Jab Kalki met Veer (OS) 2nd OS on Dr Veer

I know people r going to bash me???. But I’m ready, anything for my vahe/SwaSan.

Jab Kalki met Veer

Kalki returns back to jwalapuri, she sends Pawan back saying that she will manage her problem alone.

In dining table.

All r eating dinner.

Ks: “Yuk, nutan what u made, this is food? Ur face is not good at least u can prepare something eatable.”

Nutan: “What r u saying Bhabi ma? I’m very… What was that word…”

Bhupi: :”Idiot.”

Nutan( gives him death look?): “No.”

Ks: “Beautiful…”

Nutan: “No, I mean which we call if we love someone… It’s…”

Vdh: “Cute.”

Nutan: “Yes, I’m very cute bhabi mai.”

Kalki who was eating food reminds something.

“Apko ek bat batu, Dr Veer na jiske bhi same apna cute SA face leke khada ho jata hai na, uska adha dard wahi dur ho jata h.”

Kalki starts laughing: “Hahahahaahahahahah ?????.”

Every one looks towards her, with shock.

Ks: “What happened kalki ji?”

Kalki: “Nothing, I’m fine. U guys carry on. I have some work she leaves.”

Ks: “Why? She started laughing.”

Nutan: “I found something fishy bhabhi ma…”

Vdh: “Ma u please take ur lunch, don’t thinks about others.”

Next day.

A man with ripped jeans, stylish shirt, and his eyes r covered with goggles?. He is waving his head as, his ears was covered with headphone. He was listening music and whistling… ???????. Fully engaged in music.

Suddenly Driver applies break, by mistake his touches a girl, who is standing next to him.

Boy: “Sorry.”

Girl: “Don’t do it again.”

Boy again engages in song. The aunty sitting next time becomes hell irritated listening his song, and his antics. As all r villagers, he is only cool dude??.

Boy: “Mai phir bhi tum ko chahunga… (I’ll still love u…)” Then he starts whistling on song themes.

Lady sitting next to him: “I think, some ghost came in him.”

She starts reading Hanuman Chalisa.

The driver takes a sharp turns and boy almost fall on girls.

Boy: “R u OK mam?”

Girl: “Be in ur limits. Say sorry to me.”

Boy: “Y would I say Sorry. It’s not my mistake.”

Girl: “Oh, so it’s a new way to tease girls. U r intensionally touching me.”

Boy: “What!!! She is lying?.”

Girl(to lady sitting next to boy): “Aunty ji, u also saw na. Twice he touched me. Blood cheap.”

Lady: “Yes, yes…”

All starts accusing boy.

Boy: “No, I’m innocent.”

Man 1:”This cheap boy need good treatment. ”

All: “Throw him out of bus.”

Then someone shouts: “One minute.”

All shifts their gaze towards the source of sound.

Girl: “Kalki mam.”

Kalki comes towards them.

Girl: “Mam, u know this boy…”

Before she could completes her words Kalki slaps her.

Kalki: “Shame on u. Government made so many laws for girls but it doesn’t mean u will misuse it. I saw everything.”

Girl: “Sorry mam.”

Kalki: “Y u did this?”

Girl: “Mam, I want seat so I?”

Kalki: “U r fired.”

Girl: “No mam, please…”

Kalki(shouts?):”Leave… Before I’ll call police.”

Girl leaves.

Kalki: “And u all, it’s need not necessary that in every case boy is wrong thinks before judging.”

All sits back on their seats. Kalki sits beside that boy.

Boy: “Not, bad Kalki jiiiii… (He starts clapping.)”

Kalki: “What r u doing here Dr Veer?”

Dr Veer: “Well I’m appointed as new new doctor. But how u know that girl.”

Kalki: “She was new assisted, and Kalki doesn’t believe anyone easily it’s my way to know the people reality. If for a seat she can blame a boy then may be for money she could cheat me.”

Dr Veer gives expression: “Not bad, beauty with brain. I must say u r very intelligent.”

