely mesmerised by her.. He smiles slightly..


“Yuvraj, come here..”

He obeys his maa.. Pratima makes an announcement of Yuvraj and Suhani’s engagement.. All are happy hearing it, but Yuvraj, Suhani and Sambhav are shocked..


Yuvraj takes Pratima to a room..

“Maa, its true that we like each other, but we also need to know about each other..”

“My heart says you wont get a better girl than her.. Even Saurabh, Anuj and Sharad told me that she is a very nice girl..”


Yuvraj tries to convince Pratima, but fails.. Meanwhile, Suhani keeps thinking what’s going on.. She looks at Soumya, she nods smiling slightly looking at Suhani.. And Sambhav is getting mad thinking what if the engagement happens..


Pratima comes to Suhani with Yuvraj.. Bhawana happily brings the plate in which the rings are kept.. They look at each other for a minute and then get engaged.. Krishna and Soumya are very happy for them and they look at each other smiling..


Later, Yuvraj is standing alone in a corner, leaning against the wall.. Suhani comes to him..

“Yuvraj, I wanted to ask you why did you tell aunty that we like each other? You told me that you would free me, then what’s this? And this engagement……..”


She stops as he grabs her arms and pins her against the wall.. He gets too close to her.. Suhani is taken aback by this..


“Did I tell you to agree to whatever I said to maa? No.. But you did it, on your own.. Actually now I understood why.. After staying here for three weeks, you have got used to luxurious life.. So you want to settle here permanently.. You are responsible for everything.. And you are blaming me to cover up your cleverness..” Yuvraj says in a low voice but very harshly.. Suhani’s eyes are already brim..


“I know you have the talent to win hearts.. But stay away from my family and especially my maa.. No need to make any relation with them.. I don’t want them to be hurt when you leave this house..” He adds..


Every word spoken by him has pinched her heart.. She is unable to understand who he really is.. She throws his hands away and frees herself from his hold..


“You know what Yuvraj, you are the most selfish guy I’ve ever met.. You only think about yourself and nobody else, and show as if you care for aunty..” She replies angrily..


“This is my family matter.. You stay out of it.. Get lost from here..” He says angrily showing her the door.. Heartbroken Suhani starts to leave.. Her tears which she has been controlling for the last few minutes flows out of her eyes.. Soumya comes there and is shocked seeing Suhani’s condition who was so happy sometime before.. Suhani runs out to the garden wiping her tears.. Soumya tries to stop her but she doesn’t.. She looks at Yuvraj with hatred and leaves..


Yuvraj looks down with guilt when his eyes fall on his engagement ring.. He runs his fingers over it and recalls Suhani putting it around his finger..


Soumya asks Suhani what happened.. She tells him everything.. Soumya is shocked and calls Yuvraj mean and selfish..


“Its better if I stay away from you.. As it is, you don’t like me..” Yuvraj says looking at the ring.. He sees Sambhav coming towards him..

“Yuvraj.. Is this the way you will bring Suhani close to me?”

“Look, I had no knowledge of whatever happened.. Anyways, this engagement is fake.. Neither I’m interested in her nor she is in me, so you shouldn’t worry..”

“Fine, if you say so.. You give me what I want, and I’ll do what you want.. Please forgive me for whatever I said..”

Yuvraj nods.. Sambhav hugs him and smirks, but he doesn’t hug him back..


“Yuvraj, if you don’t mind, can I wear this ring? Afterall, Suhani will be with me in future..”

Yuvraj is taken aback, as he doesn’t want to remove it..

“What are you thinking?”


He looks at the ring..


Suhani looks at her ring and fumes.. She recalls Yuvraj putting it around her finger and also his harsh words..

“Now its no use wearing this ring..”


