Hi guys this serial is nice na
the name itself is soo interesting..??so i would like to write an ff on it
would u like to read it try a go….

A girl is standing in the lane which is soo greenish with crops.
light smooth breeze runs on her hair and her hair flys like a satin cloth
she stands widening her hands and feeling the breeze.
suddenly she hears a great explosion of sound.
she turns and it is munni ourheroin
the daughter of a big rowdy in haryana
she has 3 brothers all were married and her parents died in an accident.
she is took care by her brothers and their wives like their child.
but she did not get any freedom as they are too possessive to her.
she gets afraid and immediately many goons surround as a protection.
she ask what?
they say it is ur brother’s explosion of anger.
she ask them did he fight with other goons
they say that she is prohibited from knowing it.
she ask them to say or else she will go and see?
they say we can’t leave u and take her into the car.
they pass by that place.
and to her surprise she see her brothers with gun.

there a old and poor man’s dead body.
her eyes became red and she started to cry.
a drop of tear comes till the end of her cheek and falls.
suddenly a hand holds it.
it is her brothers hand.
he says munni i will not allow even ur tears to be touched by this earth.
she got angry but did not say any thing..because she loves them as they care for her
but she need her brothers to care for all.
she enters in to a big mainson,and all welcomes her.
she did not say anything and runs to her room.
she locks her door and cries.

An arrogant moneylender behaves bad with a woman.
everybody watches it and says “god please help that poor lady”
suddenly they hear the explosion and all turns to that side
a man comes in his bullet jumping from hight.
everybody shout bittu!!bittu!!
he lands his bike and his face is shown in the bike mirror
it is bittu our hero..
he ask the moneylender to go
the lender says nope i will not what u will do?
he gives a forceful punch and on that one go the man faints
all clap for him and he give the money to lady
she says bittu please i don’t wan’t
he says take it as it is given to u from ur son.
they all clap for him
he says it is my area and if somebody comes to do something for my people
they will not be alive.
some one calls him bittu!!
he turns it is his grandfather.
he says to bittu that u have done a great job man
u have full filled the place of ur father and mother.
his eyes were full of tears.
he says i will…and i should..
all the people say bittu!!bittu!!

gajendar singh(munni’s elder brother)gets a call.
the man in the call says shahib!ur sister munni have got a chance to study in punjab medical college.
he says no i will not leave her out of our area.
the man says so to safeguard her u do something
because it is the oppertunity that was fixed by munni.
he gets shocked he puts the call and runs to munni’s room
he bangs the door.
munni opens.
he ask her in soft voice htat if she wanted to go to punjab?
she says yes..
he says u will go…
she says thank u bhai
he says only if i allow right??i will not..
she gets irritated and says every girl in this world is happily deciding her own way
but still i did not attain that stage..
he says because u r still a child..
she says i am 20 yrs old and not a child still
he says i said and u should obey me..
she says atleast u all come with me there please…
he says ok and calls kali the servant
he comes
he says tell all to pack up we are moving to punjab..
munni happily hugs her bhai.

Bittu’s grand father and bittu eat food sitting under a tree
bittu gets a call
he takes it and says hello!!
the man in the call says bittu u got seat in punjab college
he says wow and merit?
the man says for ur mark even u can go abroad but u did not
then why u search for merit u have good knowkedge and money then??
he says i want my own reputation but not money and i can’t leave my place alone
so i will be only in punjab
the man says ok get ready on april 6th u r going to ur college for completing ur next degree.
he says yipee….wow…
he jumps and kisses his grandpa
and dances in the field with all in joy…

precap:munni and family coming to punjab in car and bittu crossing…

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  1. lovely dear. plzzz continue.

  2. Please do not use Thakur word in munny family
    Apisod name jaat ki jugni

    1. Fuggysona

      what did i use…

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