Jaat Ki Jugni Review: Love story with balanced performances and entertainment

Sony’s Jaat Ki Jugni is touted as an explosive love story. After all the famous love stories of Heer-Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu, this story of Jaat and Jugni begins to entertain the viewers with drama, love, romance, humor and loads of action. The leads Bittu and Munni are very unusual. Bittu demands a happy ending in all love stories. Everyone expect Bittu’s love story to be superhit. Bittu wants his love story to have happiness, without any pain and sorrow. He falls in love with Munni, who happens to be the only sister of Thakurs. Munni is raised in a protective environment.

Bittu and Munni are made for each other. God has chosen them to fall in love and made their pairing in heaven. Munni, who always lived in the world shown to her by her brothers, walks on an independent path by falling in love with carefree and passionate Jaat Bittu. Bittu and Munni get together to fight all odds and present an ideal love story.

Main Characters:


She is a sweet and pretty girl, raised by her brothers with much love and care. She has always lived under their guidance and walked on the path shown by them. She never went against her brothers. She loves her family and believes in her brothers a lot. Munni assumes the world to be friendly and good, as she is not subjected to the real world till now. She is always protected by her brothers. They choose their friends, her lifestyle and everything. Munni finds herself lucky to get such loving brothers.


Bittu is a young, dashing and charming guy. He is much helpful and good hearted. He is hot tempered, and gets rebellious some times. He can’t see injustice happening with anyone, especially with lovers. Bittu is innocent like a child, and strong like a man. He values friendship a lot. He believes in true love. He hopes to have his great love story. Bittu dreams of his heroine, and also wants some villains in his life to add drama. Bittu wants to change the old belief that love stories do not have a good ending. Bittu wants to change history and also everyone’s perception on love.


Vishal Vashishtha as Bittu
Madirakshi Mundle as Munni
Rakesh Pandey as Bittu’s grandfather
Sagar Saini as Bittu’s father
Rinku Karmarkar as Phool Kumari
Yash Tonk as Chaudhary Gajender Singh Ahlawat
Richa Soni
Rakesh Pandey

Story So Far:

The story begins in a small village of Haryana. The love stories in village proved as failures. Bittu and Munni’s love story begins. They meet in their childhood. Whenever they meet, something like fireworks happens. After 12 years, their story goes ahead. Bittu is introduced in the play scene. Bittu interferes in all the love story plays. He does not want the villain to kill the lovers in the play. Bittu hates sad endings. He does not want to see any sad ending in a love story. He asks the man why does he present the play badly. The man explains its history. He asks Bittu to tell everyone about Heer and Ranjha in his way.

Bittu tells a love story of hero, heroine and villain. Munni and her brothers are introduced. Munni’s brother Gajender comes home and meets his wife. He is glad to get a wonderful wife, who kept the family united. He tells her that she has raised Munni as her daughter, and did not get a child so that her love for Munni does not get divided. Munni’s brothers leave to make Munni ready for college. They are regarded as ideal brothers. They don’t find Munni at home and worry for her.

Munni calls them out and tells where she is. They go to see her. She gets on top of the cupboard. Her brothers are seen much protective. Gajendra tells her that they all love her a lot, she is their life. They prepare her for college. She learns that her brothers left some men after her to ensure her safety. Gajender covers the matter. Munni hires an auto and reaches college with her friend. Gajender gets furious when Bheem tells Munni about spying on her. Bheem apologizes to him.

Pratap does not like to live in fear. He suggests Gajender to reveal everything to Munni. Munni happens to see Rose day celebrated in college. Munni asks her friend to take the first step in love. The girl tells her that guys take the first step. Bittu encourages his friend to give rose to a girl. Gajender warns his brothers not to raise Munni’s matter again. Munni feels bad when her friend rejects a guy rudely. She gives rose to the guy and asks him will he become her friend. The guy happily agrees. The guy informs Bittu that Munni has given him the rose.

Bittu worries for his friend, who gets beaten up by Gajender’s men. The guy gets punished for getting friendly with Munni. He shouts to Bittu to get saved. Bittu and Munni run to help the guy. It’s their filmi dramatic meet after 12 years. Bittu runs to save his friend. Munni’s friend informs Gajender about the incident. Gajender asks her to stop Munni. Bittu scares Gajender’s men. He manages to save his friend’s life. Munni thinks of calling Gajender to get help. All her brothers arrive to meet her.

