jab thak hai jaan……….(prolouge)

Hello ishqbazzians…. this is MAYA…. i may be new to u ….i see u guys through the comments and fan fiction………
And now i am here with the new fan fiction of ishqbaaz….
JAB THAK HAI JAAN….. a revive of oh janna….by pragya……
I hope most of you would have read oh jaana ….if not never mind here is the gist of the successful (i think) 55 episodes of the fan fiction….

Here it starts….
With the same base as ishabaaz….but with minor changes…the story was tailored by roop which in turn formed a vicious circle….with which our lead got hold….
Anika and shivay being the main leads, the story starts after shivay s marriage break up with tia…shivay meets anika again and their journey to their destiny starts…though vinay alluwalia(shivay child hood friend) makes some mess in between , but he to help them…..after knowing the truth of riddima om accepts Ishana as friend….where roop starts her play, roop makes Ishana as her puppet and started doing her cheap tricks to harm oberois. When this backfires as Ishana was not loyal roop, she uses mona as a trump card to trap Ishana……roop starts her work by taking om s drug addiction to her side, she starts giving him drug….and along with this anika and shivay come close unknowingly ,on the other hand omkara and Ishana get married in a worse condition. And love starts blossoming in them as ishkara…… Ishana and anika are shown as blood sisters, shivay being aware of Ishana s black truth uses this and marries anika to get Ishana red hand….thought anika and shivay love each other, they dont disclose to themselves….roop wins by giving the lethal dose of drug to omkara….which end in shivay accusing Ishana…..anika finds the truth of Ishana and secures the mona from the hands of roop……..

Anika takes the blame of the Ishana…..and believing which shivay throws anika out of the oberoi mansion. Shivay starts hating anika where they gets the news of anika and sahil death by accident. And adding to that roop comes to oberoi mansion and celebrates her victory….she confess everything ….and also say the ishana and anika relationship… by then omkara wins the death and comes to see every one…. he gets shocked hearing this……
Roop gets arrested, and every one starts their new journey…………………………..
Now with this we will go to present of jab thak hai jaan……..
Jab thak hai jaan……the charaters and the characterisation with which we are going to start ……..
Shivay….becoming more arrogant….and the most eligible bachelor……
Ishkara: a love less couple…who lives as strangers in their own room….
Rumya : waiting for the union…transformation from enemies to love birds…………..
And with this how other characters who will support the leads to meet their destiny…..

Characters which will be seen in jab thak hai jaan……..fictional
Vinay : shivay ‘s child hood friend
Krithika desai: shivay friend and to be wife(u can imagine kalash heroine)
Mr &mrs trivedi: anika and ishanas parents_
Kelash: arpita ‘s brother
Ansh: arpitas ‘s son
Last but not the least
Arpita the new main lead…….
Here goes the story in miniature form…
Story starts with 5 years of leap,
Shivay become more arrogant..and almost forgot anika and smile….. his world revolves around the business and brothers. Arpita , a young energetic , who lives in new York with her son, she his the event organiser by profession and heading to india for the new venture. Kelash , arpitas brother and who is well versed in business and handling ANSH – the 4 year old kid of arpita.
Vinay though he is the child hood friend of shivay, he stays in ny and a family friend of arpita
Artist by profession still finding the answer for the riddle of relations and love
Ishana omkara oberoi
Leading cultural activitist with own academy…who hides the pain beneath the arrogancy.
New ly proposed love bird and Rudra is still a duffer.
Dadi, pinky, shakthi , tej, janavi as u see in the ishqbaaz original seris…..
So with this, we start jab thak hai jaan…….

Friends and ishqbazzians with this we are gona start the ishqbaaz, and plz…plz…plzz..drop ur comments…and waste ur valuable 2 minutes in encouraging us….with this prologue we will be directly entering to the jab thak hai jaan ….
And for the new readers plz look in to the profile of pragya to check out the oh jaana……
Thank you every one ..see u with the jab thak hai jaan episode 1.
Maya ……

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  1. Safa

    Anika is not there ?????

  2. Amazing…. Plzzz continue…….

  3. wow intresting maya im waiting for next episode eagerly and plz tell me when will u upload ur ff [daily or alternate days or once in a week ] plz

  4. I am waiting for so long

  5. Akshaya

    It’s so good

  6. Hey its awesome yaar plz post the episodes soon

  7. I think arpita is anika

  8. Arpita itself is Anika

  9. Amazing looking intersting waiting for first episode

  10. Intriguing….

  11. Hi maya I’m a silent fan. I just had to comment because I loved o jaana and I know I’m gonna love this drama too. Am I right I believe arprita is anika

  12. Arpita might have been living along with her brother and son far away from oberoi family, changing their own identity. Do you remember the names which Mr and Mrs Trivedis have kept for their daughters? They are Arpita and Anaya. I guess her whereabouts are known to Vinay.

  13. Anika’s name is Arpita, which was revealed in the last episode of Oh Jaana

  14. Priyanka1911

    hi maya loved the prologue waiting for the 1st episode eagerly

  15. Safa

    is anika arpitha ?? i think i read in o jaana like mr and mrs trivedis lost daughters name is arpitha….

  16. Tulasi

    Hey maya……waitng for jab thak hain jaan…..n also for hw arpitha would turn out as anika…..luvd d concept a lott

  17. Is anika not there or she is in arpitas getup then who is ansh. And where is sahil . Sahil cant be ansh as he was not 4 yrs and that to after leap of 5 years.
    Hoping to get the answr in the next episodes.

    1. Hi Namrata. Just giving the clarification. Arpita has a brother named kelash. He is Sahil if my guess is right.

  18. Vincy

    Is arpita is Anika… Pls tell me

  19. pohor devverma

    Without Anika,it wouldn’t be interesting.Plz Maya bring Anika again in Shivaay’s live

  20. Yaashi

    Good theme Maya… do continue…

  21. Ayath

    hi maya am so happy u too with a beautiful epi but where is anika….. u didnt give her character sketch

    1. Ayath dp is cool …… Loved it dear

  22. Akansha

    good start plz continue it n bring anika back… without her the magic between them ll b lost… i hope u have mysterious openings n twists so go ahead v ishqbaazians ll support u

  23. all for one and one for all
    plz give regular updates

  24. Priyanka_22

    hey plz dont do this
    plz bring my anika back 🙁
    plz no arpita only anika shivaay shivika
    plz plz plz
    nd hows this possible
    shivay cant forget anika aftr wt he did with her
    and he is the sole reason of her death
    plz bring anika back

  25. Super excited….. finally the wait is over!!! Post episode 1 asap!!!!!!! I think Arpita is Annika only and Kelash, may be Sahil….. whatever it is…. I’m very much excited for this revive of one of my fav FF O Jaana!!!!!!!! Waiting eagerly for first episode…….
    Anyways hii Maya….. thanks to Pragya n u to entertain us with this amazing ff!!!!!

  26. Elle

    finally…..at last you updated….
    was really waiting for thi prequel….anyway, nice start up…continue ASAP. .

  27. Shivu

    nice prolouge…. plz update the next episode soon

  28. Maya please tell me if arprita is anika. Please confirm. Please maya

  29. Sat

    Maya di, you are simply superb.
    I am waiting for oh jaan 2 and you brought it back
    It was nice
    The prologue was simply superb
    The introduction was fantastic
    Sorry for commenting late dear
    And i somewhat fel arpita is annika
    By the name of her son and arpita is trivedis daughter
    Waiting for your next

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