Kalki: “How’s Sanchi, pragya and Isha?”

Dr Veer: “All r good, Sanchi married to Dr Kabeer.”

Kalki: “I thought u and Sanchi…”

Dr Veer: “I told u, I’m not interested in her.”

They keeps talking…

In KS home…

KS: “Where is Kalki ji? Vdh u know u have to impress her we want this home and Temple from her.”

Vdh: “Ma, please sit down. Don’t tense it will ruin ur health and I don’t want that, for me u r important than anyone.”

Menka( thinks): “This KS is very clever. I know she wants to snatch vdh ji. But I can’t let this happen.”

Menka brings water for her: “Ma, please have water. Vdh ji, don’t ruin ur health, u know how much I care for u.”

KS( This Menka did PhD in acting.): “Thanks…”

Mohan(thinks): “Vdh babu, is so stupid he can’t see these ladies trying to fool her.”

Just then Nutan comes… She was gasping badly.

Nutan: “Bhabi ma…. Bhabhi ma… Woh…”

KS: “Now what happened? Her new drama started.”

Nutan: “Kalki ji came…”

KS: “This is a good news…”

Nutan: “No Bhabhi ma, there is a boy with her…”

KS: “What!!!!?????”

Just then Kalki comes with Dr Veer.

Dr Veer: “Hellooooo Ladies and gentleman. (No response.) Kalki is everyone is deaf.”

Kalki (in cold tone): “Deaf and dumb also…”

Nutan: “No no, I’m not deaf.”

Dr Veer: “Finally I get response. (He goes towards her shakes hands.) Beautiful lady ur name.”

Nutan (blushes?): “I’m Nutan. Bhabhi ma he is like me…”

Dr Veer: “Cute…”

Nutan: “Yes??.”

Then Veer goes towards KS, he extends his hand.

Dr Veer: “What’s ur name beautiful girl?”

KS: “Girl??. Actually I’m not girl.”

Vdh: “She is my mother.”

Dr Veer: “Oh, mam tell be the secrete of ur beauty, it will help me. I’ll give this tip to my wife…”

KS: “Nothing especial?. It’s blessings of Ghungru wali Goddess.”

Then Veer moves towards Menka.

Menka: “I’m Menka, Vdh ji’s fiance.”

Dr Veer: “Oh, ur already booked. Sorry I never flirt with others belongings.”

He meets others then comes towards vdh.

Dr Veer: “Ur name???”

Vdh is about say something…

Dr Veer: “It must be angry bird…”

Kalki smiled seeing his antics…

Vdh: “Who r u? And what r u doing here?”

Dr Veer gives his killer smile: “Well I’m Dr Veer… I’m new doctor of Jwalapur.”

Vdh: “So, what r u doing here?”

Dr Veer goes towards Kalki: “Well Mr angry bird. Actually I was about to go doctor’s rooms appointment by government but Kalki insist me to stay here.”

KS(thinks): “First pawan now this boy.”

Dr Veer keeps hand on Kalki’s shoulder: “After all I’m Kalki’s boyfriend. (He pulls her towards her and winks.) Am I right dear.”

Kalki: “Oh really.”

KS (thinks): “This Kalki never talks anyone properly then what happened now??.”

Kalki: “Hey servent come here. (Calls Mohan.) Take his luggage in guest room.”

Dr Veer: “Nooooooooo, since 6th month I was in hostel. I want to live in family environment.”

Kalki: “U call this a family. Anyways keep his luggage that room which is next to my room.”

Here Dr Veer comes Kalki’s life, Kalki is soft from heart but she shows herself very soft but Dr Veer is fun loving guy. Still hiding pain in his heart. Two heart in pain from inside but their situation is different.

Here KS is very tense she is roaming here and there in her room.

KS: “Nutan this Dr Veer is going near to Kalki ji. I have to do something.”

Nutan: “Bhabhi ma, what r u saying he is very cute like me. U see benefits. Now we have not pay fee to doctor. Everything is free.”

