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Hey guyz fairy is back wid another chappy.;)how are u all????

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link to prev. Episode- Part 12

so lets start episode 13….



It feels so good to see my family so happy …I promise I”ll keep dem lyk dis always,wl never let ny sorrow to come across dem…dey r my everythng? shivji thnku so much for gvng me such a beautiful family…..

“Aunty how m I lookng.”_a voice interrupted my thoughts..

As I turned my gaze ,I saw everyone lookng somewhere from where d voice had came,my eyes instantly moved towards dat direction.
N soon it got engaged wid 2 beautiful orbs…..
An angelic figure proceed forward towards us…
Her gorgious features were directly attracting my HEART.
“DHAK DHAK-DHAK DHAK”_I heard my heart pumping so fast…
I holded left side of my chest n shooked my head..
den sooooooooooooon reality striked me…

oh shivji!!!how could I…ahhh!!!no ways I cant get attracted to such huh!!!? Grl…….

I blinked my eyes n tapped my head..”how???how???could I ddnt recognised her for a while….????”_i questioned my self n again looked at her to find out d answer….

“Oh!!!!so dats d reason”
I glanced her keenly…….
She ws wearing a yellow tight fitted half sleeve t_shirt wid a multicolored short over_coat N a long colorful lehenga sort of skirt…making her look traditional yet stylish.

“Yeah….dats d MAIN reason…I couldn’t recognize her….coz for d frst tym..m kinda lyking her dressing…it’s not lyk her usual short showy dresses,in whch she looks not less den ny BEGGER…”

Oh so she bought dis from ANDY…hmm!!!I thought dat….ahem ahem* …well thanks to shivji dat still she have some ethics left inside her….

I smiled in myself thinking about my own thoughts hahahahha?

“She ws busy wid rest of d family members…..yeah yeah!!everyone ws praising her…
Bt I don’t give a damnnn…

Huff!!!okay okay i gve a damn…even i DONNO why but my gaze always goes towards her….how many tyms I tried to not to look at her bt still somethng is attracting me…
Oh shivji!!!help me…

Bt one thing is dere….may wtever she wears or how badly she talks ,still her eyes shows somethng else.. ..
Wenever i hve seen her eyes,it showed me somethng different rather den wt i saw in front of me….her eyes r filled wid innocence ….I could feel pain deep inside it…pain of being alone ..pain of somethng unknown!!!

Dahh!!I know m thinking too much…uff!!dis grl….DONNO wts happening to me….”

I scratch my head n den goes towards lucky,who ws busy in praising dat DRAMEBAAZ…

# Ragini …..

I ws talkng to laksh,n since last ten minutes he ws continuously praising me for my new look….not nly he everyone here praised me..hehe even i found dis dress very comfy n stylo…though it have a traditional touch,bt still nobody could deny dat it’s a modern fashion?…THNKS TO ANDY?..

As I ws enjoyng d company of my new frnd cum partner(as I call him) lucky ,soon an UNLUCKY FACE came n disturbed us…

Yeah yeah!!he’s none other den DHAKKAD MAHESHWARI aka d crazy mannnnn….(arey!!he talks to bikes cum his so called janemann)
Uff!!!dis psycho mannn….

“I made an annoyng face n looked uninterestingly towards him!!” .?

I know hes not dat bad bt still his mentality dahh!!!irked me to d core…
I mean he lives in 21st century still his mentality is too outdated…

Bt still I DONNO y ,I feel somewhat different around himm…somethng unknown…somethng new….somethng soothing…yeahhh soothing…as if his presence decreases all my pains…

Wish if his mentallity could get changed someday?……

it feels so good being around dis familyy…all r so sweet (except for dat sadoo psycho)..everythng is so happy happy here. I feel complete around dem…I wish if i could have such a beautiful family…

“Beta ..take more na…u haven’t eaten anything till now….”_said ap aunty filling my plate wid lotz of stuffs…
“Jijjji….dekho je aajkal ke choriyo ko kay hogayo hai….phasion(fashion) mein haddi banti jare hai…..aye uttara chal jaldi ghee de jey ragini ko”(jiji see dese modern grls….dey r becoming so thin jst for fashion…uttara pass dat butter to ragini)_said sujju aunty ?

My eyes got widens seeing so much butter on my chapati…
Oh god!!sometym excess love is also dangerous for health..??
Dahh!!!now I surely need to continue my excercise orelse soon I”ll look lyk a DRUMmmm …

As I made weird faces after seeing so much of food in my THALI(plate),I looked up n found a silently laughng SANSKAAR…? whch irked me more..
Ahh!!!dis guy..I”ll kill him someday for sure…

I however unwantedly finished my meal n proceed towards my room wid so much of difficulty, holdng my overfilled tummy.
# a new brightful morning.?

“Om namo Shivay”_chantted d dev bhakt sanskaar as he comes out of d river beside d MANDIR.
d water droplets dropped down from his tonned body ..

“Bheemaaaa……”_shouted sanky comng out of d river.
“Aaya bhaiya jiiiiiiii”_replied bheema in his as usual 1000 volt voice..

