Jab hum saath ho toh kya baat ho… os swaragini


Hi guys… how r u all…. this time i am writing an os…on swaragini.
Before starting it…. want to take 3 names…… DEEPA KARMARKAR, P.V. SINDHU, AND SAKSHI MALIK…… the pride of our nation….. they made us proud … and won glory for our nation… salute to them….
So this os would be revolving around 2 sisters. Swara and ragini(so obvio) ….
Swara- a 18 year tennis playe ….and Ragini- a 18 year cricketer. (Ya u read it right guys she is a cricketer)
The story begins with 2 young girls(13 yrs old) playing at home.
Swara: ragini first of change the channel… what rubbish r u watching..m Cricket… like seriously.
Ragini: swara if i will listen to u i have to see that tennis.. i actually dont understand what it is.. 2 players keep in passing the ball and others watching it silently…. its boring…
Swara: no ur cricket is boring.
Ragini: no ur tennis…

In present
2 girls are getting ready. One wearing a white tshirt and pant(cricket dress) another in blue t shirt and black shorts for tennis.
Swara: see i m ready.
Ragini: me too.
Swara: ma today is our selection for national team…. this time its ur turn to join me.
Ragini: and baba its ur turn to come with me
Shekhar: ofcourse. Swara beta give ur best…. my blessings r with u.
Sumi: and ragini. I want a century. Right. Give ur best.
Swaragini: yes…
Swara: so ready lado
Ragini: always shona.

Ragini and swara leave for their matches…swara plays extremely well and wins all the sets and is selected for national level…. here ragini scores a century and is even selected as the captain of team.
After some days. They give extraordinary performances at their level and wins everyones heart. They both are called as sports sisters.
Both of them get selected as indian teams ….
Swara is ready to play her first grand slam final match. She is sitting in her dressing room and thinking.: this is the first time i have not recieved lado’s call. Has she forgetten me. I should call her???
She tries her phone but it is switch off. Swara: she might be busy.
Here ragini sitting in her dressing room

Ragini: i have not called shona today nor she did. This is such important match … my under 19 world cup final. … how to talk to u shona
Both ragini and swara goes on their field. Swara wins her grand slam title and become the youngest and the first player to win it in first attempt…
Here ragini too wins her match. Indian team has won u-19 world cup….
Swara is given the trophy…
Reporter: what do u wanna say mam.
Swara: … its such an overwhelming experience …. but still for me its completed … i dont have my sister here with me…. today she has her match too… hope she too wins.
Reporter: maam she has already won…
Swara: wow.. thank u thank u so much… u made my day…
Here ragini too is given award and even one for player of tournament….. swaragini return back to their home
Sumi: i am so proud of u both..
Swara and ragini have brought gifts for all…. they r not the same who was there before their tournaments…. they wanted to prove themselves as the best… best then everyone.. even then their own sisters.

Time passes and the gap between swaragini widens too much that now they dont even talk…. when swara loses a match and ragini wins it ..swara feels like so much inferior.and same with ragini……
After 2 years.
Swara and ragini both losses their matches….. ragini always gets out on 0…. “she is no more compatible… ” such news were everywhere.
One day ragini is called to the board meeting
Officer: we have got to know that u have cheated our nation. There r obligations on u that u have fixed match and taken money for that. We have checked ur acvount balance too and u r suspended for 5 years
Ragini was unable to say anything. She was blamed for something she cant even think of doing….
Ragini was broken… her life her game was taken from her… ragini ‘s pov:
I am no more anything… they destroyed everything… how can i even think of doing something like that..why god why … mere saath hi aisa kyun kiya…. aap mujhse meri zindagi maang lete mai de deti par aapne toh mujhse mera game hi cheen liya…
Here swara was losing every match. And board decided her not to play more…
Swara and ragini both reached home and were shocked… their parents… their parents were no more. They died in an accident…
Swaragini: ma baba…
Bhagwan ne ek pal me unki zindagi badal di… har khushi har khwaab door ho gaya unse… aur kuch nahi toh unke parents bhi…
Swaragini hug and cried….
After1 year.

We see 2 girls jogging ….
Swara: ragini lets have a race
Ragini : why not???? They both reach home
They get ready…and take their parents blessings…
Swara: ragini we will show this world…
Ragini: we r the sports sisters…. best of luck.
Swara: samr to u.
Ragini goes to cricket board and proves that she was not involved in all match fixing anf crimes… the board removes the ban… and takes ragini in team again…
Swara proves her capability and shows she is still the best…
A press conference took place for both swaragini
Reporter: what do u both think as ur plus point.
Swaragini looks at each other…
Swaragini: my sister….
Swara: humara saath hona hi humari shakti h…
Ragini: jab hum saath ho to kya baat ho…
Everyone smiles…..

This was my os… just want to tell u people… guys no one is perfect… but what makes u special is love of ur family… u r the most luck person if u have a family if u have siblings…
Never complain to god about ur family… he has given u best he had… be happy forever and love urself love ur family…..

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