KS: “Shut ur mouth…”

Nutan: “But bhabhi ma, when he praised u. U were blushing.”

KS: “Dhat pagli. It’s nothing like that… U think something…”

KS (thinks): “This Dr is actually very sweet… No, no KS don’t forget ur plan what u need…”

In the hall.

Kalki is reading the newspaper.

Kalki( shouts): “I want water…”

Vdh comes with water. Kalki looks towards him. Here Menka coming from stairs see this. Se intensionally falls from stairs…

Menka: “Vdh ji…”

Vdh immediately moves towards Menka.

Vdh: “R u ok?”

Menka: “It’s paining a lot… Ahh I can’t even walk.”

Vdh: “No worries.”

He lifts Menka. Menka gives evil smile to Kalki… And Kalki feels bad.

“Ur water.”

Kalki look towards source of sound. He was Dr Veer. She takes glass.

Dr Veer sits beside her: “I think u need hanky too.”

Kalki: “No I’m fine.”

Dr Veer holds her tears: “Then what’s this pearl. Miss Kalki Shah u don’t know the actual cost of this pearls?. People r dying for it and u r wasting it. Now this pearl became mine. (He keeps tears drop in hanky and keeps it in his pocket.) See now I became millionaire.”

Kalki smiles.

Dr Veer: “That’s like Kalki Shah.”

Kalki: “Thanks.”

Dr Veer: “Dosti aur pyar mai, no sorry no thanks. And it’s rule of my friendship.”

Kalki: “Tumhari dosti mai rules hote h… (Ur friendship has rule.)”

Dr Veer: “Not much, but this rule is important. If u r ready then we shall be friends else lots of girls are ready.”

Kalki smiles: “OK, agreed.”

Dr Veer: “U love him.”

Kalki becomes quite memories of past comes before her eyes.: “No.”

Dr Veer: “U know Kalki, love hurts and love heals. But now u need not worry Dr Veer is here. And if u want I can also lift u in my arms?.”

Kalki: “U know u r one piece.”

Vdh comes in KS room.

Vdh: “Ma, don’t think about others. U take rest I’ll give u massage u.”

KS lays down on bed…

Vdh: “Ma, u suffered a lot. Now I promise to keep u happy.”

KS: “I know my son.”

Mohan(thinks): “I hope one day, Vdh will see real face of this KS…”

Menka: “Vdh ji let me help u.”

She too joins him.


Vdh looking towards moon and reminding the Devanshi. How she cheats him. Then Menka comes and hugs him from back. Vdh removes her hand.

Menka: “U haven’t forgot her. I’m ur fiance and u behave like I’m a stranger.”

Vdh: “It’s nothing like that. (He cups her face.) I’m trying to forget her. I promise.”

She hugs him.

Menka: “I love.”

Vdh doesn’t hugs her back.: “Hmm…”

Dr Veer see all this. He goes towards Kalki’s room. She is sleeping but pillow is filled with tears marks. Dr Veer sits beside her.

Dr Veer: “U both love each other, but destiny separated u, and I promise u, u will get ur true love.”

Kalki wakes up. Dr Veer becomes shocked. She holds his collar.

Kalki: “Y u came here?”

Dr Veer: “Kalki I’m sorry.”

Kalki: “I want the answer.”

Dr Veer holds her hand: “Sanchi send me here, to help u.”

Kalki: “I don’t need ur help. Leave from here Dr Veer. I don’t need ur help.”

Dr Veer: “It’s Sanchi’s last wish…”

Kalki: “What happened to her? She is…”

Dr Veer: “Relax, she is fine. Actually she is in coma. Before that she took promise to help u. I can’t go back.”

Kalki: “I want to meet her.”

Dr Veer: “She is in USA. Dr Kabeer is with her. Please don’t send me back. How could I face her.”

Kalki: “OK, but I don’t need ur help.”

Dr Veer: “I can’t remove ur pain, but I promise to reduce it.”

Kalki: “Leave… (Before Dr Veer says anything.) I don’t want to hear anything.”

