JAB WE MEET in US by Neha-17 (Chapter-4)

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Anika POV-
Anika was recalling all the things which took place today. Today, she had worked hard on her current mini project, then she visited a museum nearby and yes not to forget the temple visit- that was epic. She was feeling very victorious; after all she had defeated that kanji akho wala bagad billa.

Why this name had not occurred in my mind earlier? She was wondering. Now the scores are settled. I can never forget the look on this face, when he had seen the punctured tire of his car. She was smiling all the time, after that incidence. Even people around her, gave a confused look due to her unstoppable smile. Now, she decides to call Clarie as she was quite unwell. Then she dialed Clarie’s number.
Clarie: Hello, Ani. You took so long to call me, when your dear friend is unwell?
Anika: No, dear. I had called you earlier but you were taking rest, your mom informed me.
Clarie: Oh! I didn’t know this. So what’s up? How was your day?
Anika briefed her about today’s temple incidence. Then, both of them laughing for few minutes.

Clarie: Ani, I had never imagined you will meet him again. What a meet? Wow! Such miracles happen only in Bollywood movies. I remember you had narrated few such stories.
Anika: Haha, yes. Surely, you missed fierce eyes. Your cute Shivaay was boiling in anger. Well, take care, bye dear.
Clarie: Beware, be prepared if he meets again. Bye,baby.
She never mentioned Clarie about the way Shivaay had pinned her against the car, and the way their eyes met.
Shivaay POV-
Thank God, the professor had accepted my assignment. Though, I was five mins late , he gave me a warning and accepted it. He is an awesome old chap. Also, he liked my analysis on the questions, he had proposed. If something had been amiss then, I would not have spared that girl. What does she thinks of herself? Jhansi ki rani?
She hasn’t seen the original Shivaay Singh Oberoi and extend to which I can go to win. Anyways, Why I am thinking about that arrogant girl? Middle-class people are such; they get into anyone’s business without any purpose.
Then he started working on his laptop and slept later.

A week later-
Anika POV-
It has been a long time, I haven’t ate spicy Indian food. I am tired of eating bread and pizza. Cooking never interested her; hence she relied on food outside. She loved Pani puri,Bhel , Sev puri, Dabeli,Dhokla and her favorite was Aloo Puri. Today, I should visit the famous Mela Indian retaurent, she decided. She also made a decision to invite Clarie as well; even she wanted to taste delicacies of India food.

As she arrived in the restaurant, she did settle down in a comfortable cabin, which she had booked. The hotel was on 20th floor, well lit and decorated vintage style also provided with a balcony for each cabin. Hence the view was magnificent and when she looked outside gazing the sky, it was filled with dazzling stars.

Anika ordered many dishes and was waiting for Claire. Almost, half an hour had passed, still there was no sign of Claire and even her phone was unavailable. The waiter was watching her desperately waiting for someone. Anika told him to get the dishes as soon as her friend comes.

Soon a man in three piece suit arrived in the restaurant. He was wearing navy blue and white combination which was matching with his crafty eyes. Also, he had a unique brooch that resembled scissors. He was talking to the manager and the waiter came and said,
Waiter: Hello, sir. Madam is waiting for you. (Pointing towards a girl)
Shivaay (Yes, it’s him): What? Yes, she is my girlfriend.
That girl is none other than Anika.

Shivaay POV:
Such a golden opportunity, now Ms. Anika, hold on for my move. Shivaay didn’t fail to notice the little black glittered dress was looking adorable on her. Why do I keep meeting her? What is she doing in this luxurious restaurant? Well, why should I care? Keeping all his unanswered questions aside he went towards her cabin.

Shivaay had decided to visit this restaurant as he was craving for Punjabi food. Though, Italian cuisine was his favorite, he was desi by heart. He was a great cook and also loved to taste various dishes and used to emulate them perfectly.
As he went inside the cabin, Anika shockingly got up as soon as she glared at him.
The waiter was standing nearby, then Shivaay half hugged her and pulled her cheeks gently.
Shivaay: Baby, don’t be furious. I know, I am late but I was stuck in some work. You know how busy, I am.
He said this in a teasing way and winked at her.
Then the waiter left.
Anika: What are you doing here? Are you following me? BABY? How dare you call me that?
Shivaay: Jhansi ki rani? Will you calm down? I am not following you, for your information. As you was waiting for someone the waiter, assumed me your boyfriend and guided me here. I can call you whatever, I want to, my wish.
Anika: Hey don’t call me that….You kanji akho wala baghad billa. I am leaving.
Shivaay held her hand and stopped her.
Shivaay: What the wuck? Watch your language? Where do you hail from, in India? Well, you and I are here for the same purpose-dinner. It’s very bad to leave your guest unattended. I think you won’t mould your manners even if it’s your enemy.
Anika: So?

