Jab we met – Episode 2

Yuvraj goes to inquire office .
Yuvraj – from here which is the next station ??
Man – ratlam
Yuvraj – ok
He comes out from office and goes to that girl .
Girl – where are we going ??
Yuvraj – we are going ratlam
Girl – ok

They comes out from station.
Yuvraj sees a taxi driver .
He goes to him .
Yuvraj – we want to go ratlam
Taxi driver – ok sit

Yuvraj and girl sits in car .
Taxi driver starts doing pooja of his car .
He starts driving the car very slowly
Girl – he is mad now how will i reach ratlam
Yuvraj – wait i will do something

Yuvraj – stop the car
Taxi driver – why ??
Yuvraj – stop the car i said
Taxi driver stops the car
Yuvraj comes out and pushes him to another side and starts driving the car fast .
Taxi driver – what r u doing ??
Girl – noo leave him right now otherwise we will die . Wow !! I m feeling like a car racing game .

They reached ratlam station and runs inside for catching train .
Girl – thanks and plz borrow me some money i wont to drink water i will give you back in train .
Yuvraj – ok but plz dont follow me .
Girl – ok fine
Yuvraj gives her money .
Taxi driver comes running for his money .
Yuvraj pays him and leaves the station .
Girl goes to a shop for a bottle .
Girl – my god really only water can work as water . Pepsi and thumps up cant be water .how much money ??
Owner – 14 rupees
Girl – no i will only give ten bcoz mrp is ten dont lie ok .
Owner – fine.
Girl doesn’t hear the sound of train and train starts moving .
She shouts – wait ohh wait.
She misses the train again.

Girl goes to inquire office .
Girl – which is the next station from here ??
Man – kota is the next station from here i will call that station master he will keep your luggage .
Girl – fine
Man – you should be carefull about it . Girls are like open locker anything can happen to you . I have also missed my train lot of time but i m a man and you are a women .
Girl – are u taking charge of speaking this ??
Man – no it is free
Girl – sorry i don’t have chillar or else i have given you it right now . Dont waste my time just call kota .
Man – ok i will call

Girl comes out from inquire office and sits in a bench .
Owner of shop comes to her .
Owner – ohh plz come with us . Here it is not safe.
Girl – plz shut up .

Girl runs from there and goes outside .

Precap – yuvraj burns the pic of soumya

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  1. i just felt like i am watching them.u r writing in a beautiful way.i like each and every scene.

  2. It just mindblowing epi….very interesting.

  3. Add more scebes.

    1. Avanikamdar

      Ok i will do it and thanks

  4. Aqsxxh

    I can’t wait for the next epi di x

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