Jab We Met (Shot- 16)

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Jab We Met (Shot-16)

At 7.20..
Yuvraj continues to follow the van, and thinking about Barbie, he completely forgets about the dinner date.. On the other side, Suhani is ready and leaves for the restaurant.. She hails a taxi and smiles throughout the way.. On reaching the restaurant, she goes to the table at the centre and takes her seat.. She eagerly waits for Yuvraj and looks at the entrance after every 30 secs.. After sometime, she sees a girl sitting on her knees and proposing a guy in front of everyone.. The guy accepts the proposal and hugs her.. People cheer up for them.. She smiles and thinks what if she does the same for Yuvraj? She starts dreaming of the same and slaps her forehead after coming back to her senses.. She looks at the entrance again..
“Where are you? I just can’t wait anymore now.. I should tell it all today..” She thinks.. She looks at her watch, its just 7.40.. Minutes starts passing by.. She calls Yuvraj a number of times, but he doesn’t pick up and thinks to call back later..

At 8.35..
Yuvraj is still following the van.. Suddenly he sees that Barbie has been thrown out of the running van.. He stops the car and runs to her..
“Are you alright?” A worried Yuvraj asks..
“Ya..” Barbie replies, pretending to be scared..
“Relax Barbie.. I’m with you.. Nothing will happen..”
“Who were they? And why did they……”
“Calm down.. I’ll make sure they are caught and thrown behind the bars..”
She hugs him.. He pacifies her..

Suhani’s mood turns off.. Sambhav comes there, and pretends to be surprised seeing her..
“Hi Suhani, you here? Waiting for someone?”
“Even my friend is about to arrive..” Sambhav says and takes the table beside hers.. He thinks if Suhani knew that Yuvraj is with Barbie, she would have left.. He thinks to tell her in his own way and smirks..

Yuvraj’s phone rings again.. He picks up the call..
“Yuvraj.. Can you hear me?” Sambhav says, grabbing Suhani’s attention..

“I called you multiple times Yuvraj, but you didn’t pick up.. And now you picked up at once when Sambhav called..” Suhani says in mind..

“Listen, Ishaan is here for a week.. If Barbie and you are done with your shopping, then join us at Open Air Restaurant..” Sambhav says, ensuring Suhani hears him.. Suhani is literally shocked to hear that..

The name reminds him of the dinner date planned by him..
“O shit.. I forgot to call her back..” Yuvraj thinks..
“Sambhav, is Suhani there?”
“Yes, she is here.. Wana talk to her?”
Sambhav gives the phone to Suhani, knowing that Barbie will definitely do something.. Suhani takes it but doesn’t utter a word..

“Suhani, I’m extremely sorry.. Please be there.. I’m reaching in half an hour..” Yuvraj requests her.. She doesn’t reply..
“Yuvraj, can you drop me home before going to meet Suhani?” Barbie says, knowing Suhani will hear it.. Even Yuvraj knows that she has heard it..
“Suhani…. Shall I come with……?” He says, but before he could continue, she says, “if you want, you should definitely come..” she hangs up..

Suhani is heartbroken and goes towards the washroom.. Sambhav smirks seeing her.. Suhani cries for a few minutes and then washes her face.. “If he had to go out with Barbie, then why did he call me here?” She questions herself..

Sambhav sees Suhani coming out and pretends leaving..
“Suhani, what happened?”
“Nothing.. Your friends must be coming.. I’m leaving now..”
“My friend isn’t coming.. So I’m also leaving.. What about your friend?”
“He is also not coming..”

Suhani writes something on a piece of paper and gives it to the manager..
“If Yuvraj Birla comes here, give it to him..” She says.. He nods..

Saying that, an upset Suhani walks out of the restaurant and a happy Sambhav follows her..
“Its already 9.. Shall we go home together?” Sambhav says opening the door of his car for her.. She looks at him and then gets inside.. Sambhav continues speaking while Suhani looks out of the window and recalls some moments with Yuvraj- good as well as bad.. She is totally deaf to Sambhav’s words.. Sambhav notices this when he asks her something and she doesn’t reply.. Her phone rings.. Seeing Yuvraj’s name flashing, she disconnects the call.. This happens again.. She switches off her phone.. Her eyes turn brim.. She again looks out of the window..

Yuvraj and Barbie reach the restaurant.. He rushes inside while she walks normally.. He looks around but doesn’t find Suhani..
“Are you Yuvraj Birla?”
“A madam has left this for you..”

Yuvraj reads the paper, “Thank you so much for coming.. Suhani..”
He gets sad..

Suhani and Sambhav are home.. She gets out of the car, thanks him and goes straight to the outhouse.. Soumya gets worried seeing her..
“What happened Suhani? How was your date?”
“It seems I went for a date with myself.. Yuvraj didn’t come..”
“Yes, he went for shopping with Barbie, and there I was waiting for him like a fool.. Thanks to Sambhav; I got to know about it because of him..”
“Suhani, don’t mind, but I still feel that you are not as important to him as he is to you.. For him, everything is fake.. He isn’t interested in you..”
Suhani looks on..

“I’m going out to the garden.. I wanna be alone for sometime..”
“Ok, but come back soon.. Seems like it will rain.. And call me if you need..”


I was sitting on the bench, recalling our first meet, and how things changed again and again between us.. Couldn’t things be permanent? Didn’t I deserve to be happy? Just a few days were left for my wedding and I didn’t even know what did he think of me.. Sometimes I felt like he too wanted to marry me, and at times I felt like he only considers me as a friend..

The chain of my thoughts broke when I saw Yuvraj and Barbie getting out of the car.. She held his hands, said something and hugged him.. He hugged her back.. Feeling frustrated, I left from there and went back to the outhouse..

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  1. Yuvani

    Interesting,very beautifully written, I am hating this devil duo too much, my poor Yuvani. Feeling so sad for Suhani, what will she do now? And Yuvraj, what does he feel?

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear.. Yuvraj is trying to keep her happy, but he hasn’t realised his love yet.. let’s see what Suhani does next..

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing..i so want to beat the hell out of sambhav and barbie….will be waiting for the next…

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank you dear..

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