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Episode 7
Scene 1 twinkle’s house
Twinj came to the lobby where everyone was and they were super shocked because no one was there…..they both were hell tensed……
Twinkle said in a tensed voice: kunj where are they?
K: I don’t know twinkle.
T: I heard chinki’s voice but she is not here and no one is here
K: let’s check outside

T: yeah…
They went outside to check their friends gang but what they saw left them shocked…some men were taking them in a truck …their hands tied with rope and their legs also and their mouth was covered with a cloth….twinj hurriedly ran towards the truck but they were unsuccessful in catching the truck..
T: kunj now what will we do? How will we save them?
K: twinkle relax…I am calling the police..
T: yeah call fast…
Kunj called the police and told the police the whole incident..the police said that they r coming..
K: twinkle they are coming…don’t worry our friends will be saved..
T: babaji pleazzz unki raksha krna. And suddenly twinkle thinks something and says oh fish!
K: what happened?
T: kunj what will we say to their parents??? I was the one who told their parents that they will come back home by 9. And now it’s 10. Damn!!!
K: oh god…
Then suddenly a car came ..it was leela’s car.. when she got down from the car she saw twinj tensed and came to them..
L: puttar ki ho gya??
T: maa vo…….maa pehle aap promise kro that u will not tell this to anyone.
K: ha leela maa.
T: acha ok I will not tell it to anyone. Ab batao kya hua
T: maa vo hua yeh ki and she narrates the whole incident
Leela was shocked and thought that zaroor he has done it. I will not leave him.
T: maa..
L: ha puttar
Twinj: ab hum kya jawab denge unke parents ko??
L: tum dono kuch mat bolna jo bolna hoga main bolungi. And don’t worry babaji is there..he will surely help us.
Twinj: ok maa.
L: chalo abhi ghar chalo aur kunj u also come for sometime… I will tell usha that u r at twinkle’s house
K: ok maa.
They went inside the house…they all were very very sad and twinj had tears in their eyes as they were not able to save their friends. They were feeling very guilty.
They were all sitting in the lobby when leela’s phone rang and it was of yuvi’s mother anita (all friends gang parents are great friends of each other and anita and leela also.) leela picks up the call.
L: ha anita how r u?
A: I m gud..acha leela yuvi kab tak aayega?
L: hmm.. vo and twinkle gestures leela to say by 11.
L; ha he will come by 11
A; acha but agar jaldi aa jaye toh acha rahega because he has to go to college tomorrow na
L: ha ha anita..chal bye
A: ha ok bye

And leela cuts the call…then only the police comes
Inspector says to kunj: acha u called us ?
K: yes inspector..
I: so aapke friends ko kuch log truck mein lekar jaa rhe the ..am I right?
K: yes sir..sir pleazzzz find them …we r extremely tensed for them
I: don’t worry .. I have sent my team to search them..for now I am leaving
K: ok thanks sir ..and the police left
K:acha hai police has started finding them aur acha hai anita aunty ko kuch pta nhi chala
T: ha but maa, kunj we should find them right now only because the police will take its own time and I think everyone’s parents’ will call maa and they would ask her to when all are coming back home so that’s why
K: I think u r right twinkle …and we just have to pray that they remain safe. But maa…my mom will not allow me to go and that too will twinke..u know na her nature
L; puttar they will be safe as u both r praying soo much for them..babaji will listen to u both..acha go safely and kunj don’t worry abt usha.. I will tell her that u r at my house only.
K: ok maa..twinkle lets go.
Twinj: bye maa..we will get them back asap
L: bye…now go
They both left to find their friends gang…they were now in the car …
T: kunj how will we find them?
K: twinkle did u notice that on the truck it was written “drama company”
Twinkle thinks for some time and says yeah yaad aaya …it was written there on the back of the truck
K: do u remember that for the college drama we bought our dresses from this company only???????
T: ha right kunj
K: so that means we have to go to this company and ask them about that truck..
T: but the compay must be closed
K: no its timing is till 12 and now its only 10:30..we will reach there in some time.
T: ok
And kunj drives the car and they reached that place where the company was..
They entered there and told the receptionist that they want to talk with the manager.
Receptionist:are u kunj malhotra?
K: yeah.

R: and u r twinkle kaur right? U both bought the dresses from this company only na?
Twinj: yeah right
K: ok first tell me where is the manager?
R: sorry sir but he is not available at this time..but sir whats the matter?
K: actually we need some information..around 9 o’clock was there any truck who left with ur drama company’s dresses’?
R: wait sir I will just check it. And she checks it and says no sir there was no truck who left at 9..
Twinj were shocked and asked are u sure?
R: yeah absolutely sure.
Twinj: ok thank u.
Twinj left from there and sat in the car.
K: if no truck left from here then which was that truck? Who the hell were they? Why they took our friends?
Twinkle was not paying attention to kunj’s words but was thinking something
K; twinkle are u listening?
T: kunj mujhe abhi yaad aaya that when they were taking them they took their truck from my house and they took a left and from left the road goes towards a jungle..that means they have taken them to jungle
K: so we should not waste time. Lets go
Then kunj drives the car fast and they left for the jungle……………
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