Jab love hua (ragsan) part- 12 ~fairy

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link to prev. Episode-Part 11

so lets start episode 12….

rags saw d tym n said-“oh god…is dis a time to pray????it is sleepng tym yaar…uff!!if my morning is like dis…den i donno how my day wl pass…”-thinking so she goes towards washroom lazely…!!

Rags turned n saw uttara standng @ d door..
Rags smiled at her n ask her to come in..
Uttara smiled back n comes inside d room..
“Vo badimaa told me to handover dis dress to u…”-said uttu gvng a beautiful light green color anarkali suit to rags.
**Though ragini is not so found of salwar suits,bt seeing so much of love she couldnt even deny….n moreover she dont have ny other option aswell…**
“Oh thnku so much utts…”-said rags taking d dress smilngly… n den cont..”.ahh!!i hope u dont mind ..callng u utts…?”-questioned rags

Utts gves a wide smile n said-“ah..no no no…not at all…..actually u know wt ragini..”-bt before utt could complete rags said-“rags…call me rags…”
Uttara nodded n den continued-“actually rags…u know ..frst tym ever i loved my nickname..”.utts”..its soo ahh!!cool…orelse ..everyone always called me uttu or choti or ahh!!!leave it …dose r so annoyng n outdated names….bt nly u have gven such an awesome name..hehe thnku ragin..oppsss!i mean rags?”-said uttara showng all her teeths..?
Rags laughed seeing her antics..

“Uttu…..where are you?”-shouted Ap from d hall..
“Coming badimaaa”-screemed utt
“Okay rags..badimaa is callng me…u also gets fresh n up fast n come to d hall,morng prayerr is going to start nly okay”-said utt leavng d room.
Rags goes to washroom …
I felt lyk a QUEEN while desending d grand stairs of D MAHESHWARI MANSION …its such a grand n beautiful mansion…not less den ny palace…its nt dat our villa ws ny less den dis,bt here everything is so ROYAL dat nobody could resist dis feeling…

“Ragini…come beta”-said Ap smilngly holdng d AARTI THALI..
All d members looked at d site from where shez coming…
Shez lookng not less den ny beauty.d lght green color ws suitng her whitish complection so well n ws enhancing her beauty more n more…her wet opened hairs ws making her look more stunning. N her pretty smile ws completely making her look like a FAIRY.
Rags smiled n walks towards d MANDIR as fast as she can,Bt as she ws wearing an Anarkali which ws a lill bit difficult to handle for her..she stumbled at d stairs n ws about to fall wen sanskaar runs n holded her waist from one hand n her shoulder from d other.

Music plays.”Yaaa……maula……..aa..aaa…
Mere haath mein tera haaath hooo
Saare jannatein tere saath hooo”

She closed her eyes due to fear n sanskaar keeps on looking at her.

Feeling someones touch she opened her eyes slowly n her eyes gets locked by his attractive brown orbs.
“Tu jo paas hai
To kya ye jahan
Tere pyaar meinnnn……
Ho jaooo FANAAA…”

“RAGINI ….choreeee…..tu thik to hai na”(ragini are u fine)-asked suji wid concern ,breaking ragsan’s eyelock n bringing dem back to d reality..

Sanky left her n descends down..
Everyone gets worried n shows dere concern towards her…

Rags smiled feeling happy seeing dem concerned for her…
N assures dem dat shez absolutely fine..

After d AARTI….Everybody gets settled for breakfast…
Annapurna suji uttara pari all d MAHESHWARI MAHILA’S(LADIES) were servng d MAHESHWARI MENS ….though dere r several servants ,still dey prefer to make food n serve d members by dere own hand…dey believe dat by dis dere love n bonding gets increased..

After serving ,dey also gets settled …

Rags ws standing holdng a chair…
Pari asked her to sit n have breakfast..
She coplies n sat on d chair …sanky ws sitting in front of her …

Rags looked at him n remembered d morning incident….d way he woked her up…and a mischivious idea striked in her khurafati mind…

She smirked n hitted his leg ..
“Ahh…!!”-shouted sanky
All looked at him..n rags suppressed her laugh continuing her breakfast.