Sanky takes d towel n strted wiping himself …N den putted it around his neck.

As he ws about to go he saw PUROHITJI n smilngly goes towards him n bends to take his AASHIRWAD bt as he ddnt get ny response he looked up to found PUROHITJI staring somethng very happily….
He gets up n looked towards d direction n became hell shocked to see RAGINI doing excercise n dat too in skin fitted black n pink stripped tracksuite …..??

Each tym she bend or gets up ….her fitted cloths shows some part of hers…everyone is enjoyng seeing her. .it’s lyk a lottery day for some pandits?n d rest were taunting her ….

Her each s*xy move…make all d men gasp_”uffff!!”

She being unaffected or we can say unknown to d fact ws still busy in her so called exercise ,listening to her fav. Playlist.

“What d hell…”_skipped from sanky’s mouth
“Bhaiyajiiiiiiii dats ragini memsaab na….hey!bhagwan wt is she doing..ram ram…N look all r staring her so weirdly”_said bheema bringing sanky back from his shocked state..

Sanky looked around n found all d BRAMHACHARI’s gazing her intensely….
Dats it!!!!
He can’t take it nymore..
He clinched his fist n moved towards his DD….

He goes to her n in no tym holded her hand n covered her wid his wet towel…..she gets starled wid his move bt den comes to senses n makes a questioning face.
He ddnt pay ny heed to her n dragged her wid him..
She looks at him blankly bt den jerked his hand n stands still at her place ..
He turned towards her n said wid rage_”wt d hell…come wid me now!!”
“Oh hellow!!!wts all dis??y r u dragging me lyk dis…N y u wrapped me wid dis smelly stinky already used towel.?”_she shotted back removing d towel.
“Silently come wid me”
“Why???wts ur prob. Haan??”

“I said jst come wid me r8 now”_said he holdng her hand again
“What d fish!!!leave my hand r8 now”
“Wt if i won’t?”
“Wts ur problem psycho.???I m doing my excercise…let me complete it…den nly i”ll go back”
“Ahh!!!excercise …hmm…is it a place to do excercise hmmm….r u out of ur mind?”_asked he howling.

“Excuse me….dp uncle nly told me not to go far from house, as it may can be risky…so I found nly dis place filled wid peace as well as greenery…..whch is perfect for mrng excercise?”-said she cheerfully.
“N do wtever u can…I WILL NOT GO FROM HERE …DATS IT”_continued she folding her hands around her chest wid full attitude.?
He sighs….
“U”ll never change…..”_said he before going close to her n carrying her in his muscular shoulder …now shez hanging on his right bare shoulder n he is holdng her tightly yet softly around her waist….

She became numb for a moments bt as reality striked her…
She started shouting n cursing sanskaar …..bt he paid no heed n proceeds towards car..

She keeps on beating on his back n movng her legs to n fro bt it’s of no use at all….coz it’s impossible to get out of our BAHUBALIS grip?

All d people looked at d scene… where a hot guy in white dhoti ws walkng, carrying an angel firmly wid his one hand n d other hand resting down…ragini gets tired of protesting n atlast gven up..

He putted her down as dey reached d car…..
She keeps on blabberng wen he pinned her to d car n said_”don’t u get it….r u a kid???hmmm…havent u seen how d people were gazng u dere….don’t u have brains…!!!!dis is MANDIR not a park…N if u wanna excercise …den u cn even do it in home…understood….!!”_shouted he…

Dere eyes were intact…..she realised her mistake ,n lowered her gaze_”m sorry…vo I ddnt know dat dis is MANDIR”_said she

winds passes by dem…
Sanky calms down hearng her soft voice…..N loosened his grip…

She looks at him ….N den her eyes caught somethng attractive n she shouted in excietment_”OH MY GAWD!!8PACKS”_Said she widening her eyes..

Sanky saw her n den realised wt she ws talkng about….a feelng of shyness occupied him? n he grabbed d towel from her hand n covered himself…

“Omg!!!u have such a well tonned muscular body yaar….u know I wanted to complement u yesterday nly in ANDY’S place bt den..ahh!!leave it…well!!!not bad hmmm!!DHAKKAD MAHESHWARI”_said she patting his shoulder ..

“Now come sit ….we are gettng late for morning AARTI”_said sanskaar ignoring her compliment….whch ws no doubt makng him blush from inside..???

Both sat on d car n proceeds towards MAHESHWARI NIWAS.

“Ragini beta!plz bring d THAAL of flower from outside, donno where dis bheema kamchor has gone”_asked Ap
Rags smiled n nodded in a yes..& goes outside….
She picked d THAAL n ws about to go back wen her eyes falls on d JANEMANN?️??(HEHE? rags y r u taking panga wid our BAHUBALI yaar)
Something’s striked on her mind n ? n a smirk came on her lips.
She looks around to check if d place is isolated or not….
N to her luck it ws.?
She proceeds towards janemann?️

She putted d THAAL on d top of a car parked dere n proceed towards janemann?️ n bends down to PUNCTURE D WHEEL…
“BT HOW”LL I PUNCTURE IT???”_asked rags to herself n den her tubelight gets onned?
She searched for something on her hair n takes out a black sharp point hair pin n smiles wickedly…

Her hairs which are till now were tied into a neat roll ,now gets opened up n falls down on her face…she locked dem back on her soft ears n den focuses on MISSION PUNCTURE…
She twisted her lips n her tongue comes out of her twisted mouth as she putted pressure to d pin n tries harder to puncture d wheel..
“PHISSSSSSsssssssss”_sound comes
N finally she succeeded……
“Yeyyyy!!!!!hogaya puncture…?”_chirped she n turned to go inside..

