Jab Love Hua (RagSan) Part 26 ~fairy

Hellow guys….wassup…..plz maarna mat!!!I donno how I always gets late?!!! Argh!let it be….jst 2 or 3 chapters to go?!!! I hope u njoy dis chappy!!

N a good news guys??? u know what teja had kept my gft as a story on her insta n even replied to my commnt?? omg…hahaha I ws litterely dead dt tym?…

K lets move to d story….N ya you can find a lill *MATURED CONTENT* inside…so read at ur OWN RISK?!!!

link to prev. episode:- part-25/#respond

So let’s start Ch_26….

Ragini slapped sanskar hard!!!!
Shaking each cell of his cheeks!!!

Sanky got scandalized …
Bt The Nxt moment she hugged him tightly!!
Pressing all of her delicate body into his sturdy frame!!!
She cried n cried n cried making his shirt n exposed chest wet!!
As d wetness registered his brain ,his hands automatically raised up to wrap her wen she pushed him a bit & started pounding him wid her squidgy hands….

She started mocking him_”U idiot….donkeyyyyy…Bandarrrr….ullu……dumboooo….arggghh!!!! All animals r better den u….U fool ….arghj!!!hate u ..hate u …hate u…….hat…”-she was about to say wen he grabbed her soft wrists n said_

lookng straight into her magical eyes…


Her shinning eyes sparkled
He finally confessed!!
She moved her head a bit n her lips parted.
She ws all numb…
She can’t believe dt her love strted lovng her…
She wsnt getting wt to say..

She thought is it a dream??
No no how can it be a dream ,jst now she slapped him!!!

Oh shit!!!she slapped him!!
Dhat teri ki!!!

She herself doesn’t know ,dt her face is changing so much xpressions …
Sanky smiled witnessing d facial changes!!!
He left her wrist n holded her face ..

“I know I realised it late….Bt finally I realised…I found my love..I never thought dt I”ll also fall in love dt too dis much hard…Bt I have…I have fallen…I LOVE U ragini….shiv ji ki kasam!!!(swear to Shivji)…”

“Hehe….”_rags giggled seeing him swearing like a child …Bt dts her sanskaar …strict yet cute….N she loves him…madly!!!

Sanskaar raised his brows…
“Soo….”-he asked
“What”-she said turning around hiding her blush !!
He made her look at him_”I confessed….so I think it would be better if u should also confess ur love…”
She supresses her laugh n said_”bt I dnt love u…”
“Acha ji…so u dnt love me..hmm”-said sanky…N goes near her & started tickling her…
“Hahahahha…god…Sanskaar hahahhahaha stop ..plz plzz stop..hahahhaah…okay okay fine I love u…I love u sooo much.!!!!!”-n she also confessed wid her melodious voice filling his heart wid love!!!

Dey both looked at eo n den he hugged her sooo tight ….she also hugged him equally strongly!!!he kissed her hairs ..

“Btw y u slapped me ??”-he asked her still hugging

Her smile vanished….she remembered d call n broke d hug..

“Sans…Sanskaar..vo…”-she holded his hands…N ws finding words to explain him..
“Ragini…rag….shh…calm down…N tell me ..Kya hua???”-he holded her shoulder n calmed her..

She narrated how BISHWANATH warned her…!!!!

She got really affected by d call…N ws cont. sayng dt what he”ll do…she is d cause…she is burden for maheshwaris….sanksaar tried to calm her..Bt all in vain…..

“Ragini……chup…ekdm chup”-said he holding her face tightly..
He goes near to her face…

“Do u trust me…??”-he asked..
She nods n a moist tear escaped her eyes.
He kissed dt tear…N den her nose.
He moves near to her lips slowly placed his broad lips upon her soft lips!!!

Dey both had never kissed before…it’s all a new xperience-feelings to dem…
Both felt eo breath…N den soon..he started moving his lips .
To his surprise She responded immediately. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than she could have imagined. He tasted tentatively with his tongue, and ragini opened her mouth with a low moan.

Which made sanksaar opened his eyes!!
He parted a lill n looked at her closed eyes…he smiled seeing her so engrossed in him….

Not feeling d warmness on her lips,she also opened her eyes….
N noticed that sanskaar had gone quiet and was staring at her. It made her self-conscious, but she was unable to look away once their eyes had met.