Revenge never gives us happiness… And most difficult thing is to take revenge from the person u love.

Next day. It was raining. Vdh is looking at Devanshi pic.

Menka: “U still love her, and marrying him. I don’t want ur sympathy.”

Vdh: “It’s nothing like that.”

Menka: “Then burn this pic.”

Vdh: “But…”

Menka: “Burn it and prove me wrong.”

Vdh burns her pic and throws it and leaves. Kalki see this and takes in burn pics. She feels. She cries and directly goes to her room. Dr Veer too follows her.

Inside the room. Kalki is crying. Dr Veer comes and wipes her tears.

Kalki: “Look at this he… He forgot me… It’s hurting Veer.”

Dr Veer: “It’s ok. Mai hu na…( I’m here)”

She looks towards him.

Dr Veer: “Mai hu na, kuch galat nahi hone dunga.”

She hugs him.

Dr Veer: “Hush, I’m here, always with u. U just need to call me at once.”

Kalki breaks the hug: “I’m fine.”.

She starts ignoring him. Here Menla was ready with new problem.

Menka: “Next week is my mendi rasam then marriage. Kalki ji.”

Kalki: “So what???”

Menka: “U please join us.”

She left. Kalki felt bad she is about to cry.

Dr Veer: “Cry, because u don’t know anything except crying.”

Kalki: “What do u mean?”

Dr Veer: “Y u came here? For crying, the love who makes u weak forget it. U forget ur baby, who died think about him. But I think, his mother is here engaged in crying.”

Kalki: “Shut ur mouth, have u ever loved anyone.”

Dr Veer: “I know one thing, that love is love. A wife can forgive her husband, but a mother can’t forgive the murderer of her child. But look at u. Huh, u know what u deserve crying only.”

Dr Veer leaves… Kalki thinks about his words.

Kalki: “No, I can’t be weak Veer is right.”

Kalki made a plan against Menka. Midnight when all slept, she takes Devanshi get up and tries to threatens her.

Menka: “Please leave me, Devanshi.”

Devanshi: “Y u did this to me tell me?”

Menka about to say then her eyes falls on her slippers. (This is Kalki’s slippers that means, Kalki is Devanshi.) She faints… Just act. Her plan fails.

Kalki throws things… “Enough is enough I can’t bear this anymore…”

Dr Veer: “Kalki can I?”

Kalki: “No please.”

Dr Veer keeps his hand on her shoulder: “Trust me, my friendship doesn’t need anything in return.”

Kalki: “Now she will tell everything to Vdh and everything.”

Dr Veer: “So, do something. Make them believe ur not Kalki.”

Kalki thinks something.: “Don’t know whether it would work. But I need ur help.”

Dr Veer: “I’m with u.”

Menka tells truth to everyone.

Vdh throws the pot: “She again came to hurt me. I’ll not leave her. She hurt my Ma.”

KS: “How badly she treated me.”

Then Kalki comes with Dr Veer holding his hand.

Vdh goes near her and holds her hand: “How dare u?”

Veer removes his hand: “Dur se Vdh mere patni se bat kr rahe ho. (Keep distance Vdh, u r talking to my wife.)”

Then he notices the vermilion.

Vdh: “Devanshi u can’t marry him.”

Kalki jerks him: “Who devanshi, how many times I have to told u. I’m Kalki Shah. And now Dr Veer is my husband. And please stay away, yesterday this Menka was saying she I’m devanshi. Full dramebazz family.”

Kalki: “So, Mr Vdh would u please excuse us. It’s our first night. And I don’t want u people to spoil my mood. Come Veer.”

Dr Veer: “OK, janu.”

They leaves. Vdh leaves in anger.

Menka: “It’s her drama.”

KS slaps her: “Shut ur mouth. If she is Devanshi then Y would she marry that Doctor. We both know Devanshi loved Vdh.”

Menka: “But…”

KS: “Now shut ur mouth, because of my dream spoiled.”

She leaves.