Both Yuvraj and Suhani are shown taking the rings out of their fingers at the same time.. While Yuvraj gives his ring to Sambhav, Suhani throws her ring on the ground, it rolls and falls into the drain.. Soumya consoles Suhani and hugs her.. Yuvraj leaves the party and goes out to the garden.. He stops seeing Suhani crying and Soumya consoling her.. Her teary eyes make him feel more guilty.. He watches them for a few secs..


Suhani and Soumya leave from there.. Yuvraj goes out and gets inside the car.. He starts driving..




Yuvraj started walking off..

“Don’t forget who I’m, and who you are..” Sambhav said.. Yuvraj stopped..


“I know you are not a Birla.. Pratima aunty is your mausi, and you are an illegitimate son of your parents..”


Yuvraj was shocked thinking how did he know..

“You can’t change the truth.. Not only you, but dadi and aunty also know it, but dadi doesn’t know that you are the result of your mom’s extramarital affair.. After giving birth to you, her condition was very serious, so she begged aunty to own you even though aunty was angry with her for betraying her husband.. Just think, if dadi gets to know that aunty lied to her…..”


“Sambhav!! Don’t you dare open your mouth.. This is my family matter..” Yuvraj said grabbing his collar..

“This is not your family matter, Yuvraj..”


*****FB ENDS*****


Yuvraj stops the car..




The woman because of whom I got a new life and such a loving family, how could I do anything that would separate her from her family.. If dadi got to know that maa lied to her about my real identity, she would ask both of us to leave the house, and I didn’t want her to stay away from her home in which she had spent years and made memories.. Also, how would Bhawana and Gauri react to it, I had no idea..


Dadi never really liked me like she would have adored her own grandson.. That’s why she requested me not to join their family trip and make some excuse for that in front of maa.. I respected her so I did and stayed back.. Also, she was angry with maa for bringing me to Birla House..


I always wanted to marry a girl who would take care of maa.. But I don’t trust girls nowadays.. They want to stay with their husband in a different city, and I’ll never leave maa..


Suhani’s teary eyes appeared in front of me.. I got out of the car and leaned against it..

“I’m really sorry Suhani.. I didn’t know that my words would make you cry.. When there is nothing between us, especially from your side, then why did it affect you so much? WHY?” I asked..


Your reviews are awaited.. 🙂 I would be glad to know what’s so special or unique about this fanfic that you loved it so much..

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  1. Yuvani

    I really want to know what Suhani told Pratima about their relation, it looks like Soumya told Pratima about Suhani’s feeling towards Yuvraj. Or did she found out herself, Yuvraj understands everything other than Suhani. Feeling bad for her.
    And about the ff, there is something which binds me to it, don’t what. but I always wait for your next update eagerly and a wide smile appears on my face seeing the next update. I think it is the magic of your writing, Thank you for this lovely ff.

    1. Yuvani

      Is Sambhav a Birla? how come he know about Yuvraj, and why did he say that it isn’t Yuvraj’s family matter, too many questions, please update next part asap

    2. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much dear.. your words mean a lot..
      soumya didn’t say anything to pratima.. its just that suhani agreed to whatever yuvraj said, that they like each other..

    3. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much dear.. your words mean a lot..
      soumya didn’t say anything to pratima.. its just that suhani agreed to whatever yuvraj said, that they like each other..

  2. NAPSHa J

    Sambhav’s identity and how he got to know about Yuvraj, that will be revealed in the next shot..

  3. Can’t say anything.just waiting for another shot.u r really amazing.

    And yuvraj is in love with suhani?????

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much dear.. He isn’t in love yet, but he definitely likes her..
      I don’t know what to say as nowadays liking, loving, developing feelings, etc are almost same even though they are not in real sense..

  4. I really loved this update and I can clearly imagine the episode it is just because of u r writing and coming to other fc this is unique because of changing relations blw the characters and many more every fc has its own special I cannot say and don’t want to compare

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you so much Pooja..

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    superb….its going really nice…

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you shilpa..

  6. ItsmePrabha

    Super episode..Will be waiting for the next…

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you prabha.. Next shot has been posted.. 🙂

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