Jab We Met (Shot- 18)

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Jab We Met (Shot-18)

“An open place from where you can see the sky, where there will be no one except the two of us, where the moon and the stars can witness everything.. That’s what you like, right?” Yuvraj asks smiling and walking towards her..

Suhani looks on as she feels rose petals being showered on her.. She turns towards him.. They have an eye-lock..

“So, shall we proceed? I’m damn hungry..” Yuvraj asks her.. She nods..

Both of them head towards the table.. Yuvraj pulls out the chair for her.. She thanks him and sits.. He too takes his seat..

“Suhani, I want to say something..”
Suhani looks into his eyes, and seeing his ackwardness which is evident on his face, she thinks he is going to speak about it.. She gets nervous..
“Yuvraj, before you start, I wana say something..”
“No.. First I’ll say.. I wanted to tell you that….that I……”

Suhani gets nervous and looks sideways..
“I’m sorry.. I couldn’t come that day..”
Suhani looks at him and slaps her forehead..
“Its okay Yuvraj.. It happens..”

Yuvraj tells her whatever happened while returning.. Suhani gets shocked..

“You did right.. I should have trusted you.. I’m sorry..” Suhani says..
Yuvraj shakes his head..
“By the way, what were you saying that time?”
Suhani thinks what to say..

“What happened?”
“Ummm.. I wanted to say that…..we should start eating..”
Both of them laugh..

“Yuvraj, your set-up is incomplete.. I can’t see the cook or the waiter..” Suhani teases him..
“I believe, self-service is the best service..” Yuvraj replies smiling..
“Hmmm.. You are right.. In our wedding reception, we will ask the guests to cook on their own and serve themselves..” Suhani says with a broad smile..
Yuvraj laughs, and then asks, “What did you just say?”
“I said, in our wedding rec…..” Suhani says and stops..

Both of them continue to look at each other with ackwardness.. Then Yuvraj looks left, and Suhani right..
“Wait a minute..” Yuvraj says and walks towards his car.. He takes out a waiter’s apron and puts it on.. Suhani smiles seeing him.. He takes out the tiffin and comes to her..
“Here is your order, Ma’am..”
“Hmmm, I like it.. But, Mr. Waiter, I can’t have it alone..”
“I’ll join you.. Hope you won’t mind, Ma’am..”
Both of them smile throughout..

They unpack the tiffin.. Suhani goes crazy by the smell of the food.. They start eating..
“Bhawana di made all these, right?”
“Yes.. But, I made the pasta.. And lucky are those who get to taste my pasta..”
“Ohoo.. Then why don’t you start running your own pasta thela?”
“Haha.. Very funny.. That’s not my job.. I’m a rockstar..”

After dinner, Suhani thanks him.. Yuvraj gets the icecream.. Suhani can’t understand why is he doing so much for her.. After having the icecream, they clean up the table..

“I’ve one more thing for you.. Wait a minute..” Saying this, Yuvraj goes to the car..

“Yuvraj, can I ask you something?”
“Ya sure..” He replies opening the door of the car..
“Why did you make so much effort for me?”
Yuvraj gets thinking.. He himself didn’t know why he did all that when he knew he wasn’t at fault..

“You had to wait for me that day for so long, so I just wanted to….”
“You could have told me the truth.. What was the need to do all these?” Suhani asks with hesitation..

Yuvraj looks at her..
“You didn’t like it?”
“No Yuvraj, it’s nothing like that.. I loved it.. It was an unexpected surprise for me.. Who wouldn’t like surprises? Please don’t take me wrong..” Suhani says walking towards him.. She holds his hand.. Yuvraj looks at it and then at her.. She leaves his hand..

He looks at the chocolates he wanted to give her and shuts the door back, as he didn’t want her to ask any more questions..
“Ok, let’s leave now..”
“You said, you have something more..”
“No, actually I.. I thought I missed something..”


Is it wrong to make someone happy? I just wanted to make up for that evening.. Is this all, too much for that? I dont know.. If it was someone else, I would have just explained the situation.. Then why so much for her?

It started raining.. I got back to my senses..
“Get into the car..” I said to her and got in.. I found her playing with the rain water..
“Suhani.. Suhani..” I called her, but she didn’t listen.. Infact, she couldn’t hear as it was raining very heavily.. I called out her name again at the top of my voice, but she didn’t hear.. I got out of the car and walked towards her.. I grabbed her arm and turned her around.. Our eyes locked.. I couldn’t deny the fact that some strange feelings, not feelings but something, something was definitely there that couldn’t be explained.. But one thing was sure- I DIDN’T LOVE HER!!

PRECAP: Sambhav gets to know about the date.. Next morning, Pratima asks Sharad about Yuvraj and Suhani.. He worries thinking where are they as they are not home yet..

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    But loved this part, full of Yuvani, it was a treat.
    Thank you dear

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