Jab We Met (Shot- 5)

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Jab We Met (Shot- 5)


*****FB Cont’d….*****

We turned around.. There was a sweet guy who smiled at us..

“Our devil bro..” Yuvraj said and walked towards him.. They shared a hug, but I noticed that guy watching me with a smile.. I smiled back.. The group introduced me to him.. His name was Sambhav.. He was very friendly and always carried a smile on his face unlike Yuvraj.. Sambhav didn’t like it when I called him ‘bhaiya’..

“I’m pretty sure that you are gonna rock in your very first time..” Sambhav said..

“Oh really? Thanks for your faith in me.. Hope you aren’t making fun of me..”

“No ways.. If you win, you will have to go on a date with me..”

“What? Date?”

“Bro, you have gone mad that you wanna go on a date with this stupid girl..” Yuvraj interrupted and laughed..

I went mad as he called stupid again..

“Are you jealous? Do you want to go with me?” I asked angrily..

“No ways.. Seems like you want to go with me..”

“Definitely not..”

“If not today, then tomorrow you will want to go with me, just like my other fan girls..”

“They are stupid to be mad for you..”

“Imagine.. One day you get mad for me.. One day you will fall madly in love with me.. Haww..” He said and covered his mouth..

I faked a smile.. “That day won’t come.. What if you fall for me?”

“Yuvraj Birla’s choice, won’t be a stupid girl..” He replied.. They laughed.. I slapped his arm..

“Let’s play a game..” Yuvraj began.. “We have to make each other fall in love with ourselves.. The loser will be the winner’s slave for a week..”

“Guys just stop all these.. We need to practice now..” Saurabh bhaiya suggested..

I thought for a while.. “If I win, I’m not gonna leave him.. I’ll make him mad within a week only..” I thought to myself and bit my lower lip..

Yuvraj waved his hand in front of me.. “Dreaming of taking revenge from me? Then accept the challenge..”

“Challenge accepted..” I shot back with a grin.. “But that doesn’t mean I’ll stay at your home if we win the contest..”

“My pleasure..” He said to exclaim his happiness.. I acted fuming and we all laughed..

*****FB ENDS*****

I was at the terrace.. My phone rang.. It was Sambhav..


“Hi beautiful..” Sambhav replied in a flirtatious tone.. We talked for sometime..

“Sambhav, how to impress a guy?”

He laughed.. “Suhani, that depends on the guy.. Like I’m already impressed with you by the way you are, but not Yuvraj..”

He was right.. It was all about choice.. I started searching online for some ways and came across a flirtatious wink that made our country crazy.. I watched her video.. It wasn’t easy.. I tried it a number of times in front of the mirror.. It was scary.. I thought to give a last try.. The moment I winked, somebody coughed from behind.. I turned around.. Yuvraj was there at the door..

“Suhani, are you trying these tricks to impress me or Baba Ramdev?” He laughed.. I picked up a pillow and threw it at him..

He protected himself by lowering down and then got up.. “The way you winked, only he can get impressed and that too if you put in a lil more effort..”

“I’m not trying to impress anyone.. You leave..”

“Sure.. By the way, I came here to call you for the rehearsal.. Hope you have learned the lines of the song..”

I nodded.. He left.. I winked again in front of the mirror.. He was right.. Only Ramdev Baba could be impressed with that.. I smiled sheepishly..

We practised day and night for the contest.. I had developed great bonding with the guys except Yuvraj.. Sambhav was really very cool.. But I had a feeling that he was being overfriendly with me, even though we didn’t know much about each other..

The contest day arrived.. Few hours were left.. I was talking to Soumya as I was very nervous..
“Suhani, you should be happy as today you will leave that house..”
“Yup.. You are right..”



God knew what did my bro like about that stupid girl that he was so crazy about her.. Only I knew about it and when I confronted him, he requested me not to tell anyone, not even the other three..

We arrived the venue.. The other four were waiting for us.. Soumya was also coming..

Sambhav smiled and complimented Suhani.. She thanked him.. I dragged Sambhav to a corner..

“Wah boss.. You don’t miss a chance to flirt with her..” I pulled his leg.. He blushed and lowered his gaze..

“I think your case is too serious..”

“Yes Yuvraj.. Do you think she too feels the same?” He questioned looking at her..

“No..” I replied honestly.. “But I’ll try to help you both get close..” I said.. He thanked me..

The contest began.. The bands performed one after the other.. Our band’s performance was about to begin.. Suhani was nervous, especially because she had to start the song.. We tried to encourage her.. Soumya explained her..

It was our turn.. The other four played their instruments.. Suhani started singing.. She was still nervous and only we knew about it.. I overpowered her in between through gestures whenever she looked at me..

(To watch their expressions, watch this beautiful song and imagine YuvAni in place of the singers..
https://youtu.be/8367ETnagHo )


Yuvraj’s band wins the contest.. They were very happy.. Suhani thanked all of them for supporting her, including Yuvraj..

“So, Suhani, shall we go on our date?” Sambhav asks..

Soumya looks at Suhani and smiles.. “Go go..” Soumya says.. Suhani frowns.. Yuvraj too insists.. His phone rings.. He excuses himself..

“Tantada..” Anuj says as he and sharad come with butterscotch cornettos for everyone..

“Butterscotch? I don’t like it..” Suhani says.. Sambhav smirks and drops his icecream.. Suhani gives her icecream to him..
“No Suhani.. Its time for celebration, so you should take a bite at least.. Still if you don’t like it, I’ll finish it..”

All of them look at each other.. Suhani feels ackward..
“Jootha khaane se pyar badhta hai Suhani..” Sambhav says in mind..

“Yuvraj’s icecream will melt..” Saurabh says.. Sambhav takes and says he will give it to him..

Suhani takes a bite and says, “It’s nice.. I’ll finish it..” She leaves.. Sambhav watches her.. Saurabh, Sharad and Anuj question him.. He replies that he didn’t want to waste the icecream.. He sees Suhani keeping the icecream on a plate and leaving with Soumya.. He excuses himself and takes it.. He looks at the icecream and smiles.. Yuvraj comes to him..

“Having icecream alone?” He asks and takes Suhani’s icecream from Sambhav’s hand.. Before Sambhav could say anything, Yuvraj started to have it..
“Woh mera jootha tha..”
“So what bro, jootha khaane se pyar badhta hai..” Yuvraj says and enjoys the icecream.. He asks Sambhav to have the other one which he was holding for Yuvraj.. He fumes..

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