(Bg music)
**Jo meri manzilon ko jaati hai
Tere naam ki bani sadak hai na

Jo mere dil ko dil banaati hai
Tere naam ki koi dhadak hai na**

He takes her in his arms….
N went upstairs ….
Both r so lost into each other…
D magic of love is bonding dem..

He reached their room n put her down into d bed ….
(Remember she is wearing a suit)
He holded her dupatta n covered half of her face …

D chill winds r blowing inside making d era amorous….

(Bg music)
~ke ye darkasht hai ye
Jo aayi raat hai ye~

He bends n kissed her left eye…
N den d other eye…

She suddenly gets d flash of BISHWANATH call ..N moved back…
Sanskaar looked at her ..
“Vo….call…”-she stammers..
He holded her face n said huskly_”TU MERI BAAHO ME DUNIYA BHULA DE”(forget d world in my embrace)
She beamed drowning into his eyes .

~ke ye darkasht hai ye
Jo aayi raat hai ye
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de~

He bent down, his lips against her cheeks, brushing it lightly—and still that light touch sent shivers through her nerves, shivers that made her whole body tremble.

~Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh
Bade hi khaas hai yeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de~

Sanskaar frst tym is feeling dt he is not under his ctrl…something inside him is making him goes more n more into ragini….he wants her to forget all d worries ….he want her to show all his love…

~Ki armaan hai yeh
Guzaarish jaan hai yeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de~

He made her lay n comes over her
“If you want me to stop, tell me now,” he whispered. When she said nothing, he brushed his mouth against the hollow of her temple. “Or now.” He traced the line of her cheekbone. “Or now.” His lips were against hers.

~Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh
(Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh)
Bade hi khaas hai yeh
(Bade hi khaas hai yeh)~

lying this close to sanskaar, ragini couldn’t help but notice just how muscular his shoulders were, and how lush his lips looked. She let her gaze slip lower, to the rest of his body she had seen a thousand times, but which seemed so utterly different today.
She ws all lost in him….wen she heard him…

~Jo jazbaat hai yeh
(Jo jazbaat hai yeh)
Bade hi pak hai yeh
(Bade hi pak hai yeh)~


Before he could complete she had reached up and pulled him down to her, and the rest of his words were lost against her mouth. He kissed her gently, carefully, but it wasn’t gentle though and she knotted her fists in his shirt, pulling him harder against her. He groaned softly, low in his throat, and then his arms circled her, gathering her against him, and they rolled over on the bed, tangled together….

~Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh
(Jo ab lamhaat hai yeh)
Bade hi khaas hai yeh
(Bade hi khaas hai yeh)
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de~

She sobbed a little seeing his pure love ..the way he was caring about her in all dis love making session…

‘Hush,’ he said, And he kissed her eyelids again, then her lips.And it continued… Then, slowly, he pulled away.

She groped for him, as if she is blind
And he kissed her again, slipping her dress out of her body. His strong and gentle hands began to stroke her, caress her….

Gentle. Not frightening. Knowing what he was doing. She felt her hormones rise, d warm feeling strted making her crazy….

‘Shhh, it’s all right, don’t panic, just relax .’_sanskaar whispered

He was slow, gentle, moving down her body, down …

and she was all covered wid his love .

Pure love…

there was a sharp brief pain


and then a sweet spasm went through her…..

and she seemed to rise ….
no more pain
just the sweetness..
the incredible feeling….

~Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de
Bhula de, bhula de
Wo.. tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de
Bhula de, bhula de, bhula de~

She heard sanskaar fast breaths ….
She can feel his head on her body..
She can feel dt he is panting…
Bt she ws extremely tired…
She can’t even able to open her eyelids..

She moved her hands over his head…
N stroked dem gently ….
“I LOVE YOU”-she muttered before drifting into slumber…..

Sanskaar gazed at her …
N moved his heavy body from her delicate one…
He looked at her baby face…
He den goes down n worn his white pyjama…
N den picked one of her Tooth_craved long T_shirt n moved towards her
He looked at her body which turned all reddish pink bearing his love ..
He kissed her forehead n slipped her into dat t_shirt…

He climbed d bed n took her into his embrace….covered demselves wid a duvet….kissed her forehead again saying _”I LOVE U ” n slept intertwineing wid her…

~Ki darkhaast hai yeh
Jo aayi raat hai yeh
Tu meri baahon mein duniya bhula de~


Done wid dis chappy!!hope u all lyked it..shower ur views regardng dis in d comment box.
? ? ?

lots of love
keep rockng n stay blessed
yours fairy ?

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