Hi guys..dekha I have come back fast..so now episode 2..
Episode 2
Scene 1
In class
All the students are chatting,playing and doing fun..now lets see what are THE FRIENDS gang doing..camera shifts to them..oh so they are chatting chatting and chatting..now lets hear their convo.
Chinki to twinj: yrr soo soo sorry .. I should have not given that dare. M really sorry
Cherry: ha yrr me too sorry
Kunj: its ok yrr but punishment toh milegi
Twinkle: yeah I will take my revenge
Mahi: twinkle u also give them a dare
Yuvi and rohan: yeah…u should definately give them a dare
Twinj discuss something and tells them their dare
Kunj: ok so u have individual dares..first is cherry, your dare is that u have to throw chewing gum on that teacher who is going to come in the class in our 1st period..
Yuvi: oh god ..cherry u r stuck now..becoz the teacher who is going to come in the class in the 1st period is our new maths ma’am who is soo strict that she catches every child who is talking and even murmuring..beta u will be gone.and laughs
And by yuvi’s dialogue everyone laughs and cherry with full confidence says : so what..i will complete my dare ..by hook or by crook…and thinks something and smirks
All of them get shocked and rohan says: so much confidence .haan?
Chinki: vaise itna aa gya hai confidence toh all the best
Twinkle: yeah…Chalo lets see what u do.I think the teacher is coming.lets go to our seats and they all went to their seats
The teacher enters and all of them says good morning
Teacher: good morning students..please take your seats and without introduction starts the class…
And her teaching was on but the friends gang were confused as cherry has not completed his dare and he is just listening to the teacher ..and the class ended and the teacher was going when cherry runs to her and without letting her know he throws the chewing gum on her and goes back to his seat and the teacher felt something and waited for sometime but after sometime she went out of the class and all the students were laughing like hell becoz they saw it
Twinkle to cherry : so this was your plan…smart
KUnj: yeah cherry very gud
KUnj: yeah cherry very gud
Yuvi: bhai tune toh kamaal kr diya
Rohan: yeah..
Mahi: isne toh kr diya kamaal but ab chinki ka kya hoga
Twinkle : one second but where is she?
All of them sees her that she is going out of the class as she knows that now it’s her turn
But its of no use as all of them sees her and twinkle catches her wrist and turns her.
Twinkle: kahan jaoge humse bachkar? And all of them laugh
CHinki: kahin nhi I was just going to the washroom
Kunj: ok chali jaana par dare toh sun le
Twinkle: yeah so your dare is that u have to paste this poster on the principal’s back n she shows the poster on which it was written “I AM THE BIGGEST FOOL IN THE SCHOOL’’…
All laughs and twinkle says abhi sirf hum hass rhe hain but jab pura school school humaari principal par hassega toh kitna mazza aaega?
Kunj: sahi kaha tunne twinkle baby…
Chinki : but principal must be in the office so how can I do this
YUvi says to chinki: chinki see there and points in the opposite direction and their was principal talking to a teacher.
Rohan: jaa chipka de uss principal par yeh poster..aakhir uski asliyat hi toh chipka rhe hain..hahhahha and all laugh
Chinki: ok but yrr darr lag rha hai
Twinkle: fikar not yrr ..i will come with u but chipkaygi tu hi
Chinki : ok and they both goes to the principal
The friends gang were seeing from their class as the principal was a little far from their class
Chinki and twinkle reaches there and they bend down and chinki pastes the poster on her back without knowing her as she was vv busy with another teacher…and they both go backwards in bending position n immediately stand up and says good morning ma’am..and she replied good morning girls and the girls left for the class while laughing
And the friends gang were already laughing like meniacs!!! And chinki and twinkle were also laughing
Yuvi: chalo dare khatam tum dono ke but iss principal aur vo maths teacher ka kya haal hoga bhagwan jaane
Twinkle: ab pure school mein apni asliyat lekar ghumengi yeh principal. Hahaha
All again laugh like mad and another class started and whole day went like this…the maths teacher got to know that in her hair was chewing gum and she tried to remove it but she couldn’t and whole day whole school was talking and laughing at principal and she got to know that on her back there was a poster and she removed it by the help of someone..hahaha
Now all were going back to their homes and our twinj were going together as their homes were opposite only
Twinkle to kunj: aaj kitna mazza aya na?
KUnj: hmm and acts like sad
Twinkle: why r u so sad?
Kunj: becoz of u..u have not completed my wish
Twinkle: which wish?
Kunj : kiss
Twinkle..oh that. Ha ha mil jayega ..don’t worry
KUnj: but I want it now
Twinkle: no
Kunj: yes
T: noooo
K : yes
T: no
K; no
T: yes
K: dekha I won..And leaned forward for a kiss and they both kissed eo passionately…and she was just blushing and went to their homes
Scene 2
kaur mansion
Twinkle rings bell and leela comes
Leela: aa gyi puttar
Twinkle :ha maa ..and she takes her mom to her room
Twinkle : aapko pta hai maa aaj itna mazza aaya na college mein and starts her bakbak
L: acha bas bas..kitna bolti hai tu…jhalli.chal main tere liye kuch khaane ko laati hoon and goes
T: ok maa
And twinkle was seeing her phone when suddenly she sees someone with a camera and says kaun hai vahan?
Then suddenly he vanished from there. Twinkle then goes to her bed. Leela comes there and gives her food and went from there. Twinkle eats her food and started some work of college but thinks who that person was.
Scene 3
Malhotra mansion
Kunj was sitting in his bedroom when he thought something and left the house and from the ladder he goes to twinkle’s bedroom…..
Kunj opens the window and twinkle gets scared as she was thinking of that person only.
KUnj: kya hua?
T: kuch nhi..kunj vo and she tells him that incident
K: koi baat nhi twinkle.tu tension mat le aur so jaa
T : ok..and kunj was going but twinkle stops him
T: kunj von a
K: kya?
And she kisses him on his cheeck and he also dsoes the same
Twinkle : chalo ab jao
K: ok bye
T: bye and kunj left from there
Scene 4
XYZ place
Man says to himself : I have planned something really big so that everyone gets destroyed..twinkle’s family and kunj’s family will have to suffer a lot..
Another man comes to him: sir here r ur pics of today
Man1: thank u and now go from here
The second one left from there
Man1: itne saal baad mera badla pura hoga..and laughs evily finally I will take revenge…u don’t knw twinkle and kunj what twists and turns are going to come in ur life..first target will be your family and then u both…hahahah and laughs loudly
Next day
Twinkle wakes up and gets ready for college and bid bye to leela and goes..
Twinkle at college is thinking about that man only when kunj comes there
K: kaisi hai?
T: I am fyn
K:but u r not looking fyn..chal ab jaldi se vo twinkle wali smile kr de..
She smiles..and she gets a call and gets shocked and shouts and says WHAT!!! ??????? and kunj says what happened and he is also zapped to listen..and she says I have to go ..
K: I will also come with u
T: nhi kunj
K : twinkle chal main bhi chal rha hoon
T: lekin principal ko toh batana padega na?
K: haa bata dete hain phir chalet hain
T: ok
PRECAP: not decided………
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  1. Sameera

