Jab love hua (ragsan) part- 2 ~fairy

Hey guys??wish u all a veryyyyyyy hpppy diwli..have a safe n superb dipawali??????.fairy is back wid another episode..thnku sooo very much for such beautiful comments on previous chappy..n thnx a lot for lykng sanky’s charecter,hope u all wl gve same love to ragz also??

Link to previous episode- part-1

So lets start episode 2 ……

PAPA PAPA LUKO LUKO(stop-stop)!!-says a cute lill grl running down d stairs…

Hearing her a man of about 30 yrs stopped n turnned back to face the sweet angel.

D lill grl stopped after seeing d man.
He smiles n picked her up in his arms -ALLE!mera baccha..why r u shouting.hmm!!
Lill grl-papa-papa .i want a teddy bear just like swara’s.she doesnt let me play with her teddy,cho i told her dat my superhero wl bring a new n bigger teddy for me.u”ll buy it for me na.
She asked really cutely
Seeing her twinkling eyes d man(father of d grl) melted n nodded inYES…!!!

LILL GRL-(happily)yeyyy!!!!u r d bst superhero..(she kissed his cheeks from her soft baby lips)

A voice of a lady comes from back-ragini!!kissy nly for papa nt for mamma hmm!!!

D lill grl ws our ragini..

Rags -oh mumma(she jumped from d mans arm n runs to her mumma n she picked her up)

Rags kissed her mumma n says-i love u more my super mumma!!

D man comes n pout!!
Man-dats nt fair ragini..papa loves u more na ….
Women-no rago beta mumma loves u more.n JAY(pointng towards d man)plz stop bribbng her to love u more…

JAY-m nt bribbng her..its u SHREY who bribbes ragoo to love u more by makng her fav. Dishes…

Shreya-no its u
Jay-its u


dey hear lill ragini shoutng through all her voice….

Rag-mumma papa i love u both equallly. f9…now stop fghtng lyk kids..dont know wen u both wl grow up.

She says in one go n hit her head by her palm in disbelief.

Jai-shreya-looks at her sweet daughter antics n den burst out in laughter.

By hearng voices sumi shekher wid dere daughter lill swara comes out of dere room.

[Sumi shekher n jai shreya lives together in jai’s house
Shekher is younger brother of jai]

Jai is a big bussinessman.hes a self made man.shekher always gets jealous of him.shekher jst want his property n so behaves nicely wid dem.

Shreya handed rags to sumi n says -rago beta me n ur superhero r going for some important work.we”ll come back soon okay.till den NO BADMASHI.n behave well wid sumi chachi n dont fight wid swara hmmm!!shez younger to u na..so take care of her haaan!!!

She cares rags cheeks n says-my strong baccha!!

Jai-bye ragoo…we”ll get back soon..

Rag-bye mumma papa .love u both.

Jai-shreya smiled n bids bye to everyone & gets close to d car.
Everyone was waving dem from inside d house.
Jai opens d drivng seat door n shreya opens d door nxt to him.
As dey opened d door to sit . BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!


doctor- m really sorry we couldnt save dem.

A grl shouted n jerked up from her dream n is reallly horrified n sweatng….

She breaths heavily…
Den closes her eyes n opens it..n looks on beside her bed in d table clock.

D clocks beeps:12:50 a.m.

Den she looks around her ..

D room ws dark bt still moonlight is making d surrdoundngs clear.it ws a grand room wid purple walls n silver large curtains covering d big windows.a round huge bed wid black quilt n silver shinney bedsheet.n soft pillows.a huge LCD N all d lavish facilities r dere.

D grl stopped starng d room n holds her head n sighs in disbelief.

Grl-ahh!!!again ….ragini u”ll surely became mad one day

(Yes guys shez r grown up priencess ragzy baby)

She removes d quilt n putted her legs down d bed to wear her soft fluffy cute blue sleepers matching to her royal ,silky,smooth,bluish night gown.

After wearng d slippers she moves towards d window .whch ws already opened. .her long beautiful hairs r opened n r movng due to wind.she goes closer to d window .
Her big hazel eyes wid beautiful long eyelashes turned out to b more beautiful wen she looks at moon.

Rag-super man n supermom i miss u both!!
A small tear escaped from her eyes n crossing through her reddish cheeks reached her glossy pinkish lips. N den dropped down in d floor.


her thoughts gets disturbed by her ringtone…(which certainly suits her situation)

She wiped her tear n picked her “I PHONE”

From rags side..
Yes almas darling say…
okay den…
No no…m nt sleepy.
Actually thnx ,i ws jst gettng bored here..
i”ll b dere in 15 mint.
Bye darling..

She pressed d red light n ended d call..

She throws d cell on bed n goes towards her grand n lavish wardrobe.n opened it.
Its like a big room..
She goes inside it n ONN d light.
One side its full of new october collection of cloths ,other side heels,bellies,flats,boots of different colors n d third side is full of accessories..

She picked a black shoulderless short dress till thigh wid belt n black boots .

