JAB WE MEET in US by Neha-17 (Chapter-5)

Hello IB fans your Neha-17 is back with another Chapter. I sincere apologies for the delay in posting. I was overwhelmed by your comment and response. Thanks for answering poll question. I have incorporated those changes in this chapter. First, time I have tried to develop some romance in Shivika. I hope you like it. If you have missed any chapter here is the link,

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Chapter 5:

Shivaay POV:

Shivaay was extremely furious. How could anyone on this earth, throw water on Shivaay Singh Oberoi? No one has ever dared to shout at me. I won’t leave this girl untill I repay my insult.

Then, he shouted on top of his voice.

Shivaay: ( to Anika)- ARE YOU MAD? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR SENSES? How dare you throw water on me. I want an apology now.

Haat jodo aur maafi mango abhi. Varna tumhe pata nahe Shivaay Singh Oberoi kya kar sakta hai?

(Join your hands and apologise now. Or else you have no idea what Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do?)

Anika: Yeh kya haar baar tape jaise Shivaay Singh Oberio laga rakha hai? Apne tadi mein rehte ho, Kahe ke maharaja ho kya? Mein kyu maafi mangu? Apne mera card chaknachoor kar diya ab mein bill kaha se bharu? Aap mafi mangiye.

(Why are you always repeating Shivaay Singh Oberoi like a recorder? You are always in your attitude. Are you king of some place? I won’t apologise. You should apologise as you have damaged my card.

He holds her hand tightly. Anika shouts in pain due to unbearable force on her delicate wrist.


Anika: Leave my hand. I won’t apologise that’s final. What will you do?

This fumed Shivaay more. Then he paid the bill using his card.

Shivaay: If you are not apologising then, wait and watch you arrogant girl. Come with me.

Anika: I WON’T GO ANYWHERE. ANGRY SINGH OBEROI.Are you the only one who can shout?

With full of attitude (tashan), he lifted Anika in his arms and closed her mouth by covering it, with his hands.

Shivaay: Don’t scream or shout. Or else I will drop you down straight away. Now see, how I will take the revenge my way.

Anika: Leave me. You can’t lift me like this. No. Her pressed her mouth more tightly now nothing could be heard. She was struggling to get free.

Everyone was glaring the way he lifted her, when they were passing through the corridor. All assumed it’s as a romantic moment.

He went out of the restaurant which is on the 20th floor in the building. Then he went inside the lift. He pressed 30th floor button (the last one). Soon they reached there.

This was the terrace area of the building. It had spectacular view. The entire Boston city was visible. It was decorated with myriad lights, flowing traffic and magnificently crafted buildings. Anika totally loved this splendid view. She was still struggling to get out of his clutches.Alas! He was stronger than her. Anika was afraid what he will do now but she was prepared to protect herself at any cost, which she was doing since her childhood against her parents and friends.The gushing wind swept her hairs away from her face. The terrace had glass fencing on the walls and a beautiful swimming pool and a lawn. It was a place to hang out at the day and chill around at the night.

Shivaay: You love water fights, rights? Have fun!.

He said this with a boundless smirk on his face.

Anika: Put me down now.

Shivaay threw her into swimming pool. Splash! There was water around everywhere. While falling Anika had lost control so she held tightly the coat of Shivaay and loosing his grip, he also fell into the water with her. The water was waist high and ice cold.

In this starry night with the moon witnessing the situation both of them were drenched in water and looked more attractive. The curves of Anika’s dress were clearly visible, she was looking stunning and hot.

Shivaay went near her and whispered in her ears-

Shivaay: This is what I do, when you will throw water on my face. (With a grin on his face.) How dare you Ms. Anika..? Well, what is is your surname?

Anika totally ignored his last question. She was neither furious nor angry now, but in a playful mood.

Anika: I am fond of water a lot. Hence, I loved your move. I wish to answer you back by throwing you in the ocean. Alas! That’s not possible. How will you pay back then?

She asked him with a smiling face.

Shivaay: Well, if you dare to throw me into ocean, I will throw you in Dead Sea.

The angry moment was turned light now. Breeze of air was oozing by filling cold and shiver in them.

Anika: Haha, okay. Stop being Grumpy Singh Oberoi, you bagadbilla.

Shivaay: Hey, don’t spoil my name you Panika. As you said you love water, thus the name.

Anika: (in mind- Not a bad name. It totally suits me) Hmm I will show what Panika can do.

She started splashing water on his face, laughing and enjoying the scene. Shivaay then caught hold of her hand and she jerked towards him. He twisted her hand a little but gently this time. She could feel her cold body against his hot chest. They could feel each other’s breathe under the moony sky. They were close to each other and for a min lost in each other’s eye. Then, Anika turned and his lips met her soft cheeks. It was an enthralling moment and both of the them felt sparks of current at the touch.

