Jab love hua (ragsan) part- 14 ~fairy

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Part 13

so lets start episode 14….

A tear skipped her eyes….as she closed it tightlyyyy burrying her head in his back n grasping his shirt wildly ….shoutingg from d peak of her voice_”SANSKAAAAAAARRRR”…..

Screen blurs…

After few minutes…..

We could hear loud sound of heartbeat.
As d scene gets clear,we can see a grl litterely shivering…shez none other den ragini..sweat is all over her face.Her brain had shut down. She was clammy and there was the x brain to play on her deepest fears.
She slowly opens her eyes…
Her hands were trembling….
Her eye balls moves n found dat d bike ws standing in sand n sanskaar had both his foot down to balance d bike.. she looks back n found d truck had already left..
den reality striked her dat before d bike could dashed wid truck ,sanskaar moved it to other side n skit it into sand to stop . she loosened her grip from sanskaars shirt as She found herself safe….N quickly jumped off from d bike…

Sanskaar stand his janeman n came towards ragini…
As she felt his presence she turned towards him …

“I…I’m sorry..”_said she in low voice
Coz she know dat,dis tym she ws wrong!!
He glared her bt as he saw her condition ,dat shez still in a fearful state .he felt lill sympathy on her …N his anger starts melting away…

He callled his driver n asked him to come dere….

She gazed him suspiciously…
N ws about to say smthng wen he interrupt _”I hope now u get dat sometyms prank would lead to disaster!!hmmm….”
He said looking at her…
“I hope now u”ll never do smthng lyk dis….” He looks at her trembling fingers n found dat shez still scared.”n m also sorry…I ddnt want to frighten u so much.. I jst wanted u to learn a lesson…as m emotionally attached to dis(indicating his janeman),n i reallly can’t stand dose people who dosent value d emotions of a person…so dats y in my anger…I ended up lyk dis…so m also sorry..”_said he..

She jst nodded her head blankly..

Sooon car comes dere…
He ordered d driver to take ragini back to home n he”ll b back afterwards..

She silently goes towards d car n while opening d door , looked at him…he ws also lookng at her…both dere eyes met n an unknown feelng again runs through dere veins..

She break d eyelock n sat inside d car…
sooon d car vanishes away in thin air…
Days passes by….

In all dese days rags never messed up wid sanky….she mostly stay far from him…coz she knows dere equation is lill different…dey could never b frnds..so it’s better to avoid him as much as possible…

Her bondng gets stronger wid family members…specially wid laksh n uttara..

Rashmi n ansh(pari n adarsh’s kids) who returned from dere school camp,found a new person in dere family….N soon dey also mingled well wid ragini..


Uttara in_laws (vyas family)came..
(Dey r also a typical marvari family as maheshwaris)

*Shobha vyas-uttaras mother in law
*Dev vyas-uttaras would b husband
*Arun vyas-uttaras father in law

Shobhaji arunji wid some ladies came to MAHESHWARI NIWAS..

All welcomed dem…
All d youngster touched dere feet…

Dey came inside…
after a few seconds…
Rags came out…
Vyas family asked about her…
“Ahh;!!!!shez uttaras friend… came here for uttaras marriage”_said ap n smiled

Rags looks on n said_”u r uttaras in_laws r8″
Shobhaji nodded…
Rags goes to dem n said_”hii…m ragini..?”

Vyas family looked shocked at her…
D way she introduced herself is lill shockng for dem.?
Maheshwaris looks at eo n gulps…while laksh supresses his laughter…

“Vo vo…she is from foreign …dats y she doenst know much about our traditions n all…”_said ap to cover up d situation

Rags still doesn’t understand dat y all r lookng at her weirdly…she jst smiled n goes back towards pari n stands dere…

Vyas family finalised a date for DEV UTTARA’s engagement…..

D mansion ws beautifully decorated …
Guests r continuously coming..
for rags safety,Media wasnt allowed dere.
She feels so blessed to see dat dey cared so much for her…

All d MAHESHWARI family were gathered on hall…
At dat tym VYAAS family arrived …
Maheshwaris welcoms dem whole heartedlyy…

After a while..
Pari n ragini brings uttara who ws wearing a beautiful lehenga n ws lookng super cute ?….

Everyone ws complimenting utts …

Bt our sanskaar’s eyes jst got stuck on our gorgious diva(my rapunzel?) RAGINI ….who ws wearing a shimmering stone studded peach colored half lehenga saree……N ws lookng not less den ny QUEEN…

Dey(rag-pari) make utts sit besides DEV on stage …..

Suji-“jey choriyo..thora nacho vachooo..(common grls let’s dance vance)”

Pari giggles n winks at rags….


Munda thoda.. offbeat hai
Par kudiya de naal.. bohat sweet hai (x2)
Dhongi sa ye bada dheeth hai
Viral hogya ye Tweet
(*Pari n ragini comes to DEV n teases him)

Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki
Humne kardi taiyari hai
(*Laksh joins dem n dances wid both of dem)

Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazare (x2)

Khasma nu khaane!
Hadipa… Hadipa…
(*Trio were dancing gracefully n all r enjoying seeing dem)

Hallu bade karaar

Karam na laalu bade karaar (aa ha!)
Chadh chadh ke chaubaar
Karam naal sweetu aaja maar (aa ha!)

