Jab We Met (Shot- 25)

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Jab We Met (Shot- 25)


I froze in place.. I couldn’t believe what my ears had heard.. It made me weak for a moment, but then I reminded myself that I shouldn’t turn back.. He was a player, and could go to any extent..

“I know you are thinking whether you should trust me or not..” He said, breaking the chain of my thoughts.. I didn’t look at him, but I could feel his gaze on me..
“Come, sit with me for sometime.. I’ll tell you everything.. After that, decision will be yours..”

We sat on the staircase of the temple.. He told me with hesitation that he wasn’t a Birla, Maa wasn’t his biological mother, and also that he was an illegitimate child of his parents.. He further told me how dadi never really liked him, but still he respected her.. I was dumbstruck..

He had hidden so much pain within himself for years without any complaints.. Of course, it was about his identity, and so it wasn’t easy to deal with it.. I held his hand..

“Yuvraj, I don’t know what to say.. I can understand that going through so much isn’t easy, but the only thing I didn’t understand is that why did you tell me all these now, and not before? And,……”

“You know Suhani, I never thought I will ever fall so hard for someone.. And then, you came into my life and everything changed with time.. I myself didn’t realise when I started developing feelings for you.. I always wanted to tell you, as I knew those feelings were mutual, but I didn’t want to keep you in the dark regarding my identity, and I also didn’t have the courage to tell you something that would be like making fun of myself.. I knew, after knowing all these, you won’t accept me.. That’s why I kept pushing you away from me, but trust me, I didn’t enjoy giving you pain..”

“What did you think? Am I a gold-digger?” I questioned moving my hand away and stood up.. He too stood up..
“Suhani, it’s not like that.. You tell me, after knowing all these, would you still like to join your name with mine?”
“Yes, I would have loved to do it, only if you hadn’t formed so cheap opinion of me.. Just once Yuvraj, you could have shown your faith in me.. I loved you for who you are, not because of the surname in front of your name.. When there is no trust, everything is meaningless.. You have insulted me and my love.. You have questioned my character.. Is this your love? I hate you Yuvraj, I hate you..”


She ran down the stairs with her face flooded with tears..
“Suhani, listen to me..” I said to stop her, but she didn’t..

She made me realise how wrong I was.. She was actually different from other girls.. Maa was right, Suhani was perfect for me, and I had unknowingly kicked happiness out of my life..

Suhani goes back to her home and shuts the door.. She leans against it and slowly slips down.. She feels like she has been betrayed.. She can’t believe that Yuvraj maintained distance from her just because he didn’t have faith in her.. She decides not to think about him anymore as he doesn’t deserve it..

Sambhav comes to Birla House.. He finds Suhani’s bag in front of the guard’s cabin.. Hearing about Yuvraj and Suhani’s argument from the guard, he feels he has won the battle and defeated Yuvraj.. He calls Suhani, but seeing his number, she switches off her phone.. He plans to go to her house next day as she must be upset..

Next day..
Yuvraj and Suhani are still upset.. They keep checking their phones thinking the other must have tried to contact them, but no..
“Not even once did you try to make me stay.. Is this your love? I was right, you don’t love me at all..” Suhani thinks..

“I’ve already told you everything.. I’ve got nothing more to say for now, but yes, I’ll wait for you, even if I’ve to wait forever..” Yuvraj thinks..

The doorbell rings.. Suhani opens the door.. She smiles seeing Soumya after days, and they excitedly hug each other, telling how much they missed each other..
“Krishna didn’t come?” Suhani inquires..
“He went directly to Birla House due to some urgent work, but he has told me to say ‘hi’ to you.. By the way, just three and a half days are left for your wedding..” Soumya teases her..
“The wedding has been called off..” Suhani replies, leaving Soumya stunned.. Suhani doesn’t share Yuvraj’s extremely matters with Soumya, but she tells him that he has broken her heart..
“Suhani, I don’t know what exactly the matter is.. Just think what would you do if you were in his place.. If you think you would have done the same, you have no right to be angry with him..” Soumya says straight..
Suhani gets thinking..

