Jab tum saath ho (RAGLAK) Chapter 1


Hii guys i am sara I was actually a silent reader and I got to read so much that I though its my time to write a story so thanks for reading it so I am gonna start now


Ragini-a girl who has a lot of money and spend on hang on bar and show plays with everyones emotions feeling but has a little soft part in her heart , she became like this because her mother left her with her father and she hated her father because he was step dad and he had also dad very wrongs things with her earlier too a case wenton but soon dismissed hearing the name of shekhar as a big man he has all power , now he don’t treat herlike this but still abuse jersometime thw media also doesn’t know so …….

Laksh-a jobless person lives with her sister in Kolkata his sister uttra , he loves her dearly and can die he had parents but they left her with him –actually utrra was abused and so their parents thought that she will ruin the reputation of the house so they throw her put but laksh as a brother came and said if she will go then so do him . laksh is a little innocemt person but he loves to drove bike

SO they are the main character ok lets get started to story

A man is walking on a lonely road , the rain starts suddenly and everyone near the men start to run for shed but he countinues to walk without even looking up he thinks that what is his life – ne saw a pink frock and remember that uttra told that if je get money then she only want that pink dress in gift but he cannot afford one she will not say anything he then looks down and see that he only have 100 rs in his pocket and then he sighs on his situation
Laksh – aaj meri kesi halat ho gayi hai meine apni behen ka saath diya magar ab mei kese sambhalu mughe nahi pta kya hoti hai un gaaribo ki raat jo meone books meo padi thi magar ab samagh aa gya kyu sab hota hai jab khanne ke liye pesse na ho aur pura pariwar tumpe depend hai tab tumhe voh kadam uthana padta hai magar mei essa nahi hu isse pehle mere mann mei esse khwab aane lage use pehle mughe kucch intezaam karna hoga
As he was thinking this the shopkeeper come out and theow him away from his shop he saw him with disgust as he saw his poor clothes infront of his big beautiful shop laksh understood that no one can understood him until they have fespect – nahi je sakta mei mughe apni family se baat karni hogi unhe btana hoga ki jo bhi hua use bhula de

Some tears flow feom his eyes , he wiped them and saw into the sky rain stopped but his face was still wet he was thinking to reunite with his family but how will them accept uttra or will throw them out as a rubbish as the shopkeeper did to them

The next scene go to bar…..
A lady is sitting and drinking ….. she is now not in senses her mond wants her to enjoy and her heart is saying her to cry in this situation some boys came and start to talk to her she says to yes and them start to touch her but soon her manager come and took her away that lady is none other than ragini .

She start to beat the manager (lightly) and start to say to take her back
Manager make her sleep she sleeps and fall in his laps he is armaan malik ….. ragini then wakes up in her bed thinking about what happened last night she remember and called some lady servants who make her dress and do simple makeup she goes down to have breakfast – armaan came and sit next to her and she start to blabber about the party as usual – armaan doesn’t let anyboy to touch her
Then came her step down and sat opposite to her she ignores him and he tries to talk to her but complete ignore he gets angry and took her to room and tie her (without the knowledge of armaan) he get her maked and them take his belt and beat her hard some tears come out but she knows this wound will never heal

The screen divides in 2 portion seeing ragini getting pain and laksh feeling helpless

SO how do you like the story thank for reading pla comment pls pls
JUST COMMENT so that I could write more
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Credit to: sara

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  2. Ruhani

    Omg ragini n laksh suffered a lot yr… Shekar is so evil

  3. Anaita

    Feeling bad for both RagLak! It was superb dear.. Plz continue

  4. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic

    1. SPP

      Please continue
      Waiting for the next one……….

  5. interesting lets wait for next part soon

  6. Megha123

    Awesome part plzz continue

  7. Oh my goddd its really painfulll…..plz cont…soon dear,it ws awesomee episode….

  8. Akshata

    poor raglak, but story is interesting

  9. it is really interesting story
    waiting for next 1
    plz make it a bit longer
    love rags so much

  10. show also some romance between armaan and rags
    cus i love them[ armaan and rags}

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