Hiii everyone…???i know u all r eager to know the fb of last night..so here it is..?? ok now lets start the episode…

Episode 11
The friends gang was walking and walking …then they got tired as they were walking for a very long time….
Yuvi (in a tired tone): guys I can’t walk anymore…yeh saalo ne apna adda kahan bana rakha hai…
Kunj:bhul mat yuvi tu hi kidnap hua tha uss jagah..aur tere chakar mein jaana pad raha hai itni door..
Yuvi: what do u mean?? Huhhh….mere saath baaki sab bhi the …mujh jaise chote se bache ko aise bolte hain…
Kunj:acha mera bacha …shoooo shoooolieeeee mera bacha(speaks in a childish tone ???)
Y: kunj….!!!!!?

K: acha ok now no more jokes…let’s go..
Twinkle: what let’s go …??? I haven’t even ate my food yrr…I m hungry…
K: ok ok twinkle..and he looks here and there for a dhaba or any food centre
And finally finds a dhaba…
And all shouts DHABA!!!!!…
They ran towards the dhaba like jungliesss…
Twinkle to the dhaba wala: bhaiya mere liye ek plate parantha with chole aur safed makhan ke saath and all of them says the same order coz they all love it..??
All sat on the table and start chit chatting…
Then only twinkle excused herself and went aside to call leela but she remembers something and leaves the thought of calling her…
She came to the table and yuvi suddenly spoke..”lets play something guys”?
And everybody says yes for playing..??
Chinki says “ok lets play…ummm…truth and dare..????
Rohan says” yeah it will be fun but what we will spin??”?
Then kunj orders a water bottle and first drinks the whole water and then says “ chalo yeh ghumayenge..”??
And everybody was like oh god!!!??????
Then they decided that the cap end of the bottle will be question and other end will be answer…then kunj spins the bottle and the question comes on yuvi and answer comes on mahi..
Yuvi: ok mahi truth or dare??..and thinks tu toh truth le le coz dare tujh se handle nhii hoga and gives a smirking smile…
Mahi: ok so I will take dare..
Yuvi: mahi first think then answer..aaram se soch ..no jaldbaazi…ok?????
Mahi: yuvi I am not scared…I will take dare only..samjha??..?
Yuvi:ok cool..so my dare to u is that u have to eat 15 green chilies in one minute.
Mahi gets shocked but confidently says”yeah yeah I will do it..”
All of them get zapped and asks mahi “sach me tu khayegi?”
Mahi:yeah guyss…

Yuvi:ok then and he asks the waiter to get the chilies..and here comes the chilies..
Yuvi says”ok mahi and your time starts now”
And mahi started to eat really fast and from her ears smoke started to come out and all of them were surprised that how is she eating them…And the song teri lehar buri teri zehar buri haye haye mirchi uff uff mirchi started to play..
And finally one min gets over and she ate all the chilies…
Mahi stands on the table and says “yehhh girl power!!!”?
Chinki and mahi also say the same “girl power”
And mahi runs to get water and drank the whole bottle and then ate rasgulla to overcome the chiliness of the chilies..?
Mahi: ok now I m fine ..lets continue the game..
Yuvi giggled a little seeing mahi’s condition and she kicked him on his leg
Cherry: areyy yuvi kya hua bhai???
Yuvi: kuch nhi ek ant ne kaata( he says glaring at mahi?)
Now mahi spins the bottle and the question comes on twinkle and answer comes on kunj…
Cherry says”oh teri now it will be fun to see what happens coz twinkle and kunj are there”
Rohan says” yeah cherry ab hoga dhammal”
Yuvi”chalo shuru kro”
Mahi “start yrr”
Chinki”areyyy guys start na”
Twinj shouted getting irritated: bolne toh do!!!!?
Everyone now stopped and they were silently sitting..?? and everyone around them also stopped their convo coz of the loud voice of twinj ?
Twinkle: ok so what will u take kunj , truth or dare.??
Cherry:kunj dare le..
Yuvi: ha common bhai take dare..

