Jab We Met (Shot- 17)

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Jab We Met (Shot-17)


The phone beeped loudly in the quietness of the lazy Sunday morning only to wake me up with a start.. It was already 9..

My phone read:
’1 message received’..
“So now Yuvraj wants to apologise for yesterday through a SMS..” I thought to myself and opened the message, only to find it was from Soumya..
“Good morning Suhani.. I’m leaving for Allahabad with Krishna.. His best friend is getting married in four days.. Till then, we will be there.. I know you couldn’t sleep properly last night, so I didn’t wake you up.. You take care of yourself.. I’ll call you when we reach.. Love you..”
I smiled and replied that I was fine and I loved her too, even though I wasn’t sure if I was fine..

After getting ready, I was drying my hair when somebody knocked at the door.. It was Bhawana di..

We were sitting on the bed..
“Di, you here at this time? Is everything fine?” I asked worried..
“Suhani, actually, I want to share something with you.. I don’t know since when I started liking Sharad.. The feelings grew stronger as days passed.. And I’m pretty sure that its mutual.. Today I want to confess it to him..”

I couldn’t believe it.. It was an unexpected news for me.. If they loved each other, I was ready to help them.. I agreed to do as she said..

“I’ll book a hall at the restaurant..” She said..
“Di, don’t you think an open place will add beauty to the ambience? I mean, somewhere from where you can see the sky, where there will be no one except the two of you.. Let the moon and the stars witness everything..” I suggested..
She stared at me surprisingly..
“What happened di?” I asked..
She slowly clapped thrice and smiled..
“I love your idea.. I didn’t know you are so romantic.. You can be a wonderful poet.. My brother is so lucky..”
I didn’t say anything.. I just nodded..
“I also need to get a nice gift and some lovely flowers for him..” She said..
“You can get chocolates too..”
“Sounds good.. But girls are crazier than boys about chocolates..”
“No.. Both are equally crazy, especially when they are happy..”
We laughed..
“Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk or Bournville? Or something else?” She asked..
“I have had all, but Silk is my favourite.. Even bubbly silk is awesome..” I replied with excitement..
“Seems like you are really fond of chocolates..” She said smiling.. I nodded and smiled back saying “Icecreams too excite me..”
“And for flowers, red roses.. Right?”

She told me that nobody should get even the slightest hint about her plans.. We talked for sometime and then left for breakfast.. At the table, Yuvraj looked unaffected.. We exchanged looks a few times but I didn’t express what I felt.. Barbie came and sat next to him as the chair was empty.. Maa started the topic of our wedding preparations.. Sourabh bhaiya and all others were also deeply involved in it, but I just wished to make some things clear as soon as possible.. It was only when Bhawana di shook me that I realised Maa wanted to know my views on something I hadn’t heard..
“Maa, as you like.. I don’t have any problem..” I said..
“Me too..” Yuvraj also said looking at me..
It seemed he had no regrets for whatever happened the previous evening.. I decided not to think about it..

I helped Bhawana di with everything and we returned back home.. I even helped her in choosing a shirt for Sharad bhaiya.. She wanted me to get him wearing it anyway, and bring him to the venue.. We were talking when he came to us..
“Are you both free after 7?” He asked..
We looked at each other..
“Ya, of course Sharad..” She replied..
“Good.. I’m going to a friend’s birthday party at 7 and both of you will accompany me.. Ok..” He said smiling and left..

“Di, what shall we do now?”
“No idea..”
“Got an idea..” I said after thinking for a while.. I shared a plan with her.. Her face brightened up.. She thanked me and we shared a hug..

After sometime, I was sitting in the garden.. Things were randomly running into my mind.. My phone rang.. It was Soumya.. We talked for a while and hung up.. I felt a hand over my shoulder from behind.. I turned around my face and looked up.. It was Sambhav..
“Can I sit beside you?”
“You don’t need my permission for that.. I don’t own this garden..”
He faked a smile and sat beside me..
“So, may I know what’s bothering our soon-to-be-bride?”
“Nothing.. Its just that things are going on too fast..”
“Just like you fell for Yuvraj so fast.. You love him, right?”
I looked at him..
“What kind of question is this?”
“Don’t get angry Suhani.. I’m just saying what Yuvraj told me.. He knows that you love him..” He said..
“What????” I mouthed and got up immediately.. He too got up..
“What happened? Why are you so shocked? You must have told him, else how would he know.. Or he must be lying..”
“No, nothing like that.. I mean, what else did he say?”
“Ummmm.. Nothing much.. Well, I think I’ve messed up things.. I shouldn’t have come here now.. See you later..”
He left..