Days passed everything becomes worse. Dr Veer starts feeling bad for Kalki, her pain tore his heart. Y this feeling arised in his even he was unaware of it.

Kalki: “Menka, come here. Actually my room is very dirty please clean it.”

Menka: “But today is my Sangeet Function and then menhdi.”

Kalki: “So what? That’s not my problem.”

Vdh: “Leave her Menka, some people doesn’t have feelings come I’ll help u.”

Kalki: “Go.”

Dr Veer: “And also clean my clothes too.”

Menka leaves.

After sometime she comes down.

Dr Veer: “Kalki, evening courier of Vaccination will come. Actually flew spread to some people so, u kindly take it from my side I’m going out for some important work.”

Kalki: “Sure.”

Dr Veer leaves. Menka thinks an evil plan.

Menka: “This doctor is helping Devanshi but if I create misunderstanding between them, then he himself proved everything that she is Not Kalki.”

Next day, Dr Veer gives vacation to infected people.

Dr Veer: “Don’t worry soon everything will be alright.”

Patient: “Thank you doctor. U r God.”

Dr Veer(smiled): “I’m not God but can call me messenger of God.”

An old lady blesses him.:”May Kalki and u live happy and blessed life.”

She leaves but Dr Veer smiles an unknown happiness arises in his heart.

After one hour. Kalki and Kalki is sitting in the hall.

Kalki: “Today is Vdh and Menka’s wedding.”

Dr Veer: “R u hurt?”

Kalki: “No, I’m fine. I just need a way to get justice.”

Dr Veer holds her hand: “I promise soon, u will get justice. Everyone came to know about the truth.”

Kalki: “I hope so.”

Dr Veer: “U r forgetting something…”

Kalki: “What??”

Dr Veer: “Tomorrow is our one month anniversary. I mean it had been one month I’m here.”

Kalki (smiles): “So where’s the party Dr Veer.”

Dr Veer sits in his knees and holds her hand: “What my wife wants. (He bows down his head.) I’m ready to die also.”

Kalki(laugh): “Hahaha, j know u r damm funny. Ur wife must be luckiest girl in the world.”

Dr Veer: “Yup, 100% true after all I’m a gem.”

Just then villagers comes there.

Man: “Here this cheater. This Ford Doctor.”

Kalki: “What rubbish?”

People brings their child: “Look at them, because of his vaccination they r continuously vomiting.”

Dr Veer: “Actually Kalki.”

Kalki: “U gave them the vaccination.”

Dr Veer: “Yes but…”

Before Dr Veer could say something, Kalki slaps him.

Kalki: “How can u do this? Because of u these people.”

People: “Kill him.”

Just then Menka comes.: “It’s not Dr Veer mistake. It’s all done by Kalki.”

Kalki: “R u nut?”

Vdh, KS and others members comes.

Menka: “Actually the courier of Vaccination was taken by Kalki, she mixed something in it. U can ask her whether she took it not.”

Kalki: “Yes I took but…”

Vdh: “I haven’t thought u…”

Kalki: “I’m saying…”

People starts throwing stones on her. But Dr Veer saves her and takes all stones.

Dr Veer(shouts): “Stop… (All becomes quite.) R u OK Kalki.”

Kalki nodes yes.

Dr Veer: “Jab tak mai hu tumhey kuch nahi hone dunga. (Till I’m here, I won’t let anything happy to u.)”

People: “But she…”

Dr Veer holds her hand: “I trust her. God can do mistake but she won’t.”

Vdh: “Then who did this?”

Dr Veer: “Wait for 30minutes.”

After 30 minutes. Car comes and pragya also comes in it.

Delivery boy: “Sorry sir. We send u expired vaccination. Now we bought right one.”

Dr Veer and Dr Pragya gives Vaccination and all becomes fine. Dr Pragya is doing Dr Veer’s dressing.

Dr Pragya: “Veer Y u told us to lie about the medicine?”

Dr Veer: “Because, all r blaming Kalki and I don’t want that. I know everything done by Menka.”