She gets ready quickly n wears d required accesorries n opened her hair straight wid a puff..n completed her looks wid lill makeup n dark red lip color.

She is lookng pleasent to eyes..her dressing is showng her personality.

Shez a bold beautiful n smart modern grl.who knows her boundaries.she covers up her emotions by dese branded things n makeup.

She throws her boots n den herself jumps down from window n secretly sneek out of d house n started her black sports car n proceed towards her destination…
She stops d car n downs d window, jst to look at d grand place wid fountain n 3 huge ugly lookng bouncers in d entrance.den she looks up n murmers

I hvnt unfold rags charecter properly…u”ll get to know more about her as d story proceed?so jst wait n njoy!!!

So many questions were poppng on ur minds r8..!!

How rags parents died.
Is it a planned murder or somethng else?
Y she had to sneek out as thief from her own house?

N most imp. Queston how”ll RAGSAN meet?? 🙂

Till now u all must have undersrand dat ragini n sanskaar r totally opposite to eo,hes full on puja-path vala n shez full on crazy brat….so lets see how love wl blossom btween dem 😉

To know about all dese questions stay tuned wid me.
So guys done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it…so now shower ur views in d comment box 🙂 🙂 🙂

Lots of love.
Keep rockng n stay blessed.
Yours fairy 😉

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    1. Fairy

      Thnku soooo much love dear????keep rockng n stay blessed???

  1. Crystal089

    superb ragini’s charcter’s mystery loved it waiting for ragsan meet………..

    1. Fairy

      Thnku sooo much crystal sweety…keeep rockng n stay blessed dear?????

  2. Asw

    Good episode 3yrs old kid lost her parents is so horrible

    1. Fairy

      Thnku soooomuch sweety???ya its reallly sad???keep rockng n stay blesed dear????

  3. Silent_writer

    Wooooow fairyyyyyy u rocked ittttt loveeed it n more over shekr may b planned to murder them just a guess but its totally unique poor rags but she is strong from outside loved ittttt alot stay blessed keep rockingggggggggggg lov u b happy?

    1. Fairy

      Thnku chooooo vala much my creative sweetheart???????lets see wt wl happpen???keep rockng n stay blessed babe??????????l

  4. Richa19

    Superb.. Feeling sad for ragu… Well…

    Happy diwali dear!!!! ??

    1. Fairy

      Thnku so so oooooo much sweety????ya dr me too feelng bad for her????bt destiny had planned smthng good ??so dnt wry dr ☺keep rockng n st blessed dearu????njoy diwali dr?

  5. Superbbb

    1. Fairy

      Thnku so much piya sweety???keep rockng n stay blessed???

  6. Kakali

    Happy Diwali to u toooo Fairy… play Safeee…
    waaaa u r a writer also… today i got to know… haaa !!! it’s a pleasant surprise dear… love it.. Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Fairy

      Awww!!!kakali????yeh!!! Hehhehehe u cn say a sort of writer 😛 😀 ….ur comment is lyk a diwali gft for me yaar???thnku sooooo very much For such a sweet sacomment sweety?????keep rockng n stay blessed dearu?????????????

    2. Kakali

      Fairly tight wala Same pinch…
      huhhh !!! sort of writer… *sleep into coma..

      u r a brilliant writer dear.. haaa!!!
      Stay blessed dear,, u r rocking with ur FF… ;-*

      1. Fairy

        Hahahaha oh god!!!so much compliment..now i”ll sleep into coma.. 😛 …..heheheh….thnkuuuuu soooo vala much yaar!!!!njoy diwali dear…catch u tommorrow in d written SR update…??? take care cutie.???love u?????

  7. Jazzy

    Hey fairy dear it was awesome just like u And I liked ragini’s character more than sanskar heheheheh being a ragini fan and I think it was a planned murder byshekar and their meeting will start by fighting

    1. Fairy

      Awww!!!!my j. Thnku sooooo much yaaar???? hehhehehe yey!!!m so happy dat u loved my ragz???? about d murder,u”ll get to know about it later…n dere meetng??heheehe jst read d nxt update…hope u”ll lyk it!!!!???keep rockng n stay blesedsweetypie????

  8. Dharani


    1. Fairy

      Thnku cho much sweety???? keep rockng n stay blessed???

  9. Balaji

    very interesting

    1. Fairy

      Heyya bala thnku sooo much yaaar????keep rockng n stay blessed dearu????

    1. Fairy

      Thnku sooo much j sweety???keep rockng n stay blessed???

  10. Asra

    awesome dear….feeling bad for ragini….i think ragini hide her sorrow and feeling with her craziness….loved it core…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

    1. Fairy

      Awww!!!thnx a ton dearu….thnku soooo very much…yes dear u r absolutely r8 she hides hr sorrow wid craziness..!!!!keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety???

  11. It was brilliant Chapter Didu…I loved it…I think it was a Shemish plan to kill parents of my Ragu..BTW Di Does Swara is negative or positive??I l loved my Ragu today…Just waiting for second part…
    Till then Bye Didu..
    Take care..
    Keep Smiling
    Love u lots..