She smiled a little and even Shivaay was amused and avoided eye contact with her .

They got of the pool soon. Anika was shivering as cold wind was gushing by and her short dress didn’t protect her much. Shivaay was watching this. Then quickly took out his coat and made her wear it. Anika object this but Shivaay putting his finger on her lips and silenced her. Shhhhh! The night is cold don’t refuse, he said. Anika told him as they meet unexpectedly always, she will return him soon. Shivaay nodded then. Till the time Shivaay was checking his mobile, Anika had disappeared. His eyes were searching for her but she had left.

This was the first time, the end of their meet was a normal one, unlike their fights earlier!


Density is foreordained by the Divine. We humans don’t always have the power to change the repercussion. We have to abide by the fate. So, was the case with Shivika (Shivaay and Anika). They meet, fight with each other and share a lovely moment too. And thanks to density they meet again! Few days later……..

Anika POV:

I am not a party animal but still, I attend parties for the sake of my friends. And today I am invited for a youth party of the Indian community( 7-8 people)here in Boston. I can’t refuse at any cost as one of my childhood friend has invited me. She is jovial, extrovert and gorgeous. Anyone at the first meet, will readily accept to marry her. I had lost contact with her after she had left school. But today, owing to Facebook and Instagram, she had discovered me and we resumed our lost friendship. She is a social butterfly. Not a single picture of her has likes less than thousands and for me achieving few hundreds is a tough task.

I rechecked myself in the mirror, how I was looking, I need to look good, as I am meeting her after 13years. I checked the time, I am almost an hour late as I was busy working on an assignment.

I reached to her residing place, the venue of the party.As I went inside, she was busy gossiping with the people. Then she looked around and saw me standing and came running towards me. (Anika: in mind) I am so happy to meet my friend Tia Kapoor.

She hugged Anika in a bone crushing way.

Tia: Ani…Ani my dear Anika baby. Finally! you came. I though you won’t have time for your dear friend. How are you? I am so happy to meet you. (She was totally overjoyed indeed!)

Anika: I am totally fine. I can’t believe that I am meeting you. Pinch me.How are you dear?

Tia pinches her. Anika shouts, Aahh!

Tia: I am good. Oh my! Look at you. You are looking so stunning. Pink gown with golden embroidery, puffy frills and matching earrings. You have changed a lot

Anika: Bas kar tarifo ka pool bandegi kya? (Enough now, will you build a bridge of praises?) Madam, you are also beautiful, same way as you was earlier. Meri, Chameli.

(Note: Anika lovingly calls Tia as Chameli and she calls Anika as Champa. I am trying to use each element of IB hence this names.)

Tia: You still remember it? We used to were flower on our head during childhood hence our English teacher kept our names. Haha!

Anika: And, Hindi ma’am she used to say Champa, Chameli chup raho as were so talkative. Indeed! Those days were golden.

Tia: Even, I miss them. But you have totally transformed. I still remember choti Anika- the girl with spectacles. Chasmish, right? Bubbly. You were so healthy and chubby.

And now it seems you are maintaining your figure. See, you are so thin, cute and without specks.

A person- Really she was healthy and chashmish (having glasses/spectacles)?

It’s hard to believe. He was laughing aloud.

Anika: Shivaay, What are you doing here? Don’t laugh!

Precap: Tia to Anika: Anika, meet my fiancรฉ. More fun in the party!


Keep reading and supporting me like this. I gives me immense happiness to write more. Do, tune in for the next episode. Guys, I like writing descriptively. So, if you think , I am making you bored. Then, please let me know. Next week surely I will post twice.

Thanks for reading!



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      Thanks! Dear Nita?. Everyone was missing Tia so i though a new version of her. Fiance will be revealed, Hold it till next one!

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  3. Its not at all boring in fact deep descriptions completely zones me out from my surroundings nd i start imagining all the scenes…nd coming to the epi,its marvellous…nd i really wish tia introduce someone else as her fiance other than shivaay…perhaps daksh…well,its just a guess.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›
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    1. Neha_Pheonix

      Thanks a ton Tanz..I am happy you are enjoying it and delighted too! Yep! Tia is ndded like chameli. Anika and Shivaay both have come here for higher studies and due to their destinity, they are meeting again. Even I am found of slow romance! I totally agree its soul that matters not physical attraction. Please don’t say sorry. I am entralled by your comment> I will post the next soon. Love ya?. I hope I have cleared your doubt. Even I am gonna take romance a bit slow!

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