Chak De!

Munde plenty mere layi hogaye senti
O tere layi hogaye senti
Tere layi hogaye senti
(*Rags sings n moves towards laksh)

Tere liye main set hoon
Iss baat ki guarantee
(*Laksh sings n indicate to rags)

Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki, lagan teri ki
Humne kardi tayaari hai
(“Sanky who ws watchng dem,comes btween raglak n starts singing)

Sehra baandh, tujhe kood-faand
Tujhe le jaana iss baari hai
(*Raglak got surprised seeing sanky dancing n den laksh continues)

Zor-zor se shor-wor kar
DJ gaan bajaane aa
Ruthde ruthde jija fuffad
Humne saare manane haan (x2)
(*Rags does some cute moves n sanky ws continuously watching her)

Par phool wool karne mein cool
Tu badi tezz katari hai
Shagan teri ki
Lagan teri ki
Humne kardi taiyari hai
(*Laksh saw sanky gazing rags n smiled …he goes to sanky n patted his shoulder n takes him towards her n starts singing)

Nachde ne saare ral-mil ke
Aaj hil-dul ke
Le saare ke saare nazare (x2)

Nachde ne saare..
Nachde ne saare..
(*All were dancing n enjoying demselves,a curved appears on sanky face seeing rags laughng wholeheartedly)

Khasma nu khaane!
(*Suji said n kissed raglaksan).
Everyone ws enjoyng d party…wen pandit said_”mahurat ka samayy hogaya hai.”(it’s d tym for engagement)

All compiled …
“But where is DEV beta??!!”_asked durgaprashad
Everyone looks confused bt ddnt find Dev…
“He must b here only…wait i”ll check”_said sanky n goes to find him.

Everyone ws searching for DEV …

Rags ws also lookng for him wen she heard some sounds from d garden side.
She looks out through d window suspiciously bt couldn’t see clearly whose dere…She heard a grl sobing bitterly…
“Please please don’t do dis…plzz…we love each other..N dis child is symbol of our love..”(she said placing d boys hand on her stomach)
– said d grl in chocking voice

Boy jerked her hand n said_”I already told u dat I don’t love u…dat ws jst a mistake…try to understand n jst get lost from here”
“Please don’t do dis to me please…….N I won’t let u spoil any innocent grls lyf…I won’t let dis marriage happen”_said she pointing finger towards him.
D boy turned around..N now rags could see his face…
He is nonE other den DEV..
He smirked n said_”u can’t do nythng ..uttara is my key to treasures..all I need is her money…u can’t ruin my plan…N if u try to do nythng den I”ll kill dis child”_said he squeezing her stomach.

rags eyes got wide open in shocked…she couldn’t believe wt shez seeing in front of her..d grl screems made her come back to reality n she rushes to garden.
Bt as she reached d site,she found no one…
She gets blanked n holds her head…
Den She heard announcement of engagement from inside n rushes dere..

“N now d beautiful bride to be n d handsome Munda wl make eo to wear dere love bands”_said d host

All clapped…
Uttara n dev were about to make eo wear d rings wen rags shouted loudly_”YEH SAGAI NAHI HOSAKTI”(dis engagement can’t happen).

Precap-sanskaar slapped ragini?

Guyz done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it..shower ur views regardng dis in d comment box.
? ? ?

lots of love
keep rockng n stay blessed
yours fairy ?

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    Aww thank you so much fairy….. you made me blush…… face palm 😀
    Hawwww sansku, what did you do with my poor, sweet, innocent and cute ragu, she got scared to death just becoz of your deadly prank. Is this the way to behave, you made her cry and she was shivering. god what if her heart stopped beating becoz of this, then what will you do without her, after all she is your hearts other half. very bad but its ok you asked sorry and she also came to know abt her mistake.
    Munda thoda.. off beat hai?????? fir se???? oho Fairy this your favourite song na….. i knew it, i just knew it. finally you have got chance to include it in this ff.
    Ahem Ahem!!!! did sanku come between raglak???? am i dreaming???? no, sansku did come in between raglak… so its means jealousy is developing inside his system….. or is it a new start of something beautiful…..
    but i dont believe this sansku. he is so unpredictable, kuchh bhi karta hai…. so jab tak bolega nahi mein manungi nahi.
    so uttara’s to be hubby is fraud, see again my ragu only came to know abt his truth, she loves to jump in the problems or problems only loves her so much that they cant live without her. dont know… i know like a good girl she will go and stop this engagement…….
    Precap :- caution its very dangerous to read, i mean how dare you sansky???? dont behave like sanki….. you slapped her? why? jaanane ke liye dekhiye Jab love hua ka agla part, tab tak ke liye stay tuned……. with Fairy…. 😀

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    dancing scenes r awesome dear especially Sanky come between raglak….Sanky u got jealous that to for ur brother….tooooo bad how many told u dear….don’t feel jealous of our raglak bonding…..bcz our ragu s only belongs to u….ragu s only for Sanky…Sanky s only for ragu…..it’s a truth of thz ff dear…no one can dare to separate u both dear…if anyone have thz dare means my cutiepie vll kill them….hena cutie…..Everyone in maheswari family s caring for our ragu….bcz of her they didn’t inform press…..soooo sweet and caring family….whole family protect your future daughter in law. .not bad…..
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