    1. Fairy

      Aww!!!my babu thnku choooooo much for d comment sweety????n about d mystry u”ll get to know about it later cutie….well dear swara is nt at all negtive…she share a gr8 bond wid ragz?u”ll see it in later episodes…n i love u dear????keeep rockng n stay blesed dearu???????

  12. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Both are totally opposite to each other
    Excited for the upcoming
    So sad that Ragini lost her parents in her very small age and that to Infront of her eyes so horrible
    Waiting for the next one……………

    1. Fairy

      Thnku soooooooo very much sweetheart…ya dear its reallly sad for her!!!n yap ragsan r totallly opposite 😛 …keep rockng n stay blessed dear??????always keep smiling sweeety?????????????

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome dear
        Keep smiling???

      2. Fairy

        U too dr keep smiling n take care???

  13. Ragz_teju

    awesome.. loved it to the core… eagerly waiting to know how ragsan will fall for each other being so different from each other… Happy diwali Dear

    1. Fairy

      Thnku sooooo very much sweety??????hmmm!!!l lets see how”ll dey fall for eo..????keeep rockng n stay blessed dear????njoy diwali dearu?????

  14. AMkideewani

    Superb my babe❤️❤️❤️❤️????

    1. Fairy

      Thnku sooooo very much my sweetheart?????????????keeeep rockng n stay blessed babe???

      1. AMkideewani

        You too dear???

      2. Fairy


  15. A.xx

    Waiting to know how our 2 opposites will attract,,
    will they meet when Rags’ is drunk or will he save her in a heroic way??
    waiting for next part,,
    update soon and keep rocking.xx

    1. Fairy

      Frst of alll thnx a ton for d comment sweety????hehehehehe u”ll see in d nxt part hw”ll dey meet…hope u wl lyk it???keep rockng n stay blessed dear??????????

  16. Deesh

    awesome epi!! poor ragu, she has to face all these. Feeling bad for ragu. eagerly waiting for ragsan meet.

    1. Fairy

      Thnku sooooo vala much deesh for d comment??yap dr poor rags????n u”ll get to know how”ll ragsan meet in d nxt part…hope u”ll lyk it…????keeep rockng n stay blessedsweety?????

  17. Sally_blr

    Im so late sorry for that. As expected it was awesome. I really feel bad for her as she lost her parents at young age n im waiting for ragsan meet

    1. Fairy

      No dr u r nt at all late???thnx a ton yaar for comment….yes dr its reallly sad???…n for ragsan meet ,jst wait for nxt update…keep rockng n sta blessed sweety???????

  18. Samairaseth

    Nice.I think shekhar planned the murder.

    1. Fairy

      Thnku so much dear???lets see whoz d murderer!!!!keep rockng n stay blessed sweety???????

  19. Astha

    r u waiting for my cmnt?

    i know answer is yes……. but waiting for lovable ones msg is good feeling thought to give u thats y…..
    actually real is yesterday only i know u updated but yesterday i was hell tired then morning i read sam’s ff. comparing to her urs will be long so thought to read in lunch break (i’m study leave)

    coming to epi….. ur description skill…… omg….. i sholud learn that from u my doll…. actually i thought to mention it in previous epi but forgot…… really u r fit for a perfect novelist……. really liked ur description skill very much……
    abt rag’s parents death….. the reason is not shekar only…. he was accompanied by his evil frnd… i think?
    eagerly waiting for ragsan meet….. i told na they will meet at club….. still i’m not conformed…. bcoz there is chance to “may san only will see rag with her short dress, then he will leave later shourya slap…. but san wont see this” ” no ragsan meet” it was my stupid guess dont know if it is true or not.

    1. Fairy

      Yes yes yess!!!!i ws eagerlyyyy waitng for ur comment dear???
      Ahh!!!thnku soooo much for such an awesome comment…i thought u”ll not comment as ur xamz r near,bt u commented so thnkx a ton for taking out tym for commentng here…bt dear dnt waste ur tym in my ff…now xamz r more imp.so utilise ur break tym in restng or for somethng good???n oh my god!!!!so much of compliment n dat to for me…oh god i reallly cnt believe it…hahahaha m tryng dear to gve my best bt u n many more writers r much better here …m jst tryng to not dissapoint u…u all r my inspiration…i hav learnt soo many thngs from u guys nly…
      N ur gussing is sooo awesome… Bt its lill diff.. Jst wait for nxt part,u”ll get to know about it….hope u”ll lyk it…keep rockng n tay blessed my sweetweet sweeet vale heart????????????love u soooooo much my doll???????????????n i know ur xamz wl b rockngggggg???

  20. Raglaksan123

    I lov it sis keep it up … wish to u all the best … bt sis can u tel me how to post ff in Telly update because there is a story in my mind .. i wabt to share it tellyupdate readers plzz

    1. Fairy

      Aaww!!thnku sooo much dear..??? n m sendng u pm ,jst check it…u”ll get to know how to post ur story…n alll d bt for ur story dear???wish to see u soon wid a rockng ff??????keep smiling n stay blessed dear?????

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