Jab We Met (Shot- 19)

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Jab We Met (Shot-19)


I grabbed her arm and turned her around.. Her wet hair passed through my face.. Our eyes locked.. I recalled watching her dancing crazily.. It brought a slight smile on my face..

“What?” She asked..
“Ummm.. That night you were dancing so happily in the rains…..”
“Would you like to try?”
“Oh please.. I’m not a kid like you..”
“You are so boring..”
“Ok fine..”

I forwarded my hand asking for hers.. She looked at it..
“But Yuvraj, without music…..”
“I’ll play something on my phone..”
“It won’t be audible due to the rains..”
“You are right..”

“I’ve an idea.. I’ll count till 3, and then both of us will play the same song in our minds which we had sung in the contest..” She suggested after thinking for a while..
“Sounds good..” I replied..

She counted till 3, and I forwarded my hand again.. She gave hers.. We danced romantically, looking into each others’ eyes all the while.. At the end, I was holding her by her waist, and her hands were over my shoulders.. It continued to rain.. We remained in that posture for a minute.. Then I closed my eyes and started to bring my face closer to hers.. Probably, she too did the same.. After a few secs, we heard the sound of a truck coming which brought us to our senses..

“Suhani..” I screamed and pulled her to my side.. We lost our balance and fell down.. We rolled and rolled in a hug.. Both of us screamed.. At last we stopped only when the back of my head got hit by a tree.. That time, she was on top of me, in my embrace..

“Aaahh….” I screamed softly in a whisper out of pain..
“Yuvraaajjjjj!!!!” Suhani screamed louder out of concern..
“Relax, I’m fine..”
“Let me check..”
She lifted my head with one hand and gently rubbed it with the other..

It continued to rain.. Even though it was dark enough to see anything, I could look into her eyes clearly; eyes which completely changed my perception about her..

“Thank God, it’s not bleeding..” She said, and brought me out of my trance.. We got up and looked around..
“Yuvraj, what shall we do now?” She asked in a shaky voice..
“I think, we should go that way.. We fell from there..” I replied and started walking.. She followed me..

After walking a few steps, we heard the roar of a tiger from that direction.. She held my hand out of fear..
“Let’s not go further..” She requested..
Even I didn’t want to, just because Suhani was with me that time.. I couldn’t risk her life, else I would have definitely left the forest even by putting my life at risk..

It roared again.. We started running in other directions for some 15-20 minutes, and completely forgot the ways..
“I think we need to spend the night here till the sun rises..” I suggested.. She nodded..

I sat down hugging my knees.. I looked up at her.. She was doing something with her hair..
“What happened?” I asked..
“Yuvraj, my hair is badly stained with mud and I can’t take it.. Thankfully its still raining, so I’m cleaning it to the extent possible..” She said..

I laughed..
“Do you need shampoo and conditioner too?” I asked sarcastically..
“God, please shower some shampoo and conditioner too..” I added looking up at the sky..
“Haha.. Very funny..” She replied..

“Well, I’m tired after having such an adventurous day, so I’m sleeping..” I said and laid down..
“But how can you sleep here?” She asked..
“We don’t have an option.. I can’t sleep without a pillow, but tonight I’ll have to manage..” I replied..

I took off my shirt and folded it as much as possible..
“Yippie, got a pillow for the night..” I said like a winner..
“And what about me?”
“Even you can….take off your top if you want one..” I teased her and grinned..
“What?? How can you even….say something like this to a girl? This is really very shameless of you..”
“Oh hello.. Firstly, I’m talking to my fiancee..” I said it, and stopped after realising what I just said.. I could feel her gaze on me, so I avoided eye-contact with her..

“Secondly, its too dark and nobody else is here.. Well, you better sleep without a pillow..” I said and slept..


After I was done with my hair, I sat beside Yuvraj.. I realised he had fallen asleep.. I just couldn’t stop adoring him.. I recalled the back of his head getting hit and his saying that he couldn’t sleep without a pillow.. I sat down leaning my back against the tree and stretching out my legs.. I lifted his face up, and rested his head on my lap.. I looked at him for a minute and caressed his hair.. I recalled him teasing me sometime back and then calling me his fiancee.. I couldn’t help smiling at it..

“If you want, I can be your pillow for the rest of your life..” My heart whispered.. I smiled again slightly and kissed his forehead..


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  1. Super.waiting for next.when will yuvi confess to suhani.

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    superb, loved it, especially Suhani’s pov. the last line was so sweet, eager to know what awaits them, thank you dear

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      thanks dear..

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    amazingly beautiful epi..will be waiting for the next..

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