Then the waiter came to take Shivaay’s order.
Waiter: Your order, Sir?
Shivaay: I would like have whatever my girlfriend has ordered. What have you ordered baby?
Waiter: (As Anika was silent….he started) Sir, she has ordered Gujrati and Rajasthani dishes.
Shivaay: Baby, this is not fair. You forgot to order my favourite Punjabi dishes.
Then he lists his order to the waiter.

Anika was still angry at him. Finally accepting the situation she said,
Anika: So you are Punjabi? And I am not your girlfriend, so don’t say it again.
Shivaay: Yes,I am a Punjabi. We are open-hearted. Kabhi dil ki baat dil mein nahe rakhte, aur khul ke bolte hai, tumhare jaise nahe. (We don’t keep things in our heart; we say it openly, unlike you.)
Anika: Whatever! Better be in your limits, I don’t think you must have forgotten the temple incidence.
Shivaay was controlling his anger.
Soon the food arrived. They ate quietly as they didn’t want to spoil their longing for Indian food. After the dinner desserts arrived. Shivaay loved the way; Anika was eating Ice cream with Brownie. Her innocence and childish manner to lick each bite, made him smile.
Anika: Hey Mister, don’t smile, haven’t you had the ice cream this way?
Shivaay: Nope.
Waiter: Sir, madam do you want anything else?
Shivaay: No thanks, I and my girlfriend are happy by your service.
Anika: HEY I AM NOT YOUR GIRL…….Shivaay stuffs spoonful Ice-cream in her mouth before she could complete the sentence.

Shivaay: Get the bill.
Anika: Khud ko kya samjate ho? (What do you think of yourself?)
Then her phone starts ringing and the caller id flashed the name Clarie.
Shivaay: (Recollecting her face) Isn’t she your chic American friend?
Anika: Hm, yes. Shhhh! be quite.
Shivaay: If you want me to be quite, keep your phone on speaker.
Finding no other option, she switched on the speaker. Then answering the call….
Clarie: Hey! Hi Ani darling. I am so sorry. I won’t be able to make out today. I am still unwell and I forgot to inform you too. I just remembered now. Sorry baby.
Anika: It’s okay, Clarie. Take care.
All of a sudden the waiter came,

Waiter: Here is your bill, Sir and Madam. Only card payment is allowed.
Clarie: What is this Ani ? You are on a date? Sir? Your secret is out baby?
Shivaay could not control his laughter and gave in.
Shivaay: Hey hi chic? Well, if you remember me, we met on the beach. Your friend has called me on a romantic dinner date. He said giving Anika another wink. Clarie was also laughing on the other side.
Anika(to Shivaay): I told you to shut your mouth. Clarie it’s nothing like that. I will call you back soon.
Clarie: Okay, Ani. Enjoy your date. Haha.
Hi, Shivaay. I hope you are doing well?
Before Shivaay could answer, Anika disconnected the call.
Shivaay: I wanted to chat with her. You are so rude. Well if it’s not a date then, assume me as your guest and pay the bill.

Anika : Ohh! It will be better if I pay the bill soon and leave from here. At least I will be calm then.
Then Anika removed her credit card and within no time, Shivaay took it from her hand.
Anika: Hey what are you doing? Give my card back.
Shivaay: Do you think, I will behave normal with you when I know you punctured my car?
Now, I will take remorse. Look at your card. I was waiting for the day when, I will observe the same look on your face.
He tries to tamper her card by pressing it strongly by his fingers in his fist. Till it’s magnetic tape was worn out.

Shivaay: Here take it. Its magnetic tape is damaged so it’s useless. Now, pay the bill. I am going. Bye, Baby. Check mate.
He does his hair style statement step and leaves.
Anika had a horrifying look on her face. She was shocked by his actions. But she gathered herself….
Anika: Hey, wait. Mr. Oberoi you are forgetting something?
Shivaay turned to look at the table. But….
Before he could turn, within fraction of second, Anika angrily THROWS A GLASS OF WATER STRAIGHT ON HIS FACE and smiles.
Anika: This is my move. Check mate!

Precap: Keep Guessing.

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