    Awwwwww yaar rochika amazinggggg loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar hahahahhahaha Kya dare tha yaar hahaha loved it ????????biggest fool twinj kiss tho ??????????????…
    Suspense haan who’s that man ?????…
    What he is gonna do now …
    Plz plzz post soon …
    Love you ????????????????????

  2. SidMin23

    Nice and at last shocking too and hope twinj won’t be separate

  3. Presha


  4. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing
    N there dares are just superb
    Amazing rochika
    Loved it
    Love you keep smiling

  5. Sohi

    Amazing and cute episode
    The dares were funny ?????
    But who is that villian

    Interesting plot
    Do continue

  6. ?????????????????????Episode was OMG………………………………..MARVELLOUS❤………SPEECHLESS❤…………….OUTSTANDING ❤????????
    Wow!What an episode you wrote ????????
    That chewing gum & poster wala part was just awesome.?????
    Suspense part was just????????????????
    Nothing to say
    Keep it up?
    And,post soon as soon as possible
    Can’t wait for it.
    Love u❤❤❤
    Keep smiling ☺☺☺☺

  7. Yashasvi

    hey rochu epi was really awesome dear….
    and tu bhi meri tarah suspence create kr rhi he….
    i mean u r a really very writer mujhe lgta he me bhi itti achi nhi hu…hahaa

    vesse when i started writing shayad me bhi tere jitta acha na likh paati ….
    awsm dear….
    aakhir meri bestie he…
    aur tujhe apna kaam yaad he na…
    geo ka , civics ka…
    and yrrr apni assembly 14 ko he..
    van mahotsav par he….

    chal madhvi ko call kr dena n talk abt that thing…
    ok now bye bht saara kaam he…
    sst krna he yrrr…..

    Keep smiling and stay blessed????
    LOVE u !!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????
    Your Yashu !!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

  8. Cheena2001Cp

    Ufff!!! Dares ne Kya Kya karwa dala!!???? Amazing one!…

  9. Gunyadav123

    Oye hoye Rochika, kya baat hai… Itna suspense <3 Dono besties all rounder… Kya ff hai ! Maza aa gaya… Title to superb hai,

    Waiting for the next episode

  10. fabulous ruchi amazing
    post soon???

  11. amazing ruchi fabulous??
    post soon

  12. Aamu

    Welll sorrry for the late cmnt..
    I jz remember sk opened it from ur wall…

    It was amazing??…really loved it…
    The whole epi was dhamaka…whike the ending was shocking..so post soon..will b waiting…well wen u post..pls ping me n lemme know..?
    Loads of love

  13. Baby

    ohhhhhhhhh god rochikaaaaaa ♥
    srsly yrr babes kya dhamaal thaaa…….♥
    wowowaaaa loved it sooooooo mch soo soooo mch ♥
    osm ♥
    marveleous ♥
    really soooooo sweet n hilarious n funny ♥ hahahahhaaaa…….princi par posteru uufffff…..♥
    loved it ♥
    marveleous ♥
    nailed it ♥
    n d shock atlast suspense ufff god…..♥
    plssss darling posts asap cant wait t all…..♥
    love u lods ♥♥♥♥♥

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