At Birla House..
The sibblings are gossiping in a room.. Krishna gets upset for Yuvraj on hearing about the wedding being cancelled.. To cheer him up, he says, “Don’t worry, you will get married to her after two years..”
Everyone laughs..
“I wish we could get married after 4 days as fixed..” Yuvraj thinks looking aside..

In the evening, young Birlas to go a masquerade party to celebrate Krishna and Soumya’s return.. Krishna waits for Soumya.. Sharad is too busy admiring Bhawana.. Sambhav, Sourav and Anuj are in a cheerful mood.. Barbie tries to get Yuvraj’s attention but he is least interested.. But when Suhani arrives there with Soumya, he takes a sigh of relief..


There she came with Soumya.. I wanted to run to her, hold her, hug her and tell her how stunning she looked in that pretty white off-shoulder top and long red skirt, with her hair open towards one side.. Our eyes met.. I knew she was angry with me, but I also knew that she still loved me..
Both of them joined us.. Others greeted them..
“Hi Soumya..” I said, looking at Suhani, and then looked at Soumya.. Soumya stared at me like she was trying to know me..

All of us randomly picked up masks for ourselves..
Suhani looked at me like nothing happened, and said, “Hi Yuvraj..”
“Hi..” I replied casually..
“Look, our love birds are behaving like strangers..” Sharad teased us..
“Actually they are feeling shy because we are also here..” Anuj added..
“Go and dance..” Bhawana told us, slightly pushing us towards the dance floor.. Others too left..

Sambhav and Barbie move aside.. Unable to understand what is happening between Yuvraj and Suhani, the duo plan to create a rift between them..

Yuvraj holds Suhani by her waist, and she holds his shoulders.. She looks very happy..
“I’m really happy that you have forgiven me..”
“Don’t even think that.. I don’t want anyone to get upset knowing about your doings, that’s why I’m behaving normal with you.. Otherwise, I don’t even want to see your face..”
Yuvraj smiles as he is well aware that its her anger that is speaking so rudely.. He knows the depth of her love..
“Actually, I want to tell you something..”
“I know you will say sorry and all, but that’s not going to work.. You have seriously disappointed me.. I’ll never……”

Suhani stops as Yuvraj places his finger on her lips.. They look at each other..
“I wanted to tell you that, you are looking stunning today..” He says smiling..

Suhani feels good that he complimented her.. And why not? It’s an amazing feeling when the person you are head over heels in love with compliments you.. She slightly smiles, but it’s hidden behind the mask..
“This Dracula mask you have put on, the suits you..” She replies, thinking Yuvraj shouldn’t understand..
Both of them smile behind their masks..

Just then, a young waiter bumps into Yuvraj, spilling drinks over his coat..
“Is this the tasteless drink you are serving here? You blo*dy orphan.. You are surely an illegitimate child of your parents, and such people are like garbage, whom our society doesn’t accept.. That’s why your parents left you..” The manager scolds him..
Suhani looks at Yuvraj, feeling extremely bad for him.. He feels ashamed of himself, so he doesn’t look at her.. Instead, he leaves her and heads towards the washroom.. The waiter says he will clean it.. Yuvraj takes off his mask and his coat, gives them to him and goes to the washroom..

Suhani walks to a corner.. She can feel his pain, and thinks she failed to understand him, and that his intentions weren’t wrong.. Just then, she hears two friends talking..
“But why did you leave him?” One of them asked..
“Because he thinks that I’m the daughter of a businessman.. Neither I can tell him that I belong to a very poor family and my achievements are due to scholarship, nor I want to hide it from him.. If he gets to know, he will hate me for who I’m.. So it’s better that we part our ways..” The other one replied..


Hearing their conversation, I understood it was human nature.. The more we love someone, the more we are afraid to lose them.. I regretted the way I behaved with him when he told me everything.. I regretted whatever I said to him..

I took off my mask and wiped off the corner of my eye before the teardrop made its way.. At that time, I just wanted to apologise to him and tell him what I felt for him.. I turned around and bumped into him..
I looked at him lovingly and called out his name softly.. I wanted to take off his mask and see him once, but the moment I touched it, he held my hand and took me with him..

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