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hey guyz fairy is back wid another episode..thnku so much for such beautiful amazng comments on prev update sweethearts β™‘ :D..now no more bakwaas today as d chappy is really long..(dnt escape d song part ,as main story is dere nly πŸ˜‰ )

link to prev. episode- Part 8

so lets start episode 9…

“Thudddd…” hearng a loud slapping sound sumi n swara ran towards ragini’s room.

“i”ll not wear dis bridal dress and thats final .do whatever u can do”-said ragini holdng her red cheek of right side to subside d pain of slap.
“u….u”ll not listen like dis.i have to do something to get u on line”-said shekher gritting his teeth in anger .n was again about to slap her harder den d frst time..wen sumi holds his hand,n swara pulled rags behind her.
“wt d hell…leave my hand”-yelled shekher
“wt d hell are u doing.dont u know how obsessed rudra is,for ragini…if he sees dat we have torchered or even touched her
..he”ll nver gve us d money,for which we are doing all dis…”-said sumi leavng his hand.

shekher gets into thinking…

“so better focus on our goal i.e. MONEY..”-said sumi
shekher nodded n den said-“bt wt about her…shez tryng to spoil our whole plan…”-pointing his finger towards rags.

sumi looks at ragini n den at swara n said-“shekher….i”ll manage her ..u jst go n check is everythng ready or not…hmmmm….”

shekher nodded n den leaves….
in ragini’s room..

“u believe me na”-asked sumi
rags nodded wid moisty eyes
“go n wear dis”-said sumi handing a heavy designer pearl studded reddish orange lehanga wid golden borders.
“wen d baarat wl come…all d security wl get bsy wid rudra n his father,so v”ll utilise dat tym n wl make u run away from here”-said swara to ragini
“bt i wont go,widout u both..”-said rags lookng at swara n sumi.
sumi caresses her hair n said
“rago ….we”ll join u after some days…okay…bt for now ..we must have to b here,to distract sheker n rudra to find u…”
“bt chachi..”-fumbled rags
“rago…u believe me r8”-said sumi
rags nodded as a tear escaped her eyes..
swara wiped her tears n said-“swaragini cant b separated from eo for long ..okay…so chill..”
rags smiled n trio hugged eo.
“welcome -welcome”-said shekher greetng rudra n bishwanath
“sumi bring d thaali”-ordered shekher

sumi completed d aarti of rudra…n he comes inside..

biswanath-“v r doing dis marriage ..in hurry..but wl celebrate d reception grandly…arey bhai sbko pta to chale ke SINGHANIYA’S ke shaadi hai”(after all everybody must know dat its a singhaniya’s marriage)

“hmmm for sure”-replied shekher..
den both strted chattng..

“muhurat ka samay horaha hai..kanya ko bulaiye(call d bride)”-said pandit.

sumi n swara looked at eo…n swara said-“i”ll bring her”

she goes upstairs n opened rags room..

ragini ws sittng in d bed looking not less den ny goddness… bt d precious thing ws missing from her face n dat is her beautiful smile…

swara controlled her emotions of getting separated from her soul sister.n rushed to cupboard wipping her tears.

rags gets up from bed.n stand besides her.

“didu take dis…ur passport to australia..money..ur new phone wid sim..dress..n d address where u”ll stay …everything is inside dis bag”-explained swara in chockng voice ,handing a bag to rags.

rags hugged her immediately wid lots of emotions…

dey both remembered dere childhood … swara has always been lyk a strong piller in rags lyf.
wen rags lost her parents…swara ws dere to hold her,to balance her…swara ws d one who makes ragini smile…she ws d reason for her living..

“didu u wont ever leave me na…promich”-asked lill swara innocently.
“noways pagal…we are soul sisters..we are swaragini..
we”ll never get apart”-said lill rags assuring her wid a beautiful smile.
n both hugged eo..
“y dey r taking so much of time??”-asked shekher..
“i”ll see dem”-said sumi n starts going towards d room.
“wait!!!i”ll check”-said rudra standing up from mandap n stoppng sumi .

sumi tries to stop him bt he paid no attention n proceeds towards rags room..

“trying to escape ..hmmm…”-said rudra enterng her room

swaragini broke d hug n gets scared seeing him..

“chu chu chu ragini ragini ragini…
..dis tym u have crossed all d lines..now b ready to bear d conciquences..U BEAUTIFUL b*t*h”-said rudra standng infront of her.

he dragged swara out of d room n locked it.
swara bangged d door many tyms…n den strted cryng badly..
sumi sensed something wrong n excused herself from shekher n bishwanath…who r busy duscussing about dere rival Durgaprasad.
rudra moves towards ragini n slapped her hard…
he twisted her hand n throws her on bed.
“now u”ll nver dare to even stand in front of me”-said rudra unbuttoning his royal sherwani..
rags turned n tries to get up bt he forces himself upon her….n starts biting her.
she cried hard…
she pushed his face apart…n bitted his shoulder..
he leaves her yelling in pain n den again holds her..
but she punched him in his stomach n move towards dressing table…
she opened d powder container n sprinkle all of it into his eyes…
he winced in pain n his anger increases..
he opened his red blood eyes n holds her tighty,stickng her to d mirror…
he holds her neck whch makes her suffocate..
“if u cant be mine,i”ll not let u to be of nyone else”-said rudra tightng his grip.
rags ws gettng out of breathe…she ws movng her head r8 to left n left to r8 …tryng to get some oxygen…bt all goes in vein…
shez gettng unconcious..she moved her hands tryng to hold somethng…n get a vase….n den…
“thudddd….. “….
sumi holds swara n asked wt happened…y shez sittng here??swra tells her everythng …

as sumi ws about to banged d door…
it gets opened…
sumi saw d scene n her eyes got wider…
swara gets up n comes dere n saw …ragini ws standng ..breathng heavely….holdng a broken glass vase wid blood spots in it..
n RUDRA lying in floor unconcious wid blood oozing from his head..
swara ran n hugged rags..

sumi asked-“ragini …dis”-pointng towards rudra.

