jab tak hai jaan…… episode 1


Hi . How are you all. Hope everyone is doing good. I have read many ffs but just a small trial in writing. Just a 10-12 episodes ff. Hope you people will support me. Pairs are clear i am a swalak and ragsan fan. So same goes with my ff pairs.

The story starts with sanskar and swara on date.
Sanskar: swara baby . I am mad for you. I love you from the core of my heart.
Swara: i know sanskar . You sit here i will just come.
Sanskar: ok
Swara went to recieve a call.
Sanskar: i just want to make you mine. Thats it. When the day i saw you in school. I fell in love with your hot body. I just want to enjoy with you. And very very soon. I will make you mine and if my plan works then today itself.
Swara returns back.
Swara- so what plannings have you done for today.?
Sanskar: first have juice.
Swara: ok
Sanskar orders waiter to bring that special juice. (Something is mixed in it)
Swara drinks it.
Swara: it was little strange.
Sanskar: may be. Ok so baby. Come i will make you meet my friends.
Swara: oh!!!! Your friends. Lets go .
Sanskar: first you go and change your dress.
Swara: whats wrong in this?
Swara was wearing a jeans and topper.
Sanskar: just for me babe.
Swara: but what will i wear?
Sanskar: go in room 302 . You will see your dress.
Swara in excitement goes.

2 boys comes to sanskar.
Boy1: what we have to do?
Sanskar : misbehave with her. Have some fun.
Boy2: but she is your gf.
Sanskar: do as i say. Enjoy till i dont stop. She is going to wear a hot dress. When you will see her you will yourself get attracted.
Boy1: sure. We will.
Swara in room 302.
She sees a blue mini skirt and a short top which dont have sleeves nd just a strip on back which is supporting whole topper.
Swara: i have to wear this. If sanskar has selected. It must be good only.
She wears it. Sanskar comes there. He is amazed looking at swara
Sanskar: you look hot in thos baby.
Sanskar makes her sit and touches her back and legs.
Swara: we have to meet your friends na
Sanskar: yes they are in room 107. Lets go.
Swasan goes there.
Sanskar: swara come in.
Swara goes with him.
Both boys are shocked seeing swara. They are looking at her with lust in their eyes.
Boy1: hi swara
Swara: hi.
Boy2 goes and hugs swara and touches her back . Making her uncomfortable.
Swara is feeling uncomfortable but standing there for sanskar.
Boy1 holds her hand and makes her sit.
Boy1: i am samir
Boy2: nd i am dinesh.
Swara smiles
Sanskar is enjoying everything.
Sanskar: dinesh come here.
Dinesh: yes.
Sanskar in his ears: i am going out do what you want.
Dinesh: thanks .
Sanskar goes to swara. He kisses her head .
Sanskar: babe you sit here i will just come.
Swara: but.
Sanskar: pls swara wait here.
Swara: okay. Come soon.
Sanskar leaves.
Samir closes the door.

Swara is sitting quietly on bed. Samir goes to her and sits beside her and touches her legs.
Swara gets sanskars call.
Sanskar: swara i forgot to tell you pls dont behave bad with them . Do what they say. Otherwise i will loose the deal. Okay.
Swara: okay.
Samir touches her back and moves his hand all over. Dines comes there and holds her hand and pulls her in his lap. She is sitting in his laps.
Swara: leave me. I need to go.
Samir: not so easily babes
Swara has drunk juice and due to that she is drunk and dont know what she is doing. She is not in senses.
Dinesh kisses her neck and lifts her in his hands.
Samir takes swara and keeps her down touching her whole body. He touches her hairs and opens her bun. He then holds her waist tightly and kisses her on her lips. By mistake swara’s phone dials someone number. It is unknow no. And the person heras everything .
Dinesh touches her hips and kisses on her waist. Then slowly makes his hands go down touching her legs.samir is kissing her neck and arms and is then moves his hand on her back and kisses her on her back. He is about to open her tops lace. When suddenly the door opens and an unknown man enter in.
The man fights with them and takes swara with her.
He is a doctor so lessens swras drunken effect. She comes to senses. They r in car. She starts crying . The man gives her his blazer. She covers herself. She is still crying.
Man: are you mad. Who told you to go with such people
Swra: my boy friend did all this
The man stops his car.
Man: dont worry i will drop you home.
Swara: i dont live in this city.
Man: oh. Bo problem you come to my home. Dont worry. I am a doc.
Swara is still quiet.
Man: hey why are you quiet . Say something.
Swara: k
Swara gets sanskar’s call. She ignores the call.
In man’s house.
A girl opens the door. She is our beautiful ragini.
Ragini: hey . Who are you? Laksh is she fine.
Laksh: ya ragini . Take her in. I will tell you everything.
Here sanskar is in a room of hotel. He is dancing closely with a girl. The girl is enjoying too.
She is trying to seduce sanskar.
Girl is priya(priya will have a big role in my ff. So i am showing her part too)
Priya: aww. My sanskar baby. You look very tired.
Sanskar: ya
Priya: dont worry . I will reduce all your stress.
Sanskar holds her tightly.
Sanskar’s pov: that swara ran away. But swara babe. No one can save you from sanskar. Let me reduce my stress with this priya. Then i will think what i shoukd do?
Priya : sanskar you sit here . I have to take shower. Then i will come to you.
Sanskar: shower. That too alone . Come on baby. I will accompany you.
Priya looks at sanskar.

Precap- sanskar meeting swara. And raglak story.

So frnds i will be posting such length of episodes only. I will try posting 2 in a day.
I am suraksha, a tenth grader. I am from jaipur.
The end.

Credit to: suraksha

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