All asked sanky dat wt happened?
Bt he couldnt able to say nythng n asked sorry from dem.
All continued dere eating..

But but but …..how could she jst stopped nly wid dis !!!!….so to complete her revenge….

She touched his legs sensuously , his eyes got widened.,n sanky dropped his spoon…making a noise..
“Wt are u doing sanskaar…??eat properly”-scolded durgaprasad…

Rags bited her lips tightly to supress her laughter…?
Sanky understood wt she is upto…n den stood up n said dat hes done…n den leaves for his room…giving A glare to his DRAMEBAAZ DENTIST..?
“Hahahahahhahahahahahahaha?….DHAKAD MAHESHWARI….now u”ll never dare to take PANGA wid me!!!??”-murmers rags to herself coming inside her room…

“His face is worth seeing..hahahahha”-continued rags..
“Oh shit..!!!i forgot to call swara”-said she dialing swaras no.

She talked to swara n sumi for a while..

Rags monologue…
No i cant tell dem d family wid whom m stayng is MAHISHWARI’s …orelse dey”ll unneccasirly gets worried..n i dnt wanna make dem more worried.

Sumi-swara & rags talked sharring dere pain sorrow n gvng support to eo…swara makes dem laugh by her cute silly talks…n trio shared a happy healty convo…
“Ragini beta…ur passport wl get ready in some days..actually dere is being some problem reagardng it.. bt dont wry we”ll get it ready as soon as possible.okay?”-said Dp assuring her.
Rags gets sad n nodded gvng a faint smile…
Dp left for office..
Ap sees rags n to cheer her up said-“Its soo good na!!!now ragini could stay till uttus marriage”

Rags face lightened up hearng about uttaras marriage…
“Utts ki shaadi..really!!!”-asked rags wid a bright smile..
Ap nodded sweetly.
“Uttara….uttara….”-shouted ap..
“Maaa….bandariya had left for her collage”-said laksh going out wid his collage bad.
“Oh!! laksh…now .where r u going??”-asked ap
“College …maa”-replied lucky leavng d house.
“Wt happened maaa”-asked sanky coming towards ap
“Ahh!!sanskaar?….beta … plz do me a favour ..plz take rags to “ANDY” n buy her wtever she wants okay”-said ap

•••ANDY-a brillient high class personal designer of maheshwaris..who * ahem ahem!! belongs to d 3rd gender?(i hope u understood wt i meant) n not to forget he/she always flirts wid our handsome sanky(well litterely! who could resist D charm of our BAHUBALI)•••

“Whattttt!!!!maaa plzzz…i dont wanna go dere…moreover wts d need to take her(rags)dere???”-said sanky
“Sankaar…..she needs to buy her dresses from dere….n uttara &lucky already left for collage…even m leavng for NGO ,i have a really imp. Meetng dere…if i have been free…i would hve nver asked u ….”-said ap lookng at him n den cont..
“N wt happened to u sanskaar….before dis..u never denied me for nythng…so y r u behavng lyk dis now????”-asked ap frowng her eyebrowss..

Sanky thinking-“ahh!!!how to tell u maa…i could nver deny u…bt i dont wanna go wid dis NAUTANKI..”

“Bt wts d need to buy cloths for her??”-said sanky bluntly lookng at rags
She ignored him n said-“aunty its totally fine..dont wry…i”ll manage…”
Ap sees rags n den glares at sanky n said-“Sanskaar…. look how u r talkng…huh!!!have u gone mad or what….is dis d values i taughted u..hahh!!!bolo….(say)…???”

“Hufff!!!okay okay i”ll take her dere… ..”-said sanky bendng his head..”n maaa…m sorry”-said sanky..

Being an AAGYAKARI BETA it hurted him dat he made his mother upset …
Ap patted his head n smiled…
He hugged her immediatelyy..

