Jab We Met (Shot- 14)

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Jab We Met (Shot-14)


An hour after the party, dadi told us that her friend’s granddaughter would be coming next day to the city on holidays.. Dadi had already told her to stay at our home..

“Yuvraj, I don’t think you have got any work to do.. So I want you to go to the airport tomorrow and get her here..” Dadi said..
I nodded.. She left.. I could feel everyone’s gaze at us.. I too left from there..

Later, I heard Sharad and Bhawna talking about Dadi’s strange behaviour with me since long.. She was crying as well, and he consoled her.. I didn’t know what would happen if that horrid truth would come out..

At night, I couldn’t sleep.. I kept thinking about my truth, my identity.. It haunted me, just like it did when I got to know about it few months back.. I was standing in front of the window..
I saw Suhani coming out of the outhouse.. She was in a red top with red mini-skirt and white jacket.. I watched her.. She walked to the garden and sat on the bench.. She was facing the other side.. God knew why was she sleepless.. Something was definitely bothering her, and thinking about her, I forgot my own pains.. I wanted to talk to her..


Soumya madam was sleeping peacefully, and l I had lost my sleep.. Everything was going so well in life, much better than I had thought; even though things were a lil complicated earlier.. I wanted to live every moment.. Somewhere I had a feeling that Yuvraj too liked me, but a confession from him could change my life.. I looked at the ring and smiled, thinking what made him get it.. Somewhere, I wasn’t convinced with the reason he had given..

It started drizzling, and in just two minutes, heavy downpour started.. Being a crazy rain-lover, I got up, stretched out my arms, moved round and round, and enjoyed every drop of it.. I danced crazily, as no one was watching me.. I danced for some five minutes when I saw Yuvraj watching me from the window and laughing.. My expressions started to fade.. I turned around and bit my teeth.. I smiled sheepishly and went back to the outhouse..


Next day, Sambhav came to my room and argued, saying that I myself was getting closer to Suhani instead of bringing her close to him.. I was fed up..

“Stop it Sambhav.. She doesn’t love you.. She loves…….” I stopped.. I didn’t want him to know about her feelings for me..

“Who’s he?”
“I don’t know.. But she has become a very good friend of mine.. I’ll find it out soon..”
“Did she ever tell you that she is in love with someone?”
“No, but her eyes say it all..” I replied smiling..
“I think its your misconception..”
“May be.. What if its true?”
He didn’t reply.. He left angrily..

It was time to go to the airport.. I got ready and left.. On the way, I took a bouquet for her..

I was at the airport.. Her plane had landed.. Dadi had sent me her pic.. She was beautiful and classy.. She was running a big company in Hyderabad..

I saw her.. I walked towards her..
“Hi Barbie..”
Before I could give her the flowers, she herself took them from me..
“I know its for me.. Hope you didn’t mind me taking it..”
“Of course not..”

We left for home.. On our way, we talked about our families and business.. She asked about the places that she could visit to spend her vacation..


I was getting ready to go out with Soumya.. She wanted to buy a gift for Krishna in return for the wonderful surprise he had given her.. I thought of buying something for Yuvraj too.. Lucky Birla Bros..

We stepped out of the outhouse talking.. After taking the turn, I collided with someone.. I fell down, and she too.. Soumya helped me get up.. I found that the belt of my sandal had broken..

“You blind, can’t you see and walk?” She shouted..
“If you have eyes, you could have moved aside..” I snapped at her..
“You don’t know who I’m..”
“We don’t even wana waste our time in knowing you..” Soumya replied..
“But I know, you are middle-class girls working in Birla House, right?”
Soumya and I looked at each other..
The girl opened her purse and took out a five hundred rupees note..
“Your sandal broke, so get a new one.. Take this..” She said keeping the note in my palm and folded it.. I fumed.. She smirked..

“Thank you so much..” I said and kept it in my purse..
She showed attitude and turned to leave..
“Wait a minute..” I said..
“You must have got hurt when we collided.. Go to a doc, a nice one..” I said.. She turned towards me.. I opened my purse and took out a thousand rupees note, and her five hundred rupees note as well.. I too did the same with her..

“I think it will be less for her..” Soumya said to me, taunting the girl..
“If the amount falls short, let me know.. I’ll give you more..” I said faking a smile.. She fumed.. We left from there..

We went back to the outhouse as I had to change my sandal.. When we came out, we saw Yuvraj coming..
“Where are you both going?”
“For some shopping.. By the way, where is Barbie?”
“Come, she is inside.. You can meet her now..”

We went inside.. As we saw Barbie, we fumed.. Even she stared at us..
“Barbie, this is my fiancée, Suhani.. And that’s Soumya, Krishna’s fiancee..”
“What??” She was shocked..
“What happened Barbie? What did you think?” Soumya asked..

“Leave that.. Tell me, how much do you earn?”
“We are freelancers.. We work and earn depending on our mood.. You need not worry about it.. Now excuse me.. I’ve got some work..” I replied and left from there..

“Suhani, listen to me..” Yuvraj said.. But I didn’t.. I was in a bad mood.. I went back to the outhouse and he followed me there too..
“Are your guests like this? Did you see her arrogance?”
“Ya, but even I met her for the first time today only.. Anyways, forget about her.. By the way, you danced really well yesterday..” He teased me and laughed..

“Yuvraj..” I whispered..
I felt shy and embarrassed.. I tried to hide my smile.. His phone rang.. He left..

PRECAP: Suhani is waiting for Yuvraj at the restaurant.. She thinks of proposing him.. An hour passes by.. Will he come?

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    Amazing..Will be waiting for the next…

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank you dear..

  2. Yuvani

    Superb, just loved it!!Yuvani was as cute as ever. But you have to do something with Sambhav and Barbie! waiting for the next part.
    Thank you dear

    1. NAPSHa J

      pleasure is mine dear.. thank you..
      sambhav and barbie are born to trouble our YuvAni.. hehe..

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