Kalki comes: “Veer…”

Dr Veer: “Pragya, u take care of patients I have to go.”

He leaves. Kalki becomes Sad.

Dr Pragya: “U don’t worry, he is like this only. Totally kid mind.”

Kalki: “But it’s my mistake?.”

Dr Pragya: “Devanshi Oops Kalki. Dr Veer is big prankster he never be serious.”

Kalki(innocently): “Would he never talk to me?”

Dr Pragya: “Offo, ur too dumb Dr Veer is a chatter box he can’t be quite, u just waste till tonight he would talk to u.”

Kalki: “Really?”

Dr Pragya: “Yup, now I have to leave.”

In the night.

Mandap is ready bride and groom is sitting. Rituals r also started. But Kalki is not happy not because of marriage because Veer is still missing, she is continuously calling him.

Kalki: “Oh God where r u Veer? Please pick up the phone.”

Pandit: “Now u both stand up for pheres…”

Just then a voice came. “STOP…”

Dr Veer comes, his hairs are messy. His eyes r red. He walk with trembling feets, he was drunk. He looks towards Kalki.

Dr Veer: “I can’t let this happen.”

Kalki moves towards him: “Veer.”

Dr Veer(shows his hand): “Stop…”

He moves towards mandap and throws liquor over the set, then he takes a burning stick and burns whole Mandap. Vdh holds his collar.

Vdh: “R u in ur sense? What u did?”

Dr Veer: “Not me, u r not in ur sense. U love Devanshi and she loves u.”

Menka: “Vdh ji don’t listen to him.”

Dr Veer (shouts): “Shut up… Vdh she is the reason for ur and Devanshi’s separation.”

Menka: “He is lying. Kalki hold ur husband tongue.”

Dr Veer: “Husband huh, she is not wife. That was fake marriage. Vdh not Menka, even ur mother, Mohan every one standing responsible for it. I know u were under the influence of black magic, but can’t u use ur brain, if ur wife can fight with death just for ur life then how can she share bed with other man… U r the biggest fool Vdh…”

He tells him everything.

Dr Veer: “U know, Devanshi still loves, u thought she is dead but she is alive. (He holds Kalki’s hand and takes her near Vdh.) She is ur Devanshi. She became Kalki just for revenge of ur child. U did a big mistake but now u have time to rectify it.”

Dr Veer gives Kalki’s hand in Vdh hand: “Stay happy.”

Dr Veer holds his ears: “I’m sorry Kalki.”

Kalki: “Veer… It was my mistake.”

Dr Veer: “I’m sorry Kalki, I LOVE U. Where, when, how? I don’t know. Y u, I don’t know. But I have fallen for u.”

Everyone becomes shocked. Dr Veer falls on her shoulder.: “I love u…”

Mohan takes Dr Veer to his room. Every villagers look towards KS and Menka. But Vdh comes before them.

Vdh: “I trust my mom. And Dr Veer doesn’t have any proof against them how can I believe him. (He looks towards Kalki.) But one thing is clear that she is Devanshi, I know u came here.”

Menka: “I told u Vdh ji, She came here for revenge.”

KS: “We should trust her son.”

Vdh: “I know ma, it’s her plan. I have seen ur this shade also. How cheap u, stay with man without any relation but I’m not shocked if u can sleep with Shikhar

Before he could complete Kalki slaps him.

Vdh: ” Leave from here with that Veer.”

Nutan jerks Kalki.

Nutan: “Kalki ji, where u lost???”

Kalki realises that she is dreaming…

Kalki: “Nothing, I’m fine.”

Then her eyes falls on Dr Veer who is distributing sweets. He is still angry. He gives sweet to Menka and KS also.

They eat the sweet. Dr Veer mixed drugs in the sweet after that they accept their crime and everything they did. Even Mohan is guilty for his actions. Vdh sends them jail.

Vdh: “I’m sorry Dr Veer.”

Dr Veer: “U should ask sorry from Kalki.”

Kalki runs inside her room.

