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Hey guyz fairy is back wid another episode.thnku so much for ur precious n beautiful comments on previous chappy.thnx a lot for ur support.sorry for d delay.

HAPPY BELATED BRTHDAY SHAZI(admin of raglak pg. In fb…i adore u so much sweety πŸ™‚
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Link to prev. Episode- part-6
So lets start episode 7……

Days passed lyk dat n ragsan gets bsy in dere lyf.Bt still in dere bsy lyf also dey cnt able to forget about eo..a feelng had developed inside dem unknown to demselves.
On d other side one more feelng is developng but dis is dangerous n evil type ….RUDRA’s obsession is increasng more n more every second. He jst wanted to get ragini nyhow.n rags ignorance is makng him more crazy. His insanity has no boundaries…
“Whats going on here”-sanky asked to uttara n laksh; who r drooling into laughter ,peeping inside sujata’s room.
“Hahahahhahahaa…bhai look inside u”ll get ur answer”-replied uttara holdng her stomach.
Sanky frowned n peeped inside the room n ws shocked to see her choti maa jumping or u cn say dancing wearing loose grly pink trouser n t-shirt n a band tied in head wid caption -“LETS DO ZUMBA”
.hes eyes gets bigggggger….
Laksh n uttara cnt able to ctrl dere laugh n endded by fallng inside d room.

Suji stopped as she saw dem.sanky tried to balance lakutt…all r lookng at eo shockngly.n den again lakutt bursted into laughter.

Sanky tries to supress his laugh .sujata understood dat she again bcame d JOKE.
Tears droplet formed in her eyes.sanky saw it n shaked lakutt. sanky moves to console suji bt before him annapurna comes n hugged sujata .

Ap asked her ,d reason for cryng.
Suji said-“jijji ..i always wanted to bcome lyk u..modern…n i saw dat modern people do dis zumba…….soo…i also tried to do dis..but ended up by makng fun of myself nly”

Ap said -“dat shez really is precious n unique in dis world.she dont need to change herself for d society or nyone.however all family members loves her πŸ™‚ ”
Suji asked-“sach jijji”
Ap nodded in yes.
Suji wiped her tears n again hugged ap .
Laksh uttara n sanky hugged suji from back.n holded dere ears n said-“we love u chooo much suji maa”
Suji smiled at dem.
Uttara-“maa m soo proud to b ur daughter.n u r always wl b d bstest mother in dis world.”
Laksh-“n u dnt need to do all dis zumba …u already have such a s*xy figure sweetheart” n winks at her.
Suji widens her eyes n all laughed.

Sanky adores his family bondng n smiles.
Rags ws jogging wearng a black track suit.
She halted at a place , bends down taking deep breaths.
Someone patted her shoulder.she tilted her head a lilltle to found rudra standng wid a smile on his face, wearng a hooded grey jacked n trouser.

“Hey ragini ..remember me…!!!”-asked rudra showng his dimple smile
Rags stand straight n faced him -“oh yeah…sir u here!!!”-asked rags wid confused face .
“.mmmm!!yeah i thought of fishng so came here”-said rudra throwng his hands in air.
Rags frowned
“Oh common ragini….dis is park ..n all comes for joggng r8..so m also here for dat nly”-said rudra lokng at rags.
She shooks her head n den smiled..
“Okay sir …..m leavng now..its gettng late..i need to go to d clinic..catch u later.bye”-said rags bidng adieu to him
He nodded his head n saw her running towards her car..
His lusty eyes were scanning her s*xy figure.
“SOON I”LL MARK U MINE”-said rudra smirkng.
“Rudra since den i ws callng …..”-words gets sealed in biswanath’s mouth as he saw d wall when stepped inside rudra’s room.

D wall ws full of rags pics..some are private pics….n some closeups of her lips n eyes…
D walls proves dat rudra is really gettng insane for her.

“Dad …!!how dare u to enter my room”-said rudra comng out of washrroooom,n pushng bishwanath out of d room.

