Jab We Met (Shot- 8)

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Jab We Met (Shot-8)


Maa left the room.. I knew she was angry with me for lying to her.. After sometime, Ramesh told me that dadi wanted to talk to me.. I went to her room.. Maa was also there.. She looked at me.. I understood she had complained to dadi about my lie..

But what happened next was something I hadn’t thought of..
“We have decided to throw a grand party tomorrow for the success of your band.. And we will invite everyone we know in the town..” Maa said with a smile.. I couldn’t understand what was happening.. I looked at dadi.. She looked away.. I turned to leave when maa stopped me and asked me to personally invite other members of the band, including Suhani and Soumya.. I was irked hearing Suhani’s name.. I had no option as I couldn’t refuse because I was already feeling guilty for lying to her..

Next evening…..
I was almost ready for the party when Krishna came to my room..
“Bro, if I were a girl, I would have definitely fallen for you today..” He teased me..
“Shut up Krishna..” I said pretending to be angry..
“You know, I heard dadi telling maa that you will love the surprise..”
“Surprise? I have no idea about it..”
“Okay.. I think I should leave now..”
“To pick up Suhani and her friend..”

Krishna was too much into them.. Something was definitely cooking up..
“Oye.. Come here..” I said when he was leaving..

“What’s going on?” I asked.. He smiled, rather he blushed..
“No bro, nothing.. We are just friends..” He replied looking down..
“Do you too like her?” I asked straightaway..
“You too mean? You also like her?” He asked seriously..

Out conversation continued for an hour.. I was talking about Suhani, and it was only after some twenty minutes that I got to know that he was talking about Soumya.. I was very happy for him, and thankful to God for sparing him that stupid girl..

“Bro, mom and dad will be coming to India soon..” He said happily..
“Wow.. Once chacha- chachi come back, I’m gonna get you married immediately..” I teased him..


The guys and the two girls reach Birla House.. Pratima is glad seeing them.. She has lil chit-chat with them and then asks them to enjoy the party as its for their success.. Krishna takes Soumya to the garden.. Suhani thinks of talking to Yuvraj about his lie.. She goes towards his room.. She knocks at the door..

“Whoz it?”
“Its me.. I wanna talk to you..”
“I know the topic.. You go to the terrace, I’ll be there in five minutes..”

Suhani goes upstairs.. She reaches the terrace.. She walks and doesn’t see the rope kept on the way.. Her foot gets entangled with the rope, she loses her balance and in the process of trying to steady herself, she ends up hanging at the edge of the terrace.. She screams for help.. It starts raining heavily and her voice remains unheard.. She tries and tries but fails..

Yuvraj is just outside the terrace when he hears Suhani’s scream.. He rushes to see.. He is shocked seeing Suhani hanging between life and death.. He runs towards her and holds her hand the moment she loses hope of living and leaves her hand..


“Suhani, don’t worry.. I’m here..” Yuvraj said holding my hand.. I looked at him and understood that nothing will happen to me.. He helped me come up..

I was scared to hell.. For the first time, I had seen death so closely.. As Yuvraj pulled me up, I hugged him tightly and closed my eyes.. He didn’t hug me back.. I hadn’t realised what I had done.. I didn’t think about how he would have reacted to it or what expressions he would have given..

“Suhani..” He said softly.. I opened my eyes.. Realising what I had done, I moved apart.. We looked into each others’ eyes.. That was a moment when I really wanted him to understand what was there in my heart by reading my eyes.. He looked at his shoulder.. I found my arms still locked around his neck.. I immediately moved my hands away and started to walk away.. He held my hand and stopped me.. I looked on.. He pulled me towards himself.. My hand landed on his chest.. I moved my hand away..

“Will you go like this? All wet..” He asked.. I looked down feeling embarrassed.. He took out his coat and wrapped it around me.. I looked at him..
“Go to Bhawana.. She will give you clothes to change.. The party is about to start..” He said softly..

“Thank you for everything, Yuvraj..” I said.. He looked at me like he hadn’t expected me to thank him ever in my life.. He smiled and nodded.. I left..


That was a moment when I understood her worth for the first time.. I saw something in her eyes that I had never seen before.. I don’t know what was it, but it grabbed my attention.. I understood why she could win hearts, and why was Sambhav so crazy about her.. That wasn’t only her talent, but also her nature.. I realised I was stupid, to call her stupid.. She wasn’t an ordinary girl!!

The glimpses of her eyes appeared in front of my eyes again and again.. I wiped my face with my hand and it got wet again.. After five minutes, it stopped raining..

“Yuvraj!!” Sambhav called from behind.. I turned towards him..
“What’s going on? Here you are all wet, and there Suhani.. And she has your coat..” He blasted angrily..
“Is it my fault that it was raining and we were here?” I shot back normally..
“Enough Yuvraj.. What were you both doing here? Are you setting her for yourself?” He asked..

My blood boiled.. How could he even think that I would betray him when I had told him that I would help them come close?
I faked a smile and replied, “Why are you feeling so insecure? Have you caught us smooching?”
“Shut up..” He shouted grabbing my collar..
“You shut up.. And think before you speak next time..” I shouted back pushing him away..

I started walking off..
“Don’t forget who I’m, and who you are..” He said.. I stopped..

Yuv- Stay away from my family.. Don’t try to make any relation..
Suh- You are the most selfish guy I have ever met..
They argue..

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  1. Sarafacebook

    My friend, I really love your writing skills. I was very curious to know how Yuvraj would understand Suhani! And how Suhani would know the real person in Yuvraj! And so the situation of near death she got into revealed something more real about each other, though unclear. Happy to see that they got to know a little more about each other. YuvAni felt each other! ????

    1. NAPSHa J

      as they will get to know more about each other, they will start falling deeply in love.. let’s see how it happens..

  2. Sarafacebook

    This chapter was so deep, I love it. I first thought Yuvraj didn’t feel anything when Suhani was about to loose her life in that accident. When he didn’t hug her back I lost hope for them being together. But when I read His ‘point of view’, that unexpected feelings of him, that he felt her worth of losing her’ left me in a mighty surprise. Little did I know that Yuvraj was being faithful to his friend Sambhav. ?? Napsha?

    1. NAPSHa J

      That’s Yuvraj Birla!!

  3. Sarafacebook

    I am now wondering what would Sambhav turn into! And what he meant by “Don’t forget who I am, and who you are” ! Very interested to know what the episode would be in the coming week of the next update. ?

    1. NAPSHa J

      that will be revealed in the next shot.. stay tuned.. 🙂

  4. Sarafacebook

    Oh one more thing! I just wanted to know whether you would reveal in the episode, the reason why Yuvraj pushed Suhani into the swimming pool. What did he save Suhani from?

    1. NAPSHa J

      there is nothing to be revealed in it.. what happened is, Yuvraj actually shoved her aside but since they were near the pool, she fell down.. it was unintentional.. when Sam told him that she doesn’t know swimming, he saved her as he didn’t want anyone to lose his/her life because of him..

  5. NAPSHa J

    Thank you so much Sara for such descriptive reviews.. it was a pleasure reading them..

  6. Yuvani

    this was something, something deep, yuvraj’s pov was nice, loved the mystery, waiting for it, looks like yuvraj’s realisation might take time, eagerly waiting,
    Thank you dear

    1. NAPSHa J

      pleasure is mine dear.. thank you..
      yes, their relation will develop with time..

  7. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome….Yuvani scene and their POV is amazing..Will be waiting for the next..

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you prabha.. 🙂

  8. Yuvani_saraj


    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you shilpa..

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