“THANNNNnnnnnnn”-d sounds comes out wen d THAAL touched d ground..

She gets numb for a while wen someone directly throws d THAAL of flowers on her …flowers showered on her face…..
Luckily d THAAL ddnt touched her a bit n falls down on d floor making a noise whch brings her back to senses..

She shooked her head n removes some petals to see who d hell had done dis????

As her view gets cleared she saw MR.MAHESHWARI standng dere straight wid his blood shot eyes n gritted teeths…

Her eyes became wide….”beta tu to gai(grl… u r gone now)”_murmers rags as she saw him clinching his fist ..

“Psycho…aaa..! ..I mean …sanskaar vo…”_bt before she could complete her sentence ,he came forwards n holded her wrist tightly n dragged her towards JANEMANN ……

she tries to interrupt bt ,it’s almost impossible to get out of his grip….

He made her sit on d back of his janemann n he himself sat on d front…

Before she could sense or realise nythng ….he strted his bike in 1 2 3 “ZZZZUUMMMMMMmmmmmm”_janemann gets vanished in thin air …..

D bike ws shakingggg badlyyyy bt he ws driving it crazilyyyy…….d speed ws more den maximum……

It’s not lyk rags is afraid of high speed coz she herself love to break all d speed records…
Bt dis tym matter is different….
D back wheel is somewhat punctured n is loosing it’s air fastly….
Due to which d bike ws trembling…!!

She knows it ws hard to ctrl it n dat too in such a furious speed!!!!….
N for d frst tym she panicked…
Yeah!!!litterely she panicked,whch ws proven by seeing d sweat comng out of her head…

“San…sansk…..sankaar….plz stop it!!!sanksaar plzzz….sanskaar mujhe dar lag raha hai(m afraid now)….sanskaar can’t u hear me…(a bit louder)…sanksaar i said stop it….sanksaar plzzzz….sanskaar I”ll not do somethng lyk dis again….sanksaarrrrr plzzzz for god sake stop d bike…….(-screemed she )…”

Bt as a result he increased d speed more n more n moree……..

Rags strted shivering due to fear n holded his shoulder tightly as much as she cannnnn!!!!!

“PEEEP ….PEEEP”_SOUND Comes from d huge truck coming from front of ragsan …..

“Oh my gawd!!!sanskaar truck….sanksaar now stop ur childishness …plz jst stop it!!!!”_shouted she ..

Bt he remains unaffected…..he keeps on going ……rags shooked her head in disbelief…as she knows now nobody can save dem…dey”ll surely die…..

D truck cont. Beeping more n more….,as it neared d bike,whch is not movng from its dirt. Nor slowing it’s speed…..

a tear skipped her eyes….as she closed it tightlyyyy burrying her head in his back n grasping his shirt wildly ….shoutingg from d peak of her voice_”SANSKAAAAAAARRRR”…..

Sry for d delay ….okay guys so now we”ll move fast wid dis story…coz it’s being such a long tym since I strted dis ff…N I feel till now d love should have been strted blossoming btween ragsan bt unfortunately we r lill slow….so now on wards I”ll update twice or thrice a week…hope I”ll fulfill it.!!!till den keep smilng?

Guyz done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it..shower ur views regardng dis in d comment box.
? ? ?

lots of love
keep rockng n stay blessed
yours fairy ?

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    Hahahah rolf purohit ji very bad you are ogling at ragini? dont do that, just see sansku, he is already boiling. uff sansku’s possessive behavior, liked it.
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    1. Fairy

      Oye hoye anti ki bacchi????????thnku thnku thnku soooo vala muchhh????????hehehhe itti tareeef mere ..hayyy!!!!m litterelyyy blushng yaaar fizzzi…hehehhehe itta he pasand aaya n tu mujhse agar itna zada pyaaar krte hai jtna ke mai tujhse krte hoo to fatafat mera ss de dena yaar????hahahahah janti hoo nai degi mujhe tu ss itti jaldi..bt still main hmesha mangte rahungi….kavi na kvi to tujhe dena he parega?????love u dheeer chala bacchi??????keeep rockng n stay blessed sweetheart???lotz of love to u?????

  21. Wow Awesome chappy sis.Love RagSan scenes a lot.Sanku is really Psycho lol & Rago is too naughty :-* Post soon pls

    1. Fairy

      Awww!!!!omggg ani loved to see ur commnt dr…???????thnx a lotzzz sweeetypie??????keeep smilng rockng n stay bkesssed dearu???????lotz of love to u????

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