I just couldn’t believe Yuvraj knew everything.. But how? And why didn’t he clear things? Either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ from him could have sorted half of my problems.. O God.. Till when shall I hang between the two? Was Soumya right? Was he playing with my feelings? Does he like Barbie?

Sambhav goes to Barbie and says, “I’ve played well.. Now Suhani thinks Yuvraj is aware of her feelings..”
“Doesn’t he know? I thought its gonna be a love marriage..”
“Not at all.. Yesterday we were lucky enough that we got to know about their dinner date and we spoiled it.. Next time it may not happen..”
“So what will you do next?”
“Let Yuvraj make her happy by doing whatever he wants.. We won’t spoil his plans any further.. Suhani will think he too loves her, and later we will make her believe that he was just playing with her feelings.. The more she will love him now, the more she will hate him for breaking her heart..”
“But how will you do that? And….. And why will she believe you? If she will talk to Yuvraj about it, then?”
“You are right.. Anything can happen.. Leave it to me.. I’ll handle everything..”
Both of them smirk..

Its 7.. Suhani gets ready.. She is in a blue denim jeans with a black and white designer top, and apt make-up done.. She prays for Bhawana’s happy life ahead with Sharad and that it shouldn’t be complicated like her own.. She goes to Bhawana’s room.. She gives the final touch-up and they step out of the room..
“Did Sharad wear that shirt?”
“Let’s see di..”

Sharad comes wearing another shirt.. He apologises to Suhani and says it was a lil loose.. The trio are on the way.. Suhani’s phone rings..
“What? Oh no.. I’m coming now..” Suhani says over the phone and asks Sharad to take the left turn.. Sharad and Bhawana ask the reason.. She only says its an emergency.. He nods.. Both the girls try to control their laughter..

After an hour’s drive on the empty road, Bhawana asks Sharad to stop the car.. Suhani looks at her.. They get out of the car..

Suhani is surprised seeing the sight in front of her eyes.. A beautiful dinner set-up was done on the road with lil decorations.. She walks closer to get a clearer view of it..
“Suhani, how is it?” Bhawana asks her..
“Di, it’s so beautiful.. When did you do it?” Suhani asks..
“He did it..” Sharad replies..

Suhani turns around.. She finds Yuvraj, in the same shirt that she had chosen for Sharad.. Suhani’s lips part slightly.. She can’t understand what’s happening..
“Bhaiya, this shirt…..”
“Ya, it was loose, so I gave it to him..” He answers laughing..
“Di, I…..”
“Suhani, its your dinner date.. Go..”
Sharad and Bhawana laugh and leave..


Suhani looked so pretty.. Her hair was done in Alia Bhatt’s style.. I was pretty sure she had copied it..


I turned around and looked at everything once again.. I could feel Yuvraj’s gaze at me but I didn’t look at him.. Suddenly I recalled Sambhav’s words that Yuvraj knew about my feelings.. Had he done all that to make me feel special? Was he going to propose me?

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  1. Loved it sis….. each line was superb
    Pizza plzzz don’t stop writing plzz??

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you dear..

  2. Loved it sissy….it was really beautiful
    Plzzz Plzzz don’t stop writing I beg usually plzz

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you.. ok I’ll continue..

    2. NAPSHa J

      thank you dear.. ok I’ll continue..

  3. Loved it.i am waiting when will yuvi proposed to suhani.i hate this sambav and Barbie.

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you dear..

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome update…oh God these two devils are going to mess everything…urghh..mann karta hai ki donno ka mooh phaad doon..will be eagerly waiting for the next…

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear..

  5. Yuvani

    Please please please don’t stop this, I am so much in love with this story!!
    There are too many questions, like whatever Sambhav told Suhani is truth only, I mean, Yuvraj knows that Suhani loves him. So I hope he won’t break her heart, and what is he playing at, I mean all these surprise. He don’t look like he is in love with her, then why a romantic surprise for her, he is increasing her expectations, it might break her. Can’t wait to know further!!
    Thank you dear

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear..
      You are right, he doesn’t love her, but he definitely likes her.. He is just trying to keep her happy.. That evening he couldn’t come, so he did all these.. His intentions aren’t bad, its just that he doesn’t realise that he is giving her hopes which might break her later on..

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