Jab love hua (ragsan) part- 21 ~fairy

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link to prev. Episode- Part 20 here

so lets start episode_21

Ragini opens her eyes n her pure orbs met wid sanskaar’s determined ones!!
She touched her hairline n gazed her fingers to found red color on it!!

A lone tear escaped her eyes!!
She ws not in sense to understand nything!!
She jst knows dat she ws in need n again sanskaar helped her…Donno how he always does dis,she feels dat he can sense her worries ,can read her thoughts,can feel her pain!!

She ws continuously looking at him!!
Her trance got broken ,wen sanskaar again holded her palm,n smoothly dragged her to d inspector !!

“Now she(ragini) can live here na!! As she is MY WIFE!!”-said sanskaar determinigly

All r looking towards ragsan !! Some wid happiness ,some wid confusion,some wid anger(ofcourse shekher) bt someone ws dere who jst wanted to dance? he is none other den LAKSH? he ws grinning ear to ear?!!

“What d hell!! How can marriage happen like dis?? Inspector y u r not saying nything!!”-said shekher moving towards inspector

“See Mr.sanskaar !!court doesnt approve dis type of marriage,it requires officially registered marriage papers!! So for now let miss.Ragini go wid Mr.shekher nly!”

“Bt inspecter ragini doesn’t wants to go wid him(SHEKHER),den y r u forcing her??”-finally Annapurna broked her silence.

“It doesn’t matter Mrs.maheshwari!! Since Mr.shekher is nly her guardian,as written in d clause made by ragini’s parents , till marriage,so willingly or unwillingly miss.ragini have to go lwid him nly!!

“Mrs.ragini sanskaar MAHESHWARI”-groaned sanskaar,still holding ragini’s hand!!

“Jst shut d hell up!!?”-screemed shekher n marched towards RagSan!

He came near ragini n grabbed her hand .he turned n dragged ragini!!
? Bt He didn’t even moved an inch!!
He again applied all his force n tried to drag her.
?still Nothing happend
She ws dere at her place n even shekher ws still standing where he ws!!

Shekher looked back ,nly to found sankaar’s hand on ragini’s .sanky ws gazing down holding ragini’s hand!!
(As u know no body can overpower our bahubali’s strength?)

Laksh laughs widin himself seeing SHEKHER’S condition?_”now nobody can separate my brother from his dulhan?”

Shekher tried to pull ragini towards him again n again wid all d force n power!!N in dis process her hand pained a lill n a moan escaped her mouth_”ahh!!”
Dis sound alarmed sanskaar n he gazed shekher !!
Sanskaar moved in front of ragini ,n held SHEKHER’S hand!!
Seeing sanskaar’s dreadfull eyes ,shekher started sweating?!!

Sanskaar removed SHEKHER’S hand from ragini’s n protectively made her stand beside him!!

Shekher got hell angry n moved towards ragini!!
“I don’t consider dis marriage!!”
Saying so he ws about to rub ragini’s sindoor !!

– ragini slapped him tightly ?

“Don’t u dare to touch it!!”-said ragini .her face is all red in anger!!

Sanskaar ws jst staring her,as dis is d frst tym he is seeing her dis much angry!!

“I thought,i ws d most fortunate grl in dis world dat i got such a beautiful n lovely family!! Bt(she sobbed) …Bt suddenly,everything changed?!! My mumma_papa !!dey!!dey!!left me???!!den u (looking towards shekher ) u, Chachi n swara became my life!!i again started living in ur love!!,(she moved close to shekher) u always treated me like ur own daughter,i think more den swara u pampered me,u always fulfilled my demands ,always cared for me more den nything!!TILL NOW I CANT BELIVE DAT ,ALL DOSE WERE JST UR PLAN?!!U ws nly interested in my property,nothing else…SHAME ON U !! Litterelyy shame on u!!how could u do like dat!! Arey,leave about me,u don’t even left ur own daughter n wife!! Such a cheap person u r!! For money u can even harm ur own family!!che!!! U have tortured us like hell!!?!!arey,u were about to sell me to dat monster(rudra)!!how could u ,how could u(she shouted shaking shekher )!!! Bt somehow Chachi n swara made me escape from dere!! N destiny bought me here,in MAHESHWARI family(she looks at d family members emotionally)!!here I got to know about d real meaning of family!! D love ,d care dey have given me?!!after my parents death,i couldn’t able to sleep properly,bt dere(maheshwaris) warmth have embraced me n made me sleep so peacefully!! I can never repay dem(she said folding her hands in front OF all elders)”-ragini poured all her heart feelings n broked down!