A smiled appeared on rags face seeing dere bondng..

“Okay ragini …go wid sanku n choose wtever u wanna wear okay…”-said ap
Rags nodded
“Ahhh!!!doonnno untill wen i have to bear dis DD(DRAMEBAAZ DENTIST)..HUH!!!DONNO wt magic she had done on all family members dat all r supportng her n today for d frst tym maa scolded me…vo v for dis CHURAILL..??? huff!!!bt i know u”ll always support me…hai na JANEMANN…u”ll b always dere for me…???…bt today dis CHURAILL wl sit on u my love…m sorryyyy…for gvng u dis pain…bt i m helplesss my JAAN ..m really very sorryyy MERA BACCHA..n plz dont b angry on me..huhh!!!u know na I LOVE U SOOO MUCHHH!!!”-said sanky caressing his JANEMANN AKA BIKE???

RAGS comes out n saw him kissing his bike n blabbering something…
She gets shocked n den said coming near to sanskaar..
“CONFIRMED”-said rags
Sanky jerked up n saw her standng n asked -“what confirmed??”
She smirked n said -“CONFIRMED dat u r PSYCHO?”
sanky pissed his teeths n glared her..
“Okay now lets go..its already late…”-said rags..
“Okay sit…n listen…dont u dare to even touch my janeman..huh!!!n beaware…if becoz of u my janeman wl get ny scratch na den u”ll surely b gone”-said sanky wid so much of anger..
She gulped n asked-“b…b…by d way whose dis JANEMANNN”??
he pointed towards bike n she looks at him wid shocked expression n den burst out laughnggg…
“Hahhaahhahaha oh my god ….u call ur bike janemaaann..hahahahahah oh godd??????”
She keeps on laughng n blabberng while he kept on lookng at her…

Bg music plays
**Heer tere fiza tera vey…
Vey main ke kara ,ke kara mahiyaa…
Mera mahi tu mera ranjahn tu…mera mahi tu mera ranjhan tu**(title song of serial DO JISM EK JAAN)

he comes out of his dream world as she snapped her fingers in front of him..
He gets back to reality n said-“dont u dare to say nythng about my janemannn…understood…orelse…”-he gets cutted by her..
“Ha…ha…i understood baba…n i wont say nythng about ur janemann.okayy..now shall we leave?”-asked she..
He noodded n dey both sat on bike oppsss!! sry i mean JANEMAN n left for dere destination..
“Welcome welcome welcome to ANDY’S PALACE…..”-SAID ANDY welcomng ragsan..
Rags gves a soothing smile ,while sanky gives annoyed n uninterested expressions..
“Okay now stop ur nonsense n give her wtever she wants..n plz do it fast…as i dont have enough tym to waste here”-said sanky lookng straight into andy’s eyes..
“Ufff!!ye aadaein(uff!!dese looks)-“said andy dramatically,falling into sankys arms..
Rags widened her eyes n supresses her laugh…?
Sanky holds him/her n jerked him up..n nodded his head in disbelief..

“Oh!!!hellow beautifulll…come i”ll show u,d perfect dresses for u”-said andy gesturing rags
She smiled n goes wid himm
While sanky waited dere itself..

He showed her beautiful bt heavy worked royal dresses..
“Ahh!!ANDY…all dese r beautifulll…bt i want somethng casual yet stylish…somethng modern yet comfortable type”-explained rags..

“Hmmmmm…”-said andy n take her to other section..
She gets impresed by his collection n buyed some dresses for herself…

After sometymm….
“Andy i must say ..u r a fabulous designer”-complimented rags taking her dresses..
“Ahh!!thnku so much beautifull…”-replied andy wid a smile…
“If ur faltu ka talks are over den can we go back??”-asked sanky irritatedly
Rags gves him an impossible look
N andy said-“ahh!!my angry young mann.!!!jst wait i have somethng for u as well….ur sherwani for uttaras marriage…jst try it out n tell me whch one to finalise..??”-said andy handing sanky 2 sherwanis
“Ahh!!we”ll do it sometym else…oaky..”-said sanky n ws about to go wen andy inturuppted him n said-“no no no no no….no at alll….ur nxt tym nver comess…so silently go n try orelse u know na wt i cn do”-said andy n winked at him.
Sanky frst tym got scared of someone n fastly goes towards changing room.
Rags laughed n hi-fied wid ANDY
“Okay beautiful take dis sherwani n plz give it to my mr. Handsome…plzz..i”ll jst come hmmm..”-said andy handing a black royal sherwani to rags..