“zinda hai abhi tak…mara nahi hai”-(hes alive till now)-said ragini wid cold face.

sumi touched her n says-“run….run from here…before everyone comes ….run”-shouted sumi..
rags nodded n den wears d bag n goes towards window…

security is busy wid bishwanath..

rags turned to see sumiswara…

sumi hugged her once again n said-“dont worry,now ur new lyf wl start…whch wl gve u lots of happiness..now no sorrow can touch u..dere wl be happiness nly..go my baccha..go…ur new lyf is waitng for u”

swara also hugged her .rags kissed her forehead n den wid a heavy heart ,jumps from d window…
sanskaar was standing on d road n everyone is celebratng d victory.
dey r playng wid colors..n laughters r echoing on d street..

bt sanskaar ws gettng some negative vibes..he also doesnt understand whts going on?? he felt as if someone near to him needs him…he looks at his family members ..he saw all r smilng n going inside d house…(media also left dat place…nly sankaar ,his frnds n some other people r present dere)

den he holds his heart n saw up”shivji!!i know u”ll not let nythng bad to happen…”-said sanky n smiles.

Tattad tattad…

Ramji ki chaal dekho
Aankhon ki majaal dekho
Karein ye dhamaal dekho
Arey dil ko tum sambhal dekho (x2)

Arey chaal dekho, dhaal dekho
Ragon mein ubaal dekho

Oh dekho
Oh dekho
Oh dekho, dekho, dekho
Tattad tattad…
(***sings laksh indicating sanky n den all boys dances)

Ramji ka pyaar dekho
Seena bhi kataar dekho (x2)

(***scene shift to ragini..
shes running n running …one security saw her n runs inside to inform dis to shekher)

Baatein tez kataar dekho
Tewar ki talwar dekho
(***guard informs shekher…he groans n den goes upstairs n found sumi n swara standng in front of d door.

he asked dem wt dey r doing here??
dey replied dat rudra went inside n locked d door..n is not opeing it since long..

shekher tries to bang d door,bt as he touches it,it gets opened..

he sees swara n sumi n dey gves a I DONNO LOOK…

“rudra”-shouted bishwanath as he saw him lying on floor wid blood..

all rushed inside…
shekher sprinkles water upon him n rudra opens his eyes.

“who have done dis wid u?”-asked shekher
“ragini”-yelled rudra holdng his head n gritting his teeth.

sheker gets up n shouted-“GET HER BACK RIGHT NOW”-ordered he to his guards cum goons…)

Arey aar dekho, paar dekho
Aar dekho, paar dekho
Dil se jude taar dekho
Arey bair se ye bair kare
Prem ki ye dhaal dekho
(***rags is shown runnning n sanskaar is dancing )

Oh dekho
Oh dekho
Oh dekho, dekho, dekho
Tattad tattad…
(***goons were followng her…she sees dem n gets panicked n falls down….all her things from bag falls out ,she saw goons nearing her .how so ever she managed to get up n den runs again gathering all her will power,leavng d bag dere itself…..after a long …she reaches a place where she found so many people bsy in demselvs playng wid colors… she thought to hide dere n putted some color on her face n den starts going inside d crowd)

Ramji ke taav dekho
Nazar mein alaav dekho (x2)
(**sanky is playng colors wid his frnds n everyone is celebratng)

Khelein kaise daav dekho..
Bhar de saare ghaav dekho
(***goons saw rags n followed her inside d crowd …she runs more fastly …..widout seeing in front….n dashed to a muscular chest….n ws about to fall back wid d force wen a hand grabbed her waist n pulled her towards himself,making her dash wid his shoulders..)

Arey haav dekho, bhaav dekho
Haav dekho, bhaav dekho
Dhoop mein parchhav dekho
Arey jo bhi sunega jhoome
Chhede aisi taal dekho
(***she rested her head on his shoulder feelng secured..her hot breathe reaches his ears initiating a magical feelng inside him…he closed his eyes… she parted her lips n says-“PLEASE SAVE ME”
as her soothing voice reached his ears,automatically his grip around her waist gets tightened bt he doesnt understand dat from whom he have to save dis angel from?

“CHUP CHAAP LADKE KO HAMARE HAWALE KAR DE”(silently hand over her to us)-said one of d goon.

sanskaar opened his EYES hearng d voice and a smirk appeared on his lips..
he made a tight fist seeing the goons standing in front of dem. )

Oh dekho
Oh dekho
Oh dekho, dekho, dekho
Tattad tattad…

[keeep readng ,stay tuned to know wt wl happen nxt ;)] ***********************
so guyz done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it…now shower ur views in comment box πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ :)..

lots of love
keeep rockng n stay blessed
yours fairy πŸ˜‰

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    then suddenly rags came back to her rajdhani express avatar and running as fast as she can, so fast, faster and fastest and boom!!!! she dashed with her ever so charming, dashing boy,her would be husband.
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    is lambi commentary ke baad bhi pov ki jarurat hei kya? fir bhi mein likhungi.
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    1. Fairy

      hahahaha yaaar kaha se lati hai aise aise pov…oh god yaaar akshu tu awesome hai!!!!! πŸ˜€ …mere update se zada to tere pov mast rahte hai…omgggg u r reallly so so sooo amazng yaar!!!heheh a tight hug to u for dis commentry!!!!!
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