Jab We Met (Shot- 7)

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Jab We Met (Shot- 7)

Yuvraj starts walking away.. Soumya looks out of the window thinking about Suhani.. She is shocked seeing Suhani struggling to come out of the pool.. She calls out her name when she sees Yuvraj going.. She calls Yuvraj but he doesn’t hear.. She rushes to help her.. It takes her some five minutes to reach the pool..

Soumya stops as she sees Suhani out of the pool and Sambhav rubbing her palm.. She too does the same.. She thanks Sambhav for helping her..
“But how are you here at this time?” Soumya asks..
“Yuvraj and I go for jog everyday.. I was just outside when Yuvraj told me that he pushed Suhani and she fell into the pool, I told him that she can’t swim.. But he didn’t believe me.. So I just rushed to help her..”

Soumya says she won’t leave Yuvraj for pushing Suhani into the pool and leaving her to die..

Birlas are back home.. They are shocked at the sight in front of the pool..


When I opened my eyes, I found myself surrounded by some unknown people.. It was Yuvraj’s family..

“Beta, how are you feeling now?” His mom asked me..

“I’m fine, Aunty..”

She introduced me to everyone- Dadi, Bhawana di, Gauri and Aditya.. Gauri and Aditya had joined the family for a trip.. Yuvraj’s brother Krishna was to reach home in sometime as he had gone for jogging.. It seemed like all of them were fitness freaks..

“Your friend Soumya has blamed my grandson.. I want to hear from you if its true.. Did Yuvraj push you into the pool?” Dadi asked..

I recalled our argument and whatever followed- HOW YUVRAJ SAVED ME..

“Yes dadi, its true that he pushed me out of anger, but he is also the one who saved me.. So I have no complaints against him..” I said..

I looked at Soumya.. She was shocked.. I nodded slightly.. She confronted Sambhav.. He said that Yuvraj told him to say so as he didn’t want me to feel that I won..
“O God!!” I murmured.. He was such a wierdo..

Since I was fine, I wanted to go back home.. Pratima aunty asked us to have breakfast before leaving.. Everyone left to freshen up..

At the dining table….
“Yuvraj, apologise to Suhani..” Dadi said..
“Its ok dadi..” I interfered..
“For what?” He asked angrily..
“For pushing her.. If something would have happened to her, then what would we answer her parents?”
I looked on..

Yuvraj faked a smile and said, “Her parents passed away long back..”
Dadi apologised to me..
“First she should apologise to me for what she did in the morning..”
“That was by mistake, and I came to apologise when you pushed me..”

We started arguing and it continued.. Finally Pratima aunty asked us to be quiet.. Just because she wanted, both of us apologised and shook hands.. I felt relieved as his anger had finally vanished..

“We had seen your performance at the competition online.. It was superb..” Gauri said..
“You both looked amazing together..” Aunty said..
We coughed and looked at each other.. Then I looked towards Soumya.. She was smiling.. I saw her and slapped her hand under the table..

Birla family was just like my dream family.. Even though Soumya never made me feel lonely, I always missed my parents.. No one could compensate for them.. But after meeting Pratima aunty, I felt like I had got my mother back..


After breakfast, Suhani and Soumya are about to leave when Pratima asks Yuvraj to drop them.. Sambhav says he would drop them.. Yuvraj leaves.. Suhani and Sambhav talk while Soumya steps out of the house.. She trips and is about to fall.. She screams.. All are shocked seeing her.. Krishna is there holding her by her waist.. Their eyes lock.. Pratima tells Suhani that he is Krishna, her son.. Krishna and Soumya get back to their senses and move apart.. Soumya fixes her hair and thanks him.. He nods smiling..

They introduce themselves to each other and talk for some five minutes when Suhani asks her to come.. They leave with Sambhav.. His phone rings and he needs to leave urgently.. The girls say they will go on their own.. At last, Krishna agrees to drop them..

While on the way, Krishna is very friendly with them.. Suhani thinks why are Yuvraj and Krishna so different by nature.. Krishna drops them and leaves..

At Birla House…..
Pratima is with Yuvraj in her room.. Yuvraj gives her meds and asks her if she is fine.. She nods.. He rests his face on her lap..
“Beta, I want you to……”

Yuvraj interrupts, “I know what you want to talk about,…..”
“Yes, I know you want a wife who can become my daughter, who will love me more than you love me, and who will love me more than she will love you.. Right?”
Yuvraj nods..
“Don’t worry beta, live your life.. Everyone is with me.. I know a girl, and……”
“Maa, actually, Suhani is my girlfriend..”
“What?? After whatever happened today, its difficult to believe.. Call her right now.. I want to talk to her..”

Yuvraj worries.. He dials her number and says its busy now.. She takes his phone.. “I know you want her to talk to you first..”

Suhani picks up the phone..
“Hello, Suhani..”
“Yes aunty..”
“Yuvraj told me that both of you like each other..”
“Yes.. Is it true? Please be honest.. If its not so, I know a girl who can be a good match for him..”

Suhani worries.. Something troubles her mind and she can’t understand.. She thinks she will lose him forever.. She thinks why did Yuvraj say so..

Yuvraj worries thinking he doesn’t want to meet another girl.. Pratima gives the phone back to him..
“Maa, what did…..she…….say?”
“The truth..”


God knew what Suhani must have said against me.. Its not her fault.. I told her I would free her.. She was a nice girl, but still I kept shouting at her due to anger issues.. I wanted to see her with Sambhav.. I knew she longed for a family like mine.. I had seen her when she met saurabh and all, she had developed bro-sis bond with them.. I wanted her to settle down with Sambhav.. He will keep her happy always.. And for me, I just didn’t want to get married for the time being!!

Yuv- Stay away from my family.. Don’t try to make any relation..
Suh- You are the most selfish guy I have ever met..
They argue..

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  1. Yuvani

    Amazing, superb, when will they stop arguing, but it is cute, waiting for the next part, eagerly waiting to see how the story develops.
    Thank you

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you dear.. they are born to argue.. hehe..

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome..Always love their cute arguments.. Will be waiting for the next..

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  3. Y yuvraj want to see suhani with sambhav did he didn’t feel anything for suhani

    1. NAPSHa J

      coz Sam told him that he likes suhani.. at present, yuvi doesn’t feel for her..

  4. Sarafacebook

    Woha! Yuvraj is now on a correct path. Now that he told his Maa that Suhani is his girlfriend, even though he lied, I definitely think that he already started having much more feelings for her deep down, some attachment towards her, however unaware of what those feelings are. Hey J, thanks for the lenghty chapter. ??

    1. NAPSHa J

      no dear, Yuvraj still doesn’t feel for her.. but he will develop feelings for her soon..

  5. Sarafacebook

    I enjoyed reading this a.m.a.z.i.n.g. chapter!??

    1. NAPSHa J

      I’m glad dear.. thank you so much.. 🙂

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    Waiting to know what would Barbie bring in.?

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      for now, I’m postponing her entry.. later on, i’ll decide if she will enter the story..

      1. Sarafacebook

        Oh yes Napsha, the story is absolutely up to you.?

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