“Dats y u dnt let nyone get inside ur room ..hmmm….i thought u became sensible..responsible after comng from abroad..bt u…u”ll never change..i forgive all ur crimes n always gave u freedom ,i thought u”ll bcome change one day..bt no not at all…its all my mistake nly…i shouldnt have gven u so much of freedom…here m tryng my best to make u d leader of our party n on other side u r wastng ur tym on a grl…wts all dis rudra..hmmm!!answer me!!'” -shouted bishwanath singhania.
“Shut up dad…y r u shoutng so much..ahh!!see my ears strted paining….”-he calmly goes n sits on d chair n continued-“okay so let me make u clear…thnku so much for wtever u have gven me till now..bt m nt at all interested in ur party varty..i jst want her”-rudra gets up n moves towards bishwanath poitng his hand to rags pics….
He startd movng around bishwanath n says gritting his teeth-” i want her nyhow….i dont know how u”ll make her mine..bt i jst want to have her here wid me…!!”
“Its enough of u rudra..stop dis drama..u have to join dis party…orelse i”ll throw u out of my property”-said bish in anger.
“Hahahahahah …dad dad dad…..dis much anger is nt good for ur health…relax dad…n i wanna tell u one thng …”-said rudra whisperng in bish. Ears
“I know ur secret dad BOOOOM”-COMPLETED RUDRA shoutng in bish ears.. n den started laughng loudly.
Bish gets hoorrified.
“Now b a good father n do as i say”-said rudra lookng at bishwanath .
“Hey didu..look at devil(shekher) enemy’s son…he newly joined politics…oh god..hez soooo handsome …!!!”-said swara adorng d person in tv while sittng in couch.
Rags smiled at her childsh behaviour n comes to see d person!

She ws shocked to see sanky gvng speech..

“U know wt didu,he jst came to politics bt is handlng it soooo well…hez lyk his father durgaprasad nly ,a true leader ..i have full confidence dat he”ll surely became d bst politician one day..mark my words didu :)”-said swara makng rags comng out of shock.

“Swara change d channel…dey r our enemy…u shouldnt praise dem lyk dis…understood”-said rags

“Ahh!!wen dey became our enemy??wt wrong did dey have done to us??dey r jst devils enemy..n m soo proud of den..dey r d real leaders..even i always voted for dem nly.i jst love to see d tym wen always dat devil gets defeated by maheshwaris.hahahahha it ws such a lleasure to see dat devil’s pissed off face”-said swara smirkng.

Rags nooded her head in disbelief n goes towards her room.
“Yes say bishwanath”-says shekher attendng bish. Call
“Shekher i want our frndshp to grew into relationshp…wts say? I want rags hand for my son rudra”-said bish.
Shekher gets shocked ..he thinks of smthng n says-“i…i cant..”
Bt before he could complete bish says-“i know wts d reason for ur denial….dont wry after marriage also ,all d property of ragini wl b in ur name nly. Even i”ll gve u more den dat..so now wts ur answer..do u agree or..??”
“Agreeeeeed”-said shekher wid a wide smile n cutted d call.
“Ragini.. Ragini..shramishtha..swara ..”-shouted shekher as he reached his house.
“Wt happened Chachu..”-asked rags steppng down d stairs.
From d other side sumi also came.
“Swara had gone for her classes…bt wts d matter”-said sumi
He smiles widely n feeds sweeets to rags n den to sumi n says-“m very happy today..get ragini ready soon..biswanath is coming to finalize ragini marriage wid his son rudra”

Sumi smile faints aways n rags gets shocked…sumi ws about to say somthng to shekher wen rags said-“but chachu i dont wanna get married ..atleast not so sooon…n i dnt even know rudra..so sry bt i cnt accept dis proposal”

