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Episode 3
Scene 1
Twinkle and kunj both go to the principal’s office to take the permission to give them leave today and the principal agreed.
They went in kunj’s car. They both were very tensed . twinkle was crying also and kunj was consoling her.
They both reached kaur mansion

Scene 2
Kaur mansion
Twinkle comes in along with kunj and shouts maa!!!! Maa…then only leela comes down and twinkle is surprised to see her in fit and fine condition
L: puttar tu aur kunj yahan kya kr rhe ho?( leela considers kunj as his son and kunj considers leela as her own mother, leela doesn’t know about kunj and twinkle relationship)
T: maa we got a call from someone telling that u have fallen from stairs and ur blood is flowing and there is no one in the house so we came running
K: ha maa..but u r fit and fine so who was that person who called twinkle?
Leela thinks something looking very tensed and then says with a smile that chodo yeh sab ab tum dono college jao vapas
TandK: ok maa..bye aur apna khayal rakhna
L: ha ab jao and they both goes from there for their college
Leela says usne sahi kaha tha vo meri twinkle ko mere bare mein pehle fake news dega and then he will surely do my accident..she starts sweating thinking that what she will do now..suddenly she gets a call from unknown number.
She picks up..and then caller: abhi toh yeh sirf ek choti si chingari thi..puri aag toh abhi lagani baaki hai and starts laughing.
Leela: dekho stay away from my family otherwise I will not leave u
C: hoohh I got scared leela by your words and laughs…ab dekhti jao what is going to happen next..bye and cuts the call
Leela : vaheguru ji please meri beti ki raksha karna .

Scene 3
College canteen
Twinkle and kunj tell the friends gang what happened and all tells her to calm down.but Twinkle is thinking deeper and deeper about the last night person and the caller. And kunj says her to calm down.
Yuvi: yrr twinkle don’t think too much varna tera dimaag burst ho jayega.
Chinki: ha yrrr twinkle bas kr sochna uss aadmi ke bare mein.
All together: twinkle come back to this world yrr….and all says OM SHANTI OM SHANTI OM SHANTI…and twinkle starts laughing and all are happy to see her laughing..
T: u know what guys kunj and u all can only make me smile
Yuvi: acha ji bf ka naam alag se ..dekh rhe ho na guys..
ALL says except kunj and twinkle: hmmm…. And starts laughing while twinkle and kunj blushes
Now all moves towards their classes but kunj pulls twinkle to a side before going into the class
K: tu theek haina?
T: ha
K: very good because u know na I can’t see u sad
T; yes I know that..
Kunj comes closer to twinkle but suddenly fire alarm rings and kunj says: twinkle yeh fire alarm hai na?
T: ha kunj this is fire alarm means kahi aag lagi hai..we have to get out from the college asap
Kunj and twinkle along with the friends group were telling other class students also to come out asap. All were seeing that no one is left and now they all came out of the college
The friends group is relaxed that no one is harmed by the fire..but suddenly they saw twinkle was not anywhere.
Rohan : haasssh! Sab theek hain
Mahi : ha yrr…
Cherry: pta nhi yeh aag kaise lag gyi
K: where is twinkle? Shit she is inside the college..i have to go inside
YUvi: kunj I will also come with u
Chinki: me too
Now all together: hum sab tumhare saath chalenge kunj
K: no yrr guys twinkle ko bachane mein agar tum sab phas gye toh problem ho jayege..isliye I will go .u all wait here.i promise that nothing will happen to twinkle
Now all understood and they let kunj go alone ..
Kunj rushes in full speed inside the college and checks where twinkle is stucked
Then suddenly inside one class where fire was at its peak his gaze fell on twinkle ..she was lying unconscious ..and kunj somehow managed to go inside that class
K: twinkle get up..get up yrr..and he lifted her in a bridal style but fire had increased more…
And outside media came and the reporters started questioning the principal what’s happening
The principal in an angry tone: cant u all see that fire is there in our college and one boy and one girl are inside
Reporter: ma’am but aag kaise lag gyi aapke college mein? And where is the fire brigade ?
Principal was now hell angry: I don’t know..now stop your damn questions …fire brigade must be on its way
Then the fire brigade came and started vanishing the fire..
Inside kunj was struggling hard to get out of the college but all went in vain..
Then he saw the window of the class and tried to jump out of it..and he got successful
He with twinkle came out of the college.

