Hiiiii guyzzzz….i am back…??..yrr what to do these exams na…ufff??..chalo lets start the epi…
Recap: the whole gang got successful in their mission goons bhagao..
Episode 10
They all reached their respective homes..

Next day..

At College
There was hustle bustle everywhere in the college and there comes our friends gang but what is this …..
Their faces are sad like someone has scold them…
They all were in no mood to talk to anyone..they went to their classroom…
Yuvi: yrr tum logo ke saath bhi vahi hua jo mere saath hua.??..
Cherry: toh aur nhi toh kya tabhi toh we all r very sad..
Chinki: yrr mera toh dimaag blast ho chuka hai aur jo bacha kucha hai vo tum log blast kr doge …
Twinkle: guyss just stop it yrr…sabse zyada bura toh mere aur kunj ke saath hua hai…
Kunj: ha tum logo ke saath toh thoda kum hua hoga …humse pucho zara kya saha hai humne
Rohan: yrr tum log chup ho jao

Kunj: tu ho ja..
Yuvi: no mere saath sabse zyada bura hua hai..
T: no
Yuvi: yes
Kunj: no
Chinki: mere saath hua hai sabse zyada

All : nooooo….
Then they all started fighting with eo..suddenly the lecturer came..
L: what is this class??..
Yuvi: mam this is a classroom…
L: yuvi !!!! And glares at him ..
L: what r u all doing …i m fed up of u all…just get out yuvi with your so called gang…
Y: mam but why??

L: coz u all r no.1…thats why..she says with a fake smile..
Y: mam but no.1 don't stand outside the class..
Leturer then shouts at him and the friends gang stand outside the class..
Twinkle: what is this  yrr…i want to go home…
K: me tooo yrr…
All : me tooo…

Yuvi: but yrr at home also and makes a sad face.
All then  make a sad face and remembers something…
Twinkle then yells nooooo….
Kunj then covers her mouth and says kya kr rhi hai??…
Twinkle: sorry…
Then the leturer came out and asks" who shouted??"…
Kunj says "mam no one"….then the leturer says ok. And she goes from there as the bell rung..
The whole day went like this and they all were really vvv sad and were not willing to go back home….

Yuvi: yrr i don't want to go home..
K: but we have to go yuvi…
Chinki: no yrr lets stayback here only..
T: yeah …kunj lets stayback
Cherry: haan yrr…

Rohan: yes.
Kunj: but guysss…
Yuvi: bhai please na
Twinkle: yeah kunj please …
Y: vaah dekhna twinkle ki baat maan li …
K: aisi koi baat nhi hai…and smiles

T: acha yuvi bas…
Chinki: but what we will do here in the college??
Kunj: i think this is the right time to find out who has done all the mishaps till now…
Twinkle: i think u r right..
All: yeah …chalo lets go…and all hifi eo..
They went out of  the college…

Yuvi: but from where we will start??
Twinkle: i think we should start from that place only where u all were kidnapped..
Kunj: yeah lets go there only..
They all started going and twinkle pushed back kunj and says" kunj what we will say at home?"..
Kunj: don't worry twinkle ek baar unhe phone kr denge…

Screen freezes on twinkle's tensed face…

Precap: Flashback of the last night and their mission to find out the person who is doing all the mishaps with them…

So how was the epi guys??…
Do comment….

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  1. Twinj2000

    The episode was amazing ❤️❤️
    Loved it
    Mission successful hojaye jaldi ?
    Post soon
    Waiting ?

  2. Presha

    Loved it

  3. Cheena2001Cp

    Hi!!! Rochs ??
    First of all….. A very happy belated birthday ?????
    …( I know kuch jyada hi late hoon ?)
    It was Awsome !!!

  4. Sameera

    Wow roch amazingggg …???????????????….
    Loveddddddd it soooo much ….
    Hahaha aisaa Kya hua tha ?????…
    Sabke Saath bura hua hahahahha ….
    And yuvi dialogues to lecturer superb ????
    Well waiting for next one ….
    Post soon …

  5. Baby

    lovved it Rochika ♥
    babes u nailed it♥
    osm ♥
    speechless n cute ♥
    suspense ♥
    sry nt login ♥
    love ya♥

  6. Nice episode

  7. Nice episode
    Loved it??
    Par yeh toh shuru hone se pehle hi khatam ho gaya…??
    Plzz post next part soon
    Love u

  8. luved it
    but aisa hua kya in logo ke sath ye toh pta chale
    post next soon

  9. Awesome episode dear
    ye sab aesa kyo bol rahe h aesa kya ho gaya inke saath…..
    post soon dear

  10. Ramya

    Per sab sad Kya hai

  11. Yashasvi

    Ohhhoo suspense me hi chod dia
    But it was mind blowing dear….. Loved it….
    And that class Wala scene was funny dude…..???
    Remembered our class ?????? haahahaa… U know na eco…. ..
    Well eagerly waiting for next one… And chup chap bhej de… I know tera Sara kaam ho Chula he…
    Vesse Mera bhi ho gya…. Par key Wala siyappa…???????? Abhi bblhi nhi nikal rhi…. Huhhhh…..

    Chal bye… U have to try it again… Vrna ????????

    Keep smiling and stay blessed ?♥?♥♥♥?♥?
    Love you ???????????
    Yashu ?♥♥??♥?♥??

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