Shekher gets angry n throws d sweet box in floor..
He goes straight towards ragini n SLAPPED her hard..all her hair falls in front n she holds her cheeks wid her palm in shock . sumi runs towards her bt shekher stopped her by holdng her wrist n says to rags-
“U….inauspicious grl…i ws handling u since soo many years…frst ur bad luck killled ur parents ,n den snatched all d happiness from dis house….n now also doing d same thing…no never..i wont let u destroy nythng now…u r a burden to us n i”ll get rid of u as soon as possible …n nobody cn stop me in now.”
“I ws bearng u jst bcoz of ur money…my fool brother named all d money in ur name…n added a clause dat All ur money wl b transferred to ur husband wenever u”ll get married..i always hided u in dis house..u were lyk GOLD LYING HEN to me..i prisoned u jst lyke golden bird. .so dat u cnt get married to nyone….but but but destiny wants smthng else nly…..now i”ll get alll more den i ever expected..hahahahah ….its said na dat patience fruit is always sweet to taste…”

Rags couldnt believe her ears ..dat her cahchu’s real face is dis. ..more den sad..shez angry n now she cnt take dis nymore n bursted out!!..
“Chee…i nver imagined dat u”ll b lyk dis..i respected u as my father..bt u…u r reallly a devil”-shouted rags wid moisted eyes .
“U…..how dare u to open ur mouth in front of me”-said shekher leavng sumi’s hand n holdng rags hair tighty .
Sumi protested n hit shekher bt he pushed her forcefully n odered his bodyguards to lock her in room.
Sumi shouted to leave rags n rags cries to see sumi .
Shekher dragged rags n locked her in her room n said-“now nobody cn stop dis marriage..u cnt spoil my years planning n patience .”

Rags shouted to leave her by banging d door hardly n cried ….she goes towards window n tries to open it bt saw guards standng down it. She closed d window wid lots of anger n helplessness .
Rags ws sobbing sittng down in floor holdng her knees n buried her face inside it.
She remembered her mom n dad n cries more.

She heard door opening sound n quickly looked up .she thought sumi or swara had come to rescue her bt d voice thrilled her veins.
“Waitng for me ragini ji”-rudra voice comes as he enetered n bolted d door.
Rags widens her eyes n she gets shieverd seeing him proceedng towards her………….
So guyz wt wl happen now??
How rags wl get out of dis situation??
N about which truth rudra ws talkng to bishwanath.??

Stayed tuned wid me to know about all dese!!

N m soo sry for d delay.my xamz r going on ,so its really hard for me to update.jst bear my irregularity till 24th dec.afterwards i promise i”ll b regular.i hope u all wl understand πŸ™‚
So guyz done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it..now shower ur views in d comment box πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ …

Lots of love
Keeep rockng n stay blesssed
Yours fairy πŸ˜‰
P.s.-love ragini …love tejasswi..
.wl miss ragini πŸ™

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  1. AMkideewani

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  2. Deesh

    Hey cutiepie!! How r u?? I missed u and ur ff sooooooooooo much!! as usual, a fab update from u. Frankly speaking, I hate rudra… But his character is interesting. Feeling bad for rags. loved the episode… And all the best for ur exams! Loads of love!

    1. Fairy

      Heyya sweetypie πŸ˜‰ m gud …wt about u dr ?? ?i too misssed u sooo much yaar …n wenever u start ur new ff plz do tell me dr okay πŸ™‚ ….ahh!!even i loved his charecter hehehehhe….bt hes reallly veryΓ½ evil yaar ..!!!???….lets see wt wl happen nxt!!??
      Thnku soooΓ²oooooooo vala much for ur wishes dear..keep rockng n stay blesssed sugarpie πŸ˜‰ love u choooo much πŸ˜‰

      1. Deesh

        Haha.. more than rudra, the emoji u used for evil is so scary :p I am good buddy. And I will definitely say dear. Love u more.