Sanksaar heart pinched seeing d pain dis grl had hidded widin her innocent smile!!she had went through so much !!

Sujata came to her n made her stand_”bas!!je mare chori hai,ise yaha se kise ko na le jane dungi mai!!”(she is my daughter,i wont let Nybody take her away)-warned she looking towards inspector !

“Stop all dis drama!! Law doesn’t believe in dis emotional talks,it need nly n nly proofs !!,

Sanskaar messeged someone_”kaha hai. Jaldi aa!”(where r u ,come fast!)

Sanskaar looked at d tym n ws continuously tapping his feet!!

“Look miss.ragini…”-inspector
“It’s Mrs.”-interuppted sanskaar
“Kanooni taur par vo abhi tak Mrs. Bani nahi hai(she is not Mrs. In front of law)”-inspector

“Nahi bani hai to ab ban jayegi(she”ll become now!!!)_a voice came from d entrance

All gazed towards d door!!
A smile crept in sanky’s lips seeing d person ?

He is none other den GURMEET(GURU NIKKAR? ,jigri yaar of sanky,i hope u all have remembered him? n yap he is a lawyer?)Guru moved towaRds sanskaar n gave him d papers!!
Sanky signed it as fast as he could n forward it to ragini!!

She looks confused!!Bt sanskaar assured her !!she also signed it!!N den sanskaar returned it back to Guru!!

“Inspector now dey r officially married,so I think now u won’t be having any problem letting Mrs.ragini sanskaar MAHESHWARI to be here ,in her own house!!”_said gurmeet showing d marriage papers to inspector.

Wen all d drama ws going on!! Sanskaar messeged guru to bring marriage papers soon!!N den he goes towards ragini n filled her mang!!(hehe!! Our Bahubali is d smartest yaar??)

Fb end…

Inspector raed d papers n nodded in yes..N before leaving he even CONGRATULATED ragsan?!!

“U have done a huge mistake ragini!!now I”ll hit two wid one stone?!! U n dis maheshwaris wl have to pay!! I”ll soon return back!!jst wait n watch!!”-warned shekher !!

Dp came in front of him n pushed shekher !!”guards throw him out,r8 now”-ordered dp!!N soon shekher ws thrown out!!

Sujata ,uttara n pari hugged ragini!!
Rags looked at Ap? …n soon Ap opened her embrace n signed ragini to come..
Rags run towards Ap n hugged her tightly!!smiling through her tears!!
Ap caressed her hair gently!!

Ap kissed rags forehead n said_”isse ache bahu mujhe aur kaha milte”(I couldn’t get a better daughter in law den ragini)
Rags blushed ?

Dp ws all d way silent n finally said_”ragini beta go to ur room!!U must be tired!!take rest!!”

Rags noodded n goes to her room!!

As soon as she disappeared!!
Dp came in front of sanskaar !!

“Sanskaar I never Expected,u”ll do something like dis!!widout even asking about ragini’s decision ,u forcefully married her!!Dis is not done!!”-said Dp

“Arey,bt d situation ws like dat nly na..y r u blaming sanskaar bhaisaa!!I m proud of him,he had done absolutely correct”-interuppted Rp

“Bt widout ragini’s decision!!”-dp said bt ws cutted by Ap

“Havnt u seen her smile!! I think she is happy wid dis marriage!!”-said Ap
“Ha nai to aur kya!! Apne sanskaar jaisa ladka kaha milega!!aur vo mari beti hai!! Mere marzi mai jaha bhi uske shaadi karvao..bs!!”(no body can be better den our sanksaar!! N ragini is my daughter,its my decision whereever i want her to get married dats it!!)-said Suji

While all d house members were bsy in debating about d marriage ,our Bahubali goes into a flashback!!