Dr Veer: “Go don’t delay this time, else you will lose her. All the best.”

Vdh hugs him: “Thanks.”

Inside the room. Kalki is looking outside. Vdh sits on his knees.

Vdh: “I’m sorry, please forgive I know what I did it’s not small thing. It happened because I didn’t recognized anything. Please give me one last chance.”

Kalki: “Please leave…”

Vdh: “If u want u can take ur time. But truth will never change u love me and I love u.”

Kalki: “Vdh I said.”

Vdh leaves…


Dr Veer: “What she said?”

Vdh: “She is still angry but I know she loves me.”

Dr Veer: “U don’t worry, u do preparations of wedding.”

Vdh: “Whose?”

Dr Veer: “Urs and Kalki I mean Devanshi. I’ll talk to her.”

Vdh: “Really.”

Dr Veer: “I won’t lie.”

Dr Veer comes inside the room.
Kalki: “Vdh please…”

Dr Veer: “It’s me… Veer.”

Kalki: “Oh, I’m so sorry, Even I didn’t said thanks to u.”

Dr Veer: “U r forgetting something.”

Kalki: “I know, but what u did means a lot for me.”

Dr Veer: “What I did is OK? But what r u doing is not right?”

Kalki: “What???”

Dr Veer: “He is guilty…”

Kalki: “Please Veer…”

Dr Veer: “U please, How long u will stay like this? Whatever he did was his mistake and the truth is that u love him and he loves u. How can forget that love, u love him since childhood… U forget it was u bring his life from the mouth of death. Ur love is great…”

Kalki: “But Veer…”

Dr Veer keeps hand on her shoulder: “Do u love him? Yes u do. Love deserve second chance. Please forgive him.”

Kalki: “Ok.”

Dr Veer hugs her:”That’s like good girl. U both made for each other…”

Kalki: “And u Veer.”

Dr Veer holds his tears: “For me, God has made someone for me also and soon I’ll get her.”

Kalki: “R u sure?”

Dr Veer breaks the hug: “U leave me. Now get ready for wedding. (He gives her dress.)”

Kalki: “Whose wedding Veer.”

Dr Veer: “Yours and Vdh. Such a silly question. Now get ready fast. I had already called beautician.”

Kalki: “Veer who told u…”

Dr Veer: “Offo, I’m leaving… For before that I want u to be settle. Now no more arguments.”

He goes outside…

Vdh: “Is she agreed?”

Dr Veer: “Yes…”

Vdh becomes happy.

Inside teh room.

Kalki: “No, it’s not so easy Vdh…”

Just then she gets a call.

Kalki: “Veer forgot his mobile. (She lifts the call.)”

Sanchi: “Veer, where r u? I just came from Italy. Thanks because of u I get Dr kabeer…”

After call she returns his phone.

Now marriage time, Vdh and Kalki is sitting in mandap. Priest us reading mantra… Kalki is looking towards Veer who us distributing, juice and asking whether they r comfortable or not.

Vdh: “What happened Devanshi?”

Kalki: “Nothing.”

Dr Veer gets a call. He leaves towards his room and brings a gift. He moves towards mandap.

Dr Veer: “All the best for ur new life Kalki. (He gives her gift.) Now I don’t have right on this.”

He leaves.

Kalki: “Open the gift.”

It was her earings, which she left in Savitri Devi hospital. She thought she missed it but it was Dr Veer who kept it. She looks towards him going.

Pandit: “Now u both stand up for Pheres…”

Vdh: “Devanshi… Come.”

She stands up. Dr Veer doesn’t even look back, he is going taking baby steps. Kalki is reminding everything that had happened…

“Dosti aur pyar mai, no sorry no thanks. And it’s rule of my friendship.”

“It’s OK, mai hu na.”

“Dur se Vdh mere patni se bat kr rahe ho.”

“Mai hu na, kuch galat nahi hone dunga.”

She reminds how he took all stone which were supposed to hurt her. “Jab tak mai hu tumhey kuch nahi hone dunga.”

