Jab We Met (Shot- 2)

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Jab We Met (Shot-2)

SUHANI’S PoV Cont’d……

“Hey, you..” I said to him grabbing his sleeve.. I tugged on his shirt to get his attention and tore the sleeve.. He shoved my hand off so hard that I fell on the ground.. Fan girls outside were staring at us..
They gasped and said, “He is Yuvraj Birla..” “Did you see what he just did to that girl?” He noticed how they were talking about him, so to keep his reputation, he turned around towards me and forced out a smile and asked, “Are you alright?” He forwarded his hand.. I scoffed and threw his hand out of the way.. His expression changed quickly..

“What do you think you are doing?” I yelled at him.. “Just play nice and then we will get over with this quickly..” He replied softly.. He extended his hand towards me again.. Still, I refused and pushed it away and got up.. He sighed heavily and looked at me for a while.. Then suddenly he grabbed my hand dragged me somewhere away from the fans.. I tried to shake my hand loose, but his grip was too strong..

“What are you doing? Let me go..” I said.. He took me to an ally and pinned me against a wall.. “Who do you think you are to ignore and reject me like that?” He asked.. I didn’t answer him and just looked at him.. He just stared intensely back at me.. After a while, he broke the silence.. He sighed..
“Do you know how much this jacket costs?”
“I don’t know and I don’t care.. The jacket isn’t my problem..”
He was angered by my reply and gave me a death stare..
“Do you even know who I am?” He asked in frustration..
“Judging by your personality, you are a selfish jerk..”
“This girl really has some nerves.. I am Yuvraj Birla from the band G5.. I don’t care who you are, but since you ruined my jacket, YOU are the one who will pay for a new one.. Every single cent of the $954,289 for the jacket..”
My eyes widened at the amount of how ridiculous the jacket was worth.. He smirked..
“But I don’t have so much money..” I pouted..
“You can do some work for the next three weeks then..”
“What?? Are you crazy? That can-”
“I mean, you don’t have to unless you can give me the money in 2 days..”
He was making this decision hard on me, but I definitely did not have the money.. I also really didn’t want to run around doing all his little chores either.. What choice did I have?
“Fine, but ONLY three weeks and no longer..” I sighed..

We both agreed.. He handed me a piece of paper with his address on it.. I took it with hesitation.. He left after handing me the paper.. I, on the other hand, texted Soumya that I decided to leave early and go home.. I was too stressed to do anything.. Soon enough the day had come.. I was dreading this day so much.. I quickly got changed, had breakfast and then headed off.. When I got to the place he told me to go to, I couldn’t help but dropped my jaw.. He lived in a huge mansion with neatly cut grass.. There were servants working everywhere in the garden, the pool, the patio and inside the house.. As soon as I entered the walkway, an old man asked me, “Excuse me miss, can I help you with something?” I told him that I was there to see Yuvraj Birla.. The man led me straight to him..

“Sir, there is a young lady here to see you..”
“Thank you.. You may go now..”

What? “Sir”? He was so full of himself.. Talk about self-centered.. “So.. what is it that you need me to do?” I asked him..
“I need you to be my fake girlfriend so that my mother will stop making me go on blind dates.. My family is out of town and they will be back after three weeks.. When they will return, I’ll tell them that we want to marry each other.. On our engagement day, we will have a heated argument and break up.. And then you can leave.. After that, I don’t think they will force a heartbroken guy to go on dates, at least for a month or two..” He said..
“Wait, I thought people like you can’t date?” He gave me a look as if I was stupid.. “Who said we can’t? We are humans with feelings and affections too you know..” Hearing as how he said that, I thought he was actually pretty wise..
“I can’t be your girlfriend.. I’m sorry.. The thought of being with you for three weeks even though this is fake, it kills me inside..”
“Then I suppose you have my money for me?”
I totally forgot about the money.. I thought about the offer a bit more and then finally agreed..

He then called in some maids.. They quickly took me out of his room and took me to a dressing room.. They had me waxed, measure my body proportions, and then dressed me up.. They took me back to him.. He turned around and his eyes widened, making a satisfied look on his face..
“Okay, from now on you will be living here for three weeks..”
“What? But what about my home? I have to go and take care of my dog too..”
“Give me the keys of your home and I will have someone go and get your dog..”
I gave him the key without hesitation.. I could never live without Snoopy.. “Come with me.. In order for you to be the perfect girl for me, I’ll have to test you on some basic skills.. We will start with cooking first.. You can cook, can’t you?” He gave me a smirk and took me to the kitchen.. What was I going to do? I was a horrible cook.. All I ate at home was mainly noodles.. This was gonna be so embarassing.. Once we got started, I didn’t know how to do a single thing.. I didn’t know how to cut the ingredients, and when it was time for cooking, I burnt the food.. He just stood there laughing at me.. I got annoyed and told him to show me how better he was than me.. He chuckled and took everything I ruined and threw it away.. He sliced the tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers so gracefully.. I admit, I was super-embarassed and he was pretty good.. The food came out great, nothing was burnt.. They were all perfect.. I should have him cook for me all the time.. He teased me and started laughing at me and said, “Even I can do something this simple, but you can’t..” I stared at him..

PRECAP: Cold winds blow.. There is absolute silence.. Yuvraj pulls Suhani towards him.. Their eyes lock.. He inches closer to her..

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