Wen ragini ws confessing her love for sanky in front of laksh!!
SANSKAAR ws passing by dere n had heard it all?
His heart skip a bit!!
He accept it or not!!Bt he also feels special for ragini!!
He can hide his feelings from others bt what about his inner self!!
He ws confused about dis new borned feeling!!
So as usual he asked his SHIVJI?
He touched his heart N said_”kya mai bhi Ragini se pyaar krta ho??mujhe kuch smjh naj aara !!pata kaise chalega ye pyaar kaise hota hai??hey shivji,aap he kuch rasta dekho”(do I also love ragini?M not getting nything!!how wl I know ,how dis love happens??hey Shivji!plz help me!!)

He came back from FB…

sanksaar looked at d god idol n smiles!!

Ap_”uff!!we”ll discuss about it later!!now sanksaar also must be tired!!let him take some rest”

She caressed his hair n said_”beta u go?”

He climbed d stairs n ws about to go to his room wen he saw ragini’s door opened n found her marching left_r8_left being lost in deep thoughts!!

He gazed down towards his family n found everyone bsy planning about d marriage arrangements!!
He laughed seeing laksh dancing crazily?!!

He den looked up n got lot of courage n finally went inside ragini’s room!!

No wonder he is nervous?

“Ragini…”-he said ,grabbing her attention..

She tuned n found him!!her love?
Widout even blinking she hugged him tightly_”thnku so much for everything sanskaar!!”-she said being lost in him!!

He felt so comfortable in her hug!!N all his nervousness vanished away!! He ws about to hug her back!!

Bt Before he could embrace her ,she moved back!!
She ws litterely shivering for d frst tym after hugging a guy,who is her husband for sure?
She avoided eye contact!!
She is behaving like a typical grl?

“Ragini!! I want to tell u something!!actually wanna say sorry to u !!(she looked at him confusingly) vo I married u widout ur permission!!(she ws about to deny,bt words r not coming out of her mouth!!) Yaar dat situation ws nly like dat!!I ddnt get nything else!! Bt don’t wry!!I won’t force dis marriage on u!!if u want u can cancel dis marriage!!yeah!! So do u want to cancel??”_SANSKAAR asked innocently,n hoping her answer to be a BIG NO!!

she finally closed his mouth keeping her palm over his lips!!
“Shhhh!!!!!uff!!kitna bolte ho yaar Bahubali!!(how much u talk yaar Bahubali)”-said ragini coming back to her original avtaar?
She cont.-“n wtever u have done,thanku so much for dat!!”-said she softly!!

“I can’t promise to be d best wife or DIL,bt I wl try my best to be so!!”-said she

He ws looking at her eyes ,which shows her love,her care,n how much she is thankful to him!!

He nodded !!
N said_”and I”ll always be dere beside u in each n every phase”

She removed her hand n bited her lower lip trying to hide her happiness!!

He moved towards d door n ws about to leave d room wen he said_”aa!!vo ra..Ragini!!! I want to say one more thing!!”

Ragini looked at him n his back ws facing her!!

“Hmm! Say!!!”-said she

Sanky murmers to himself_”common sanskaar say it!! Plz plz say it!! U can’t carry dis sin!! U have heard her talks widout letting her know,n dis is a sin!!shivji wl curse u!!jst say it!!!”

He looked up n narrowed his eyes!!N finally spoked_”aa…vo…vo…aaa….. (He huffed) vo I have heard u wen u were confessing about ur feelings towards me in front of laksh”-said he rapidly n moved out of d room,superfastly!! ?

Leaving RAGINI Freezed at her place wid opened mouth??!!??


Guyz done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it..shower ur views regardng dis in d comment box.
? ? ?

lots of love
keep rockng n stay blessed
yours fairy ?

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