JAB WE MET in US by Neha -17 (Chapter-10)

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Recap: Anika shifting to a pent house. Shivaay unknowingly disturbing her with loud guitar music. Anika and Shivaay meeting unexpected again.
Chapter 10:

Anika was flabbergasted. Then holding the grip on her voice.

Anika: What on the earth are you doing here?
Her voice with authorative note.

Shivaay: Look, who is asking this? Mademoiselle, are you in your sense?

Anika: Of course. Wait, why am I answering you? You answer me first.

Shivaay: Let me remind you, you are the one standing in my door frame. Also, you were ringing the doorbell, impatiently. Let me rephrase the question. At this point of time, what are you doing here?

Anika: So, you live here. Oh! Really, is it a dream?

Shivaay: (Now, laughing a little) Panika, why are you acting so weird? Are you high? I said, it’s my door frame, so obviously, I will be living here. I am asking again, “What are you doing here?”

Anika: Dare you call me with that name. Hell, no! I don’t drink. Well, you were disturbing me. How can anyone bear loud music continuously? When someone has headache. Really, you irritate me a lot, today.

Anika was still imagining,it’s a dream. She had butterflies in her stomach, digesting the fact, that Shivaay is so nearby now. Engrossed in her thinking, she was biting her lower lips. Shivaay could not take his eyes off her. Her action of biting lips, made his mouth dry. He wanted to show, he likes her. But, he was in a playful mood too, so he gave a devilish smirk.

Shivaay: Its an achievement you got irritated, isn’t it? Most of my previous efforts were futile. But yes, today the mission is accomplished. It’s really strange to find you, in this tower. You were searching me or following me ?

Anika: Looking at your face itself, I guessed that you wouldn’t answer straight. Anyways, I am leaving. I gotta sleep. Better, you stop those loud noises. Or else…..

Shivaay: (Cutting her sentence) Or else, what?

Anika: Oh! Nothing much. Either I will break the strings or throw your guitar out from that window. Mind you! I can do both too. BYE.

Shivaay was grinning. He was acting as if he really got frightened. But teasing her, was making him more excited. As, she turned and made efforts to leave. He caught hold of her hand. She was surprised again. Now, he thought to soothe her angry.

Shivaay: Hey, relax girl. I was astonished to find you here. Your entry is so unpredictable. Just like a thunderbolt! Which apartment is yours? Or staying with relatives?

Anika: The one adjacent to you. I thought you are observant. Didn’t you noticed, you have a neighbour? The same applies to you too. You confound me always. Goodnight.

Shivaay: Wait a second. I am sorry for disturbing you. Actually, I am busy preparing for a concert in the fest (college festival) on Saturday . You were as quiet as a mouse. Really, when did you shift ? I never felt the adjacent apartment is occupied. I will do something to compensate this.
So, neighbours then ? ( He said raising one of his eyebrow.)

Anika: Shri. Baghad Bille ne mujhe sorry bola. ( Anika was laughing)

Shivaay: What?

Anika: Nothing, for you to worry about. Your, “sorry” was music to my ears. I wish I could record it. All the best for the concert. Rock it! Good night.

Shivaay: Goodnight! ( He said with a genuine smile on his face.)

Both Shivaay and Anika could not believe their luck. A power packed move by destiny! As, promised by Shivaay, he then played a comforting song for her. It was a musical bliss with melodious tones. Anika was feeling better listening it, and went into a deep slumber. For, another two days they failed to meet each other. Shivaay thought to invite Anika for the concert, but her door was locked. Soon the concert night came, Shivaay gave marvellous performance and his band was the best. He returned late at night, now it seems Anika was at home. But, he didn’t wanted to disturb her.

**Next day**
A perfect Sunday morning. Anika got up usual late. Yesterday, they had a farewell party for Clarie as she is selected for student exchange program. This time she wasn’t feeling low, but only had best wishes for her friend, who she knew will excel at everything. Also, Anika shared the news of the millennium that she and Shivaay are neighbours. Clarie was dumbfounded and speechless. Then she gave Anika a wind and whispered slowly, “Enjoy babe”. Anika ignored her remark and told that nothing will happen between them. The party went well.

She was lazing on the bed. Glaring at the ceiling and thinking how to use the day. Then she decided to follow whatever her heart says. Finally, she decided that she will bath luxuriously today in her new bath tub. She added few aromatic bubble bath liquids, many varieties just to experiment. She used flavours like rose, jasmine, lavender etc. She was happy to see the bubbles forming. Meanwhile, till the water gets filled she kept coffee for brewing. She decided to go after finishing her coffee, to have comfort with water. So, she went to turn off the tap.

But, with all her strength she tried, the tap wasn’t moving an inch. She tried not only once but many a times. Now, the water was almost full, levelled with the tub. She was new to the apartment and had no clue where the emergency valve/cock was. She did searched for it, but maybe that arrangement was not there. Now, she was dumbstruck.

Water was gushing out of the bath tub, soon if it wasn’t stopped, it will flow in the house. Also, she was almost wet now. She tried few emergency numbers but that was going to take time. Now, she was sweating and unable to manage situation. An idea flashed in her mind. She searched for something in her drawers, finally she got it. Her dialled the number. No response at first. Again, she called, this time someone answered.

Recipient: Hello, who is this?
Anika: Hey, it’s me Anika. It’s an emergency at my place. Can you please come and help out?

Precap: Friendship blossoming.
I know all of you must have guessed who the person is. Really guys, all of you who read, comment including silent readers, you all are the BEST! With your motivation and support, I am at 10th update and means a gift for someone who never took writing seriously.
Sincere apology for being late, I was struck with an emergency and could not reply you too. Bani thanks for considering as a real friend and Nila thanks for your fab review. Tina, M, Shivika thanks for commenting and taking effort for the story.

Please keep loving this tender child. Even a word or emoji will knock your presence in my heart. Mostly, the story will take turn now. Next one will be fun too!

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