Munni tells them about some men kidnapping her new friend. Bittu admits his friend in the hospital. He tells inspector that it was just friendly fight, nothing else. Bittu asks inspector not to waste time in taking the guy’s statement. Bitto gets revengeful and wants to handle the matter in his style. Bittu calls his known inspector to get help against Gajender. He gets revengeful. Munni tells her family what happened in college. She worries for the guy and tells them that the guy treated her like a sister. She gets stubborn and tells them that she wants to see that guy once.

Bittu catches the men who has beaten his friend. Gajender learns that the men have beaten Munni’s friend on their orders. Gajender asks his brothers to get the guy home, as Munni demanded it. Gajender gets worried seeing his men in wounded state, driving the car home and hitting walls. They get a warning from Bittu. Bittu gets inside Gajender’s house. He goes to Munni’s room, and gets her. He leaves a note for Gajender. Gajender and his family see the men’s bad state and run to see Munni. They get to see the note stuck on the mirror. Bittu kidnaps Munni and declares it in his fearless style. Munni’s brothers get furious.

Our Take:

Jaat Ki Jugni has all the elements one would like to watch in a daily soap or film. It has comedy, romance, drama and action. The characters are defined strongly. Especially, the leads characterization is done beautifully. Lead actors Vishal and Madirakshi just own the characters Bittu and Munni. Both of them completely justify their roles. Their chemistry is equally amazing. Vishal is superb in the action scenes. His on screen presence gets better with every episode. Madirakshi looks pretty and natural. Supporting actors are cast superbly well. There is equal weightage given to the leads, with fair screen time to supporting cast. The essence of Haryana is presented nicely. Poles apart leads with strong family defined add a good angle in this intense love story.

Yash Tonk stands out by his performance. The scenes are shot dramatically like a film. Storyline is of a complete entertainer package. Drama and action go hand in hand. Concept is close to Bollywood movie Anari. Still, there is crispness and interest raising factors. The story keeps up interest by the characters’ clashes. Viewers would be curious to see how the love story between Bittu and Munni develops. Moreover, how Bittu succeeds to get a happy ending for his love story by winning over Munni’s brothers. Mystery around Munni’s past also drives curiosity.


Vishal as Jaat is the surprise element of the show. He truly gives a remarkable performance. Madirakshi is a delight to watch. Wonderful leads, good cast and fairly scaled drama. Dramatic love stories fans can surely watch this. It’s quite a good entertainer. A nice attempt by Sony. Viewers can hope Bittu and Munni to redefine love.

Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. Oh that’s a very sweeet analyses. This show is top notch. Loving to the core. And the leads r just tooo perfect.

  2. A great review of ‘Jaat Ki Jugni’!!!

    I am thoroughly enjoying this show!!!

    The leads, Vishal and Madirakshi have a amazing chemistry! Loving this paring! They compliment each other very well!

    You have said it correctly, Vishal truly is the surprise element of the show! His perfotmance as Bittu is outstanding and a highlight! He nails the actions scenes! His presence on screen is truly hero like and so charming! A pleasure to watch him! Makes you fall in love with Bittu!

    Madirakshi is beautiful and looks stunning next to Vishal! Very excited to watch how their chemistry grows!

    A full package of entertainment – that’s what Jaat Ki Jugni is!!!
    All the characters are awesome and the pace is also great! Looking forward to watching how Bittu and Munni fall in love!

    Well done Sony and Rashmi Sharama!

  3. Initially i thought the theme was like some south indian movie story line ( hero falls in love with precious sis of rich male domimated gunda family. Well… theme is nothing fancy yet its ABSOLUTELY FUN watching it. Already have a crush on vishal. Good luck guys

  4. Krishnaa

    A great review of jaat ki jugni!!! story so far good and entertaining!! 🙂

  5. Mary christodouloy

    Vishal is an amazing actor and in this show he’s fantastic. Hope to see in this show lot of action, love epis.

  6. It is too good entertaining program
    Mast hai baba

  7. Wow very nice kind of funny and love Bittu, what a hunk. He is too hot better looking then any movie stars. He needs to be in movies. He is very talented. He is real good with his character. Very pretty Munny as well. Good luck.

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