Rohan: chal yrr dare le..
Kunj: ummm…ok I will take dare…
Twinkle:ok so my dare to u is that u have to find me and propose me and your eyes will be blindfolded..
Chinki: wooaahh !!!! What a dare twinkle..chaa gyi yrr.
Mahi: yeah twinkle kya dare diya hai…
Kunj: ok miss twinkle I will do this…and smiles
Then kunj was blindfolded by rohan and then the game started ..kunj started walking and was about to catch twinkle but she ran away and then again he started walking but this time he caught her and held her wrist and opened his blindfold and went on his knees holding her hand..(awww soo cuteee.. ?)
Kunj: twinkle I don’t know what to say and how to say…umm…I REALLY AND TRULY LOVE U TWINKLE FROM THE CORE OF MY HEART…Tere saath main apni puri zindagi bitana chahta hoon…kehte hain jab aapko aapka saccha pyaar milta hai tab aapki zindagi ban jaati hai..but mere case mein yeh nhi hua and twinkle was shocked..and she asked”toh kya hua??”
Then he says” let me complete yrrr…mere case mein yeh hua ki mujhe mera saccha pyaar jab mila toh mujhe ek nayi zindagi mil gyi …ek jeene ki vajah ..ek hasne ka bahana..ek rone ka sahara..ek sambhlne ka haath..mujhe yeh sab tune diya hai twinkle..tu mere liye sab kuch hai twinkle..meri har dhadkan ..meri har saans mein sirf tu hai twinkle…tujhse hi mera vajood hai aur tujhse hi main hoon varna main kuch bhi nhi.I LOVE U!!!!???????
Twinkle was literally crying listening to this…???..and she didn’t know how to react but she just hugged her tightly and said in his ears “I love u kunj ..and kissed him on his earlobe..” everyone clapped for them…????
Now their food came and all started to eat like big foodies and like they haven’t eaten anything from the past 1 month.. ???(sahi mein yrr I m also a big foodie..i love to eat.. ?)
Ok finally their food ended…and then all came out from the dhaba …
Cherry looking here and there: areyy guyss yuvi kahan hai??
Kunj : yahi pe toh tha..
Rohan: dhabe mein toh nhi reh gya?
They all went to see inside the dhaba…
Yuvi was in the washroom of dhaba and suddenly he sees a danda lying outside the washroom…and then he remembers the horrifying last night…
Fb of last night when they alll came back home…
The whole gang came outside twinkle’s house and twinkle rang the bell
Kunj: guys first we will inform leela maa and then we will tell her to call your parents and then we will go home so that situation is under control for sometime
And then from the back some people start coughing..
Cherry: yeh kaun khaas rha hai??
Yuvi: shayad humaare peeche koi hai
They all turned back and were shocked to see their parents…
Yuvi murmured: aaj toh maut pakki hai..god main aapke paas aa rha hoon.. (??)
Twinkle says”maa aap bhi inke saath ho gye?”
Leela: aur nhi toh kya?? ..tere saath ho jau??..aaj toh tu gyi twinkle..
And everyone’s parents’ took their naughty naughty fellow to their respective homes…..
At yuvi’s house anita was running after yuvi in the whole house with a stick and when she catched him she beated him (guys please ha now don’t bash me ..it was just a normal stick jo zor se nhi lagti)
Yuvi:ouccchhh mom …!!!!! Babaji aapko maaf nhi krenge! Mom I was kidnapped yrr…
Anita: I know u were kidnapped but jab maine mana kara tha mat ruk itni der tab tera dimaag strike pe chala gya tha??..
Yuvi: acha aage se nhi krunga…bas mom… bas..
And at chinki’s house her mother was lecturing lecturing and lecturing her and chinki was frustrated and she held her head and sat on the floor??
At cherry’s house he was in the position of a hen and was continuously saying”kukdoookooo” ????
At mahi ‘s house she was being scolded by her mother and mahi was like oh god..yrrr kidnap hoke aayi hoon..ab toh chup ho jao!!!
At rohan’s house he was doing up and down holding his ears and saying sorry…
At twinkle’s house ..she was standing on the chair holding her ears.
Leela: ab samaj aaya puttar ki saza kya hoti hai?..
Twinkle : ha maa …bht dard ho rha hai…can I put my hands down?
Leela:bilkul nhi…
Twinkle murmurs “offooo kya ho gya yeh…I can’t stand like this…mom apni beti ko baksh do…
Other side at kunj’s house…
Kunj was cleaning the whole house which he has never done in his life…
Kunj: maa bas ho gya and he lied down on the floor..
Usha: chalo kunj get up!!! Abhi kitchen bacha hai…
Kunj: noooo way..!!!!!
All were vvvvv frustrated by their parents punishment and when their punishment was over they talked over the phone and told each other their punishment..
Fb ends..
Kunj knocks the washroom door and says”yuvi tu andar hai?”
Yuvi comes back to senses and says” ha..ha bro coming”
Then yuvi goes out and the gang left the dhaba for their mission….
Ufff guysss that was a long epi I think soo.
Its 12 yrr…gotta sleep..good night…
Mere dosto comment kr dena varna I willl…u knw what I will do then…?
Do comment ..
Bye guyssss…

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