JAB WE MEET in US by Neha-17 (Chapter-7)

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Shivaay POV: Today, I felt the happiest man on the earth, dancing with a gracious lady. I never knew dancing as a couple is so good. Anika is a nice girl, but I am not sure why she stays so lone at times. And, after the dance, her face was a bit clumsy. Is she affected as Tia mentioned Mallika? Anika has a noticeable control on her thoughts and actions but today she seems to be lost. Well, girls! We can never make out what they want and what they feel. Even Mom is so unpredictable! I just can’t believe that lost look on her face is bothering me. At, once I should talk to her.
Shivaay Singh Oberoi is getting affected by a girl, which is next to impossible! Om and Rudra would have exclaimed. Also, they would have teased me that, I am enjoying parties here with a girl, who surprises me with every meet.
Oh! I had almost forgotten, I need to call Rudy. Yesterday, he was annoyed with me that, I am busy and I have no time for him.

Then Shivaay dialled his number. In no time, Rudra answered it.
Shivaay: Hello bro!
Rudra: Hello, hi! Bhaiya. What’s up? I was waiting for your call eagerly,than I did for any of my girlfriends. Haha!
Shivaay: That’s a prestige for me then. How is everyone? Just missing you all a lot.
What’s is it that you want to tell so hurriedly?
Rudra: Wait a minute. I can hear loud music. Ohh! Bhaiya are you at a party? Kiske sath ? Koi hot ladki hai? ( With whom, are you going? Is there any hot girl?)
Shivaay: Oh! Come on Rudra. I am at Robin Rathod’s party. He is here with his fiancé for a week.
Rudra: Yes, we were invited. Dadi, Mom-Dad and Choti Ma had attended it.

Here, these both were talking whole heartily. There, Tia got the hint that Shivaay and Anika share a undefined bond. She thought, to contribute something for them. Then, she approached Anika.

Tia: Hey, Anika come,it’s the dinner time. Can you do a favour ? Call Shivaay, he is there in the balcony. Till that time, I will attend and call the other guests.
Anika: Ya, sure.

Anika was approaching the balcony area. She glared the corridor connecting it, was lit with warm colours. Beautiful paintings depicting nature were hung. The interiors were perfect. Also, the entire theme of the home was with light yellow, white and golden colours.A golden glass chandelier in the living room. And, marvellous sculptures around the dinning area. She thought, Robin and Tia have a great taste of art.

She noticed Shivaay was laughing and talking with someone. Is it Malika? Anika had a habit of talking with herself. She scolded herself in her mind. Stop behaving like a geek,Ani. Though, I have always felt cumbersome in life. But, outwardly, I have pretended as a strong and confident girl. So, what if he is committed and taken? I have been for myself. I am there to hold myself in ups and down that I have faced. It’s me whom, I am and I care about.

She thought to wait for Shivaay to finish the call, so that she doesn’t disturbs him. But, it was still slightly audible and she heard the name Mallika. Then, without thinking she went few steps ahead, now it was clearly audible. The phone was on speaker as winds were gushing by.

Rudra: Are you telling, Tia is Mallika’s sister? That bhagodi girlfriend of yours. Well, you were finding her. Right, Bhaiya? So, that you will know why she left you.
Shivaay: Ya, Rudra. She is intern at a reputed architectural firm. Anyways, tell the awaited news.
Rudra: Aree Bhaiya, itne bhi kya jaldi hai? Thoda sabar Karo.(What so hurry, bro ? Have some patience.)
You know Prinku has made a collage for you and kept it near the dinning table. So that, every time we eat together your presence is felt. Everyone loves you a lot.
Come home, visit us soon.
This made both Shivaay and Anika emotional.Anika had a bright smile. Shivaay’s eyes were moist.

Shivaay: Rudra, that’s so sweet of you all. My family is the best.Well, really I am homesick now. Don’t worry we will meet but not so soon. I don’t want to give false hopes but really busy now. Sorry dear!
Where is Om? And Prinku ?
Rudra: Om, is working on a sculpture of Lord Ganpati. He has got special requested order for it. Prinku is not at home at this moment.
Shivaay: That’s nice. Do send me the images of it too.
Rudra: Well,Bhaiya, the great news is that…
Shivaay: Say…
Anika was fascinated with the bond these brother-sister share. She was enjoying the talks and was unnoticed by Shivaay.
Rudra: You won’t have to wait for us for long. As..
Shivaay: Really? So,you guys are coming over here?
Rudra: Smart ha bro! Akir Bhaiya kiska hai, mujhe pe he geye hai. ( Afterall, she is my brother, so he is like me.)
Well, Bhaiya. I and Om are coming. For, further details, I will mail you the flight iternary.
Shivaay: Okay then Prinku and elders?
Rudra: Other, maybe they can join later. Now, O and me are for sure coming.Priyanka( Prinku) has her exams, so she is missing the fun.
Shivaay: Oh no..
Then, Shivaay turned towards balcony entrance and glared to Anika who was waiting for him
Shivaay: Aree Anika. You are here?
Rudra: Who is she bhaiya?
Shivaay: A friend, Rudra. ( Though he wanted to say special.)
Rudra: Ohhoo! Bhaiya. Hi! Di.Anyways, Bye. Mom is calling.