“Hush, I’m here, always with u. U just need to call me at once.”

Kalki runs towards Dr Veer.

Kalki: “Veer…” She shouts.

The knote of gatbandham also undoes…

Kalki hugs Veer from back.: “Don’t go…”

Dr Veer: “Kalki, it’s ur wedding… U should.”

Kalki: “God has made someone for everyone… And for u he…”

Dr Veer: “God forget me… U go Kalki he is waiting…”

Kalki: “U said u will always with me.”

Dr Veer: “Now he is for u. Kalki he loves a lot. U forget ur love bring him life back from death.”

Kalki: “And ur love…”

Dr Veer: “And my love, not even keeps u happy.”

Kalki: “So u love me…”

Dr Veer: “It’s doesn’t matter because u love him. U love him since childhood how one can forget her childhood love just in a month. U don’t have answer.”

Kalki: “U lied to me. Sanchi called u. U came here to return this earring.”

Dr Veer: “And I did so.”

Cop comes: “U r underarrest Dr Veer.”

Dr Veer removes her hand, but doesn’t turns back: “All the best, Now my work is done. NOT EVERY LOVE GETS IT’S DESTINATION.”

He leaves… Without turning back, not even at once because he is hiding his tears, only knows how much he loves Kalki. She thinks he came here because Sanchi told her no, that wasn’t the truth. So Y he came here, for returning the earring? He takes the truth with him. She breaks down on her knees. He said his love is nothing before her lover for Vdh but truth is that he sacrificed his carrier for her. Giving drugs without court permission is a crime for her he did this. Love means trust: “Veer, please stop…”

Vdh: “Devanshi, pandit ji is calling.”

Veer doesn’t let her, to take a glace of him. He disappeared at last from their life. Forever and ever…

So it ends here, so guys u tell what u want… It’s story of unconditional love of Dr Veer.

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  1. Mars

    Super se upar depuuuuu just loved it.
    Loved kalki veer bond so sweet.
    And yeah I m waiting for second part
    Plzz post soon with happy ending.
    Take care

    1. NDSG

      Thanks u soooooooooooo much Mars???????? I’ll post soon

  2. Seebu_s

    nice deepu?it is emotional…they r my swasan only?not kalki or veer?my swasan n this author got memory loss?they r my swasan only??so unite my swasan?

    1. NDSG

      ???? memory losses writer…. My SwaSan will soon unite u don’t worry seebu ??????

  3. Phoniex

    Hawa this was so sad l

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      Don’t be sad

    1. NDSG

      Thank you

  4. awesome ??

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  5. Tamil

    Amazing dear loved it…..veer kalki scene Awesome…..unite them plz…..

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      Thanks???? soon I’ll unite them

  6. sad ending?

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  7. Independent

    That was so sad plz unite them in the next chappy just forget abt vardhan and sanchi and concentrate on our swasan

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      Okie dear as u say… Next chappy SwaSan will unite

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    I want my swasan dear. Not kalki & veer.
    Unite them plz.

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  9. Awesome..
    for me they will always be swasan??

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      Thanks for me they r SwaSan too ?

  10. Awesome dear. If it happens in serial then I will be the happiest person.
    Plzz dear I want a epilogue with happy wala ending plzzzzzz

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      Okie I’ll post soon with happy wala ending????

  11. AnuAnn

    Loved it dear

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  12. Gayathri.visu

    U just recreated Swasan’s fake marriage n Sanskaar’s unconditional love, Swara’s pain! Wow…..excellent dear!! Just leave aside that vardhaan, plzzzz plzzzzz unite our Swasan very soon. For me they are not Kalki n Dr. Veer, they are Swasan……our heavenly couple Swasan!! Plz update next asap dear.

    1. NDSG

      Thanks dear… I’ll post next part soon…?????? u don’t worry

  13. Are……but court Ko pata kaise chala drug k baare me….not fair leaving the story like this..

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      Nice questions..✌ even I forgot about it??????

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