Jab we met – Episode 3


Girl runs from there .
Owner followes her.
Girl sees yuvraj going she runs to him and hugs him .
Girl thanks god for helping her.

Yuvraj – you missed the train again
Girl – yes
Yuvraj – who is this joker behind you ( pointing towards that owner )
Owner runs from there.
Girl – hii i m suhani
Yuvraj – i m yuvraj
Suhani – nice to meet you now you will come with me to bhatinda bcoz this all problem is bcoz of you first we will live in a hotel tonight then we will collect my luggage from kota tommorow and then all the way bhatinda
Yuvraj – ok lets go

They start walking.
Suhani – how adventurous we both are walking in ratlam street in night .
Yuvraj – you are enjoying it na we are on a picnic
Suhani – ohh god why are you behaving like a angry young man like Amitabh bachhan ?? Ok tell me who is your fav hero its not a secret Say me comeone

They see a hotel and takes a room
They comes inside room.
Suhani – i m really happy bcoz i m getting married soon i m running away and getting married bcoz boy is not of same cast so people will not accept but after marriage what anyone can do ??
Yuvraj – good i was also in love but she leaved me so only i tried to commite suicide .
He takes out a photo from his pocket.
Suhani – show show
He takes that photo oh she is quite beautiful .
Yuvraj – thanks but now i hate her.
Suhani – just throw her out of your life .
Yuvraj – how ??
Suhani – first burn her pic
Yuvraj – what ?? We are not kids

Suhani – just do as i say
Yuvraj – ok
He burns the pic of soumya .
Suhani – now go and flush it
Yuvraj goes and flush it .
He comes out.
Suhani – feeling better ??
Yuvraj – actually yes i m feeling better
Suhani – i said you na . I m also in love with sambhav .
Yuvraj – hmm. you love your self ??
Suhani – yes i m my favourite

Yuvraj – good
Suhani – do you like me ??
Yuvraj – what ??
Suhani – just see me do you like me
Yuvraj – yes
Suhani – then you will like my sister bhavana also she is small then me and she is totaly like me
Yuvraj – you always do this type of talks or
today something is special ??
Suhani – no i always talk like this . What was the name of that girl who leaved you ??
Yuvraj – soumya . I was returning from her
marriage only .
Suhani – ok .

One man comes and comes inside the hotel and says police have come here leave from here .
Yuvraj and suhani runs from there.
They sits in a bus .
Tommorow early morning train will start .
Suhani – plz dont give any more adventure now god plz
Yuvraj sits opposite to suhani.

Precap – yuvraj sings …

Thank you guys for your support .

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  1. Its amzing yaar epi…….

  2. Its amzing epi yaar ….i just love it.

  3. u r ff is so lovely.i like it very much.day by day u r doing very well.

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