Shivaay was shocked, Rudra called someone Di.

Anika: Hi
Rudra: Di, talk to you later. Sorry! I have got to go now. Daat padne wali hai Mom se.( Mom is gonna shout at me.)
Shivaay: Kyu, kya kiya ? ( What have you done?)

The call was disconnected. Anika was happy with the short but sweet interaction.
Actually, after the interaction she was disturbed as she missed her younger brother Sahil. Her eyes were moist and teary.
( Anika thought in mind- We must go for dinner soon. Or else, Tia might be wondering what are we up to.)
To light up the moment.
Shivaay: So, you came as a spy ? Did Tia send you? Listening to my conversations secretly. (He said to her with raised eyebrows.)
Anika: Ya, whatever. Obviously, Tia was inquisitive, so she sent me to inquire about your new girlfriend. Also,she has invited you for the dinner.
Shivaay: Oh! I see. Come, let’s go.

They went to the dinning area. A buffet of delicacy was arranged. Starting from salad, soups,Indian, Italian and dessert. It was arranged perfectly.
Tia: Finally, you guys arrived. Have a seat and start munching your favourite food. I hope you like it.
Shivvay: Thanks!
Anika simply took a garlic break.
The conversation was on. Many people interacted. But, Anika was silent and quiet. As if lost in her own thoughts. She was still slicing the bread and having small bites.
Tia noticed this and was thinking what must be bothering he. Shivaay was wondering why this enthusiastic girl is in dismay.He was missing her lively nature.
Tia then started to include Anika in the conversation.

Tia: Ani, Do you know? Robin lives near your locality in Mumbai. Most probably he has met your dad at conference too.
Robin: Powai, right?
Anika: Yes. But, we have shifted to another place now.
She said with slight nodding.
Shivaay: So, what does your father do.
Tia was answering but Anika spoke instantly.
Anika: Small business and few side business. Mostly, they don’t work hence he changes it. I don’t know the current one.
Shivaay: Okay!

Tia and Robin were surprised that Anika was lying. Not to stretch the situation they kept mum. Anika then avoided eye contact with everyone.

Soon, the party was almost ended. Everyone rejoiced and thanked Tia for wonderful evening. Tia wanted Anika to go with smile. Shivaay was accompanying Anika till the gate.

Tia: Wait, Champa dear Ani. Well, will you come with me for two minutes? We have met after long time, so just few moments more.
Anika: Sure, Chameli.

Then both of them went to bedroom. Then sat on a king sized bed, covered with white sheets.

Tia: Hey, Champa. I can’t express how overjoyed I am, meeting you. You are one of my favourite person. I will cherish this friendship all my life. Also, we are meeting after a long time but, our connect is still intact. So, please feel free to express anything. Post party you seemed to off track. Is everything alright? I will always support you.

Anika: Dear, even I am glad and delighted to meet you. Well, life is a roller coaster ride everyone says so. But, for me it was more of down gradient in social life. Academically, I have excelled. Today, I have realised that it is better if you have someone…(Mind- Partner). I am fine. No worries.
Well, a bit overwhelmed too, as I felt relieved here.

Tia: Ohh! I am confident that you will have up gradient roller coaster ride. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you about your parents ?
Anika: They are fine. Everything is same as usual! Nothing has been changed. I try to keep minimal contact with them.

She was silent for some time.
Anika: Well, Tia . I should leave now. It’s late, meet you soon honey. Take care.
Tia: Wait Anika.Just a moment.

Then she went near the dresser and was bringing something.
Tia: My mom and Di believes in this chudi (bangle). Well, they gifted me when , I was in my teens. I believe this will bring prosperity that you are missing. I am confident that ,I got love of my life from its blessing. Please take bangles,don’t refuse them.

Anika: Thanks, Tia. Yes, I will take them as my sister is gifting them.
Sorry, I could not get anything for you other than bouquet.
( Yes, she had got her favourite purple and white- Tulip)

Tia: Anika, don’t be so formal. And, yes about Mallika and Shivaay it’s over now. Mallika Di could not find the perfect connection in their relationship. It was more of one-sided where Shivaay was ambitious for his career. Also, maybe Di has founded her true love. Whereas, for you and Shivaay, I feel your connect is awesome. Both, of you share a special and sparking chemistry, I felt from your winning dance. Do, think about your relation. Give time and space and go in the direction where you destiny takes.

Anika had no answers. She just smiled.

Precap: Shivika moments.

Note: So, here it is. I hope you all like it. Please expresses your thoughts by commenting or even single smiley. Silent readers request to give your opinions too. I won’t be able to send links,as I have limited net connectivity. I will go home soon and enjoy my router.

Food for thought:

Guys, we are missing the charming Omkara. His character has moulders into love-hate relationships. It’s like I feel, Gul ma’am thinks love-hate relationship gets hit. The way it happened with Khushi and Barun in IPKKND and Shivika in IB. But, Omkara’s character was unique and sensible. He, used to make Shivaay understand right and wrong different which now he himself has forgotten. Whereas, this love-hate relationship doesn’t suit everyone. The way he said yesterday to Gauri- Eat poison and die. This is not our beloved Omkara. Whereas, there is a positive and charming development in Shivika’s relationships.

Do, let me know your precious thoughts about it.

Best Regards,

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