Jab we met – Episode 1


Yuvraj goes from there.
Girl – where are you going ??
Yuvraj doesn’t reply her.
Yuvraj goes to entrance of train and thinks that i should die now . He was about to jump just than that girl comes.
Girl – are you mad why are you trying to commite suicide ??
Yuvraj doesn’t reply her.
Just than ticket checker comes and asks yuvraj to show him his ticket .
Yuvraj doesn’t reply .
That girl talkes to ticket checker .
Girl – he is suffering from bad time you can make his ticket right now .
Ticket checker – ok show me your ticket .
Girl showes him her ticket .
Ticket checker – ok
Ticket checker asks yuvraj that where he want to go ??
Yuvraj – how far this train go ??
Girl – make ticket of last stop delhi .
Ticket checker says ok and goes .

Girl – ok now i will sleep . Good night .
She sleeps but she is still talking in sleep.
After a while she wakes uo and she searches for yuvraj but she doesn’t find him .
She goes to door and finds that yuvraj is going somewhere .
She shouts – ohh bhaisab oo mr. Train is moving come back .
Yuvraj doesn’t listen her .
Girl comes out from train and goes to yuvraj .
Girl – where are you going ??
Yuvraj – why are you following me just leave me alone .
Girl – bcoz of you i missed my train and you are saying me i came her to help you .
Yuvraj – ok fine now i will help you to reach wherever you were going .
Girl – ok fine .

Precap – yuvraj burns the pic of soumya .

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  1. Nice episode?…

  2. really very intresting yaar i just loved it.

  3. wow this is very impressive.u r writing very well.i thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. Tejaswi Atmuri

    Nice episode!!

  5. Aqsxxh

    Suhani (I think) has such a huge heart x
    Love it dear x

    1. Avanikamdar

      Yes she have

  6. Really supr.

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