She unwillingly takes it n stands outside d changing room…

“Yaar ANDY dis one is lill tight plz give me another one…”-said sanky coming out of d changing room

He had worn a velvet blue royal sherwani..which ws tightly fitting him..bt d buttons r opened from front showng his 8PACKS….he ws tryng to close dose ,bt all in veins…he keeps on struggling on himself n wen he saw up…to his ultimate shock rags ws standng dere starring his ATTRACTIVE HOT BODY….

as soon as she found his gaze on her….she blinked her eyes n lowered her big eyelashes….

Ragini monologue..
Oh no…oh no…oh no…wt have i done..shit yaar…wt d hell happened to me…???y i stared him lyk dat….shehh!!now wt he”ll think of me…uhuhuhuhu..y always dese disasters happen wid me only….god!!!??bt dere is not my fault…i may agree or not bt his body ws too attractive….hmmm…ahh!!!bt still ..now wt i”ll doo?

Seeing her expressions…sanky quickly turned n asked for his sherwanii…
She gives it to him n he goes inside n latched d door.

Sanky monologue…
Y she starred me lyk dat??…n y her actions affects me???oh god dis grl is really making me MAD…. i donno wt things i do wenever she comes near me….huff!!!oh shivji…plz get me rid of dis churail as soon as possible…

He gets changed into black sherwani…which perfectly fitted him..n den he changed to his casuals n comes out….

Rags couldnt meet his eyes n same wid him.

Andy comes n sanky said dat he finalised d black one …

N den after biddng bye to ANDY dey bth left for d home.

“She must have buyed modern dresses nly..huh!!how shameful she is…everyone is doing so much for her…bt still she nly wants wtever she desires of…wt a unique kinda grl she is…SELFISHHH…i already told her dat nobody wears modern short dresses in our house bt i know dat it doesnt even affected her a lill bit….she must have purchased her short dresess nly…”-thought sanky while riding his janemann..

“If swara would b here…she would for sure get shocked seeing me purchasing dese dresses…hahahah?….bt chachi says na dat changes are necessary….huh!!!so lets see how RAGINI PRATAP wl look in her new AVTAAR..? …”-thought rags lookng at her shopping bags…
PRECAP-rags new look?? ..rags tries to puncture sankys JANEMAN?now wt sanky wl do???….& rags hot excercise session….???
Ahh!!!yeah M BACK…chorry chorry chorry chorry cho cho chorry for such a delayy…uff!!!!even m fed up of me ..lol?…all ur cursings r accepted whole heartedlyy…bt before sayng or blaming me …plz curse my college n teachers…i really got engaged wid lOTS n lOTS of work loads n patients …still m really very sorry…plz forgive me my sweetheartsss??…thnx a ton for ur support guyz…..love u all sooo muchh!!
Sry guys for nt commentng on ur ffs… its all becoz of my college???bt dont wry i”ll get free soon…. n wl surely read all d ffs… keep on writing for our TEJA BAE? keep on lovng her…??

so guyz done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it..shower ur views regardng dis in d comment box.
? ? ?

lots of love
keep rockng n stay blessed
yours fairy ?

P.s.-missing u teja?waitng eagerly for ur comeback….
Guys for d frst tym ever i made a video n uploaded it in YOU TUBE…plz do have a look n if possible den Pplz LIKE it..?

i”ll write a 3 shot on dis soon….its kinda JHALAK of my new story…hope u”ll like it…??????

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