Then kunj took twinkle to a bench and brought water and sprinkled on her..
K: twinkle uth ja..get up twinkle
CHinki: twinkle uth please
Yuvi: yrr twinkle please get up
They all were tensed as twinkle was not opening her eyes but after sometime she opened her eyes and got up and all felt relaxed especially kunj.
Twinkle: main kahan hoon?
Yuvi: areyy death well se bahar hai tu
Kunj: sahi kaha..tu kitni heavy hai twinkle..oh god and starts to act like he is sweating as he had lifted a bag of bricks with his hands
Twinkle: acha toh mujhe bachaya kyu? I hate u kunj..tumhe main moti lagti hoon?
Chinki: lagti? Tu hai twinkle moti..kunj is right
Cherry : twinkle tujhe pta hai iss age mein mote hone se motapaa dimaag par chad jaata hai..
Mahi: he is ryt twinkle..u have gained weight and that is visible.
Rohan: yes twinkle u have gained weight
All started teasing her…and then she was hell angry with all of them and especially kunj. She felt very bad but She got up with full attitude and ignored all of them and went towards where other students were standing
Yuvi to kunj: bhai tu isse mana liyo varna she will kill u becoz u started it first.
K: ha yrr..vaise maine zyada kr diya..
Chinki: humne bhi zyada kr diya..but twinkle itni aasani se manegi nhi..
Cherry: yeh toh sahi baat hai.
KUnj: main mana lunga use.
They all went towards twinkle
Kunj to twinkle: TWINKLE I am very sorry yrr..so sorry
T: (ignored)
K: twinkle pleazzz yrr sorry..
Yuvi: twinkle hume bhi maaf kr de yrr…
All together : pleazzz twinkle sorryyy..
KUnj: twinkle u r the world’s slimmest girl
Twinkle with full attitude: I know that mr.kunj malhotra. Huh
Kunj: ha tabhi toh ..pleazz yrrr sorry..dekh tu aise kregi toh..
T: toh kya ? bolo
K: toh main tujhe hamesha ke liye chod dunga
Twinkle got scared thinking that if he really left her
T: tum sach me mujhe chod doge?
K : nhi twinkle..main tujhe kabhi bhi nhi chodunga..i held your hand not to leave it but to hold it till my last breath. Sajna ve plays in bg.
Twinkle melts by his words and says: kunj u r such a nice person..chalo ,,ummm I forgive u. and u all friends also are forgiven
All said: yehh!!!! Yipeee!!!!
And then twinkle laughs ….
the principal says that the fire has been vanished but u all should go to your homes.
Twinkle kunj yuvi cherry mahi chinki rohan all go to their homes..

Scene 4
Malhotra mansion (kunj’s house)
Kunj comes in and usha with tensed face also comes there
U: kunj tu theek hai na?
K: ha maa mujhe kya hona hai?
U: kunj I saw on the news ki tumhare college mein aag lag gyi hai..and twinkle ko bachane ke liye u went inside the college?
K: ha maa but all is now fine..and I am also fine..maa why u always consider twinkle as bad? She is very nice
U: tu uski side lena band kr.thank god she is your friend only.now u go to your room..i will send some food for u
K: ok maa and thinks maa aapko kya pta that she is my gf..
Scene 5
Kaur mansion
Twinkle comes in and leela sees her
L: puttar tu theek haina?
T: ha maa…kunj ne aaj mujhe bacha liya
L: ha puttar I saw it on news..thanks to kunj
T:ha maa..maa main apne room mein jaa rhi hoon
L:theek hai puttar
Twinkle goes to her room…leela thinks usne yeh theek nhi kiya …..

Precap: Flashback…..

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