      2. Fairy

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    all the best for ur exams dear

    1. Fairy

      Oh god crystal yaaar ,i reallly donno how to thnk u dr..gettng such appreciations from u is beyond nythng…..ur comments r soooo precious to me…thnx a ton sweetypie…i hope i wl fullfill ur expectations… πŸ™‚ ….keeep rockng n stay blesssed sweeety πŸ˜‰
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  10. It waas super duper fantabulous episode Didu..Seriously, I m loving Swara’s attitude…I m planning to kill someone..I hope u don’t mind..
    Ragini aka Teju..My Queen, I love uuuuuu more than ur Laksh or Sanky?..
    Sanky jaldi se aaoo aur meri Rahi ko bachao..Nahi toh tumhe bachane koi nahi aayega*muhahahahaha*

    1. Fairy

      Hahahahahahahaha omg bacccha..thnku thnku soooo much for such a bliss comment dear…love u chooo much yaaar ???????hehhehehe sanky jaldi se bacha lo rags ko..orelse smriti tmhara kya krege mujhe ni pata .. ???
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      Thnku sooooo much yaaaar!!!! about ur guess i jst wanna say dat m Bound wid writers oth dats y cnt tell u r8 nw ..bt cn gve u hint dat ur guessng power is awesome πŸ˜‰ (i hope u understood πŸ˜‰ ) thnx a lot for ur comment sweety…keeep rockng n stay blessed πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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    Now coming to the episode…What I will tell??? You tell me…I don’t have any words…OK let me think…

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    And my goody and cute di you wrote it very nicely…Just keep writing like this…Love you???…Stay happy and keep smiling☺??…

    1. Sorry forget to tell you that best of luck for your exams di…Do well in your exams di and then come back to us very soon with your ff…Love you???…Stay blessed…

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  14. Ur ff is really really amazing.i just love Ragsan .feeling very bad for Ragu.i hope sanskaar come soon and save her.plss post next part soon.cant wait to read it.keep rocking dea

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      Omgggg itta sara compliment…..
      M reallly gonna faint…
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    1. Fairy

      Awwwww!!!!m in love wid d name u hve gven me…?????frst of alll thnku cho much for dis sweeetheart πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ …
      Yes dr after a quite long tym,wt to do m jst lill bsy ..sry πŸ™
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  23. Akshata

    ye lo main aagayi as always sabse late…….
    All the best for your exams, do well and come back soon…. i am waiting.
    Coming to the chappy, it is mixture of so many emotions, staring from funny to caring to understanding to loving (sansku’s family) to lusting to obsession to threatening (rudra’s family) to truth revealing to greediness to helplessness to sadness (rags family). Now my POV and suggestion for some people who are so stupid.
    Rudra i have already warned you but no you didnt reform, now be ready to face the wrath of sansku not only rudra you but shekhu and bishwa you too. you guys have no idea ragu is sanskus love of life, though he didnt realise yet but he will soon understand everything, then he will not left any stone unturned to torture you. so pls consider my advice cum sweet warning. Fairy will come back after her exams till then think about it πŸ˜€

    1. Fairy

      Heheheh nai yaaar aaaj tere se v aur log late h…hehhehe????
      Thnx a ton for d wishes sweeety πŸ˜‰
      Hahahahahah omg ur last line …heheheh warng to rudra…awesome awesome….main to tere comment p comment kr skti hoo..itte awesome rahte h tere comments ?????…omg fr se tere commments ne mujhe deewana kr deya…hayy!!!
      M feeelng so special ke itta acha comment mere ff ke liye h.????thnku thnku thnku sooooo much yaaaar…thnx a lottttttttt yara ….????love u cho cho cho muchhh…u r reallly a keeen observer,ur commments shows dat πŸ˜‰
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  25. A.xx

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    1. Fairy

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    Nd read mine nd tell me whether m i eligible as a writer or not

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      Its jst m lill bsy dese days dats y cnt able to read all ffs …bt wenever i”ll get tym ,i”ll surely comment dr…n if u dnt mind den plz cn u gve me link of ur updates plz……
      Keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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