Jab We Met (Shot- 15)

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Jab We Met (Shot-15)

In the evening, the entire family is sitting in the hall, talking and selecting sherwani for Yuvraj.. They get confused between two..

“Which of these two sherwanis will look better on Yuvraj?” Pratima asks Suhani.. She chooses one, and Barbie interferes selecting the other one.. Both of them look at each other.. Pratima sees Yuvraj coming back home.. She asks him to choose one.. He chooses the one suggested by Barbie.. She grins looking at Suhani.. Suhani smiles and asks Pratima to take it for him..

Later, Barbie sees Suhani heading towards the kitchen..
“Suhani, you must be feeling sad about whatever happened today, isn’t?” Barbie asks smirking..
Suhani smiles slightly and replies, “No, definitely not.. Infact, I’m happy that he chose the one he liked.. I hope, you know that he has chosen the lehenga you liked, not you.. And I’m sure that after seeing my smile, you are not happy..”
Saying this, Suhani leaves from there.. Sambhav is shown to have heard everything..

Barbie goes to her room and throws everything that she gets hold of.. She can’t accept that a middle-class girl has hurt her ego.. Her eyes are furiously red.. “I won’t leave you Suhani.. I’ll show you who I’m.. You will fall on my feet and apologise to me for messing up with me..” She says boldly..

“How will you do that?” Sambhav asks her, standing at the door..
“That’s none of your business..” She replies..
“It is, Barbie.. I’ll tell you something.. Suhani is madly in love with Yuvraj, and I love her.. If you separate them, you will win.. And if I get her, I’ll win.. If you want, we can join hands..” Sambhav fools her, as according to him, Suhani isn’t interested in Yuvraj.. He just wants to use Barbie to get Suhani..
“Ok” She replies after thinking for a while..

Next day, Suhani is sitting with Pratima, Bhawana and Soumya, preparing the guests list.. Her phone beeps.. There is a message from Yuvraj.. She reads it-
“Dinner tonight at Open Air Restaurant?”
She smiles and replies, “Ok, if you insist.. 😀 ”
“No, I don’t.. 😀 Ok, be there by 7.30.. 🙂 ”
“Ok.. 🙂 “

Later, Suhani takes Soumya to the outhouse.. She looks super-excited, and Soumya becomes happy seeing her happiness.. Sambhav sees this and follows them..
“Oho.. Will you tell me what happened? Did you win any lottery?”
“You can say that..”
“Please don’t create suspense.. Say what happened..”
“I’m going on a date with Yuvraj.. Our first official date, and that too he asked me for it..” Suhani says jumping like a kid..
She hugs Soumya.. Soumya hugs her back..
“That’s great yaar.. By the way, don’t you think you should tell him today that you love him?” She asks breaking the hug..
Sambhav fumes hearing their conversation..

Suhani thinks for a while and replies, “Right now, I haven’t thought about it, but I’ll do it before our wedding rituals begin, that’s for sure..”
Soumya nods.. Sambhav leaves from there and calls Barbie..

At 5.30..
Dadi is in her room.. Barbie comes to her..
“Dadi, I wana go for shopping.. Can you please tell someone to accompany me?”
“Sure beta..”
She sees Anuj passing by, and asks him to go with Barbie.. Barbie worries.. Anuj says he won’t be able to go due to some urgent work and apologises.. Dadi nods.. He leaves..

“I should tell Yuvraj.. He won’t say ‘no’ to me as I hardly ask him for anything..” Dadi calls Yuvraj and asks him.. He agrees and says he will be home by 6 and take her.. Barbie smirks..

At 6.05..
Yuvraj calls Barbie and says he is outside the house in his car.. She comes and they leave.. At the mall, Barbie continues picking stuffs while Yuvraj gets bore.. He looks at his watch after every 15-20 minutes..

At 6.30..
Suhani opens her wardrobe and empties it searching for the best dress.. She finally picks up a pretty white gown..
“If Yuvraj comes in black, we will look perfect together, and everyone’s eyes will be on us..” She thinks looking at the mirror and smiles to herself.. She visualises them holding hands and entering the resto, she in white and he in black.. She comes back to her senses hearing some sound and blushes..

At 7.15..
Yuvraj and Barbie come out of the mall.. Some goons tease Barbie.. Yuvraj asks them to stay away.. Two of them fight with Yuvraj and the other two drag Barbie and take her into a van.. She calls out Yuvraj for help.. The goons drive away.. Yuvraj pushes the two goons away, gets into his car and chases the van.. Barbie fixes her hair and throws a bundle of notes at each of them.. They thank her..
“The van shouldn’t stop for the next one hour..” Barbie orders them.. They nod..
“We are going in the direction opposite to the restaurant.. Suhani darling, now wait for two hours..” Barbie says in mind and smiles.. She calls Sambhav and tells that she has played her part and now he should get ready..

PRECAP: Suhani is waiting for Yuvraj at the restaurant.. She thinks of confessing